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Download Chinese Music MP3 Outside Of China For Free

There ae many online music websites in China. Such as music.baidu.com, music.qq.com, kuwo, kugou and so on. People can listen music online, download music, share favorite music to your social network account. Those music resources are free for people who are living China. But if you are studying, travelling, or making business abroad. It is bad that you can’t listen Chinese music freely for geoblocked. As we all know that many developed countries aren’t provide free music. People need to pay for downloading or listening music. Following economy development, Chinese will have to pay for music to protect copyright in future. I will introduce some famous Chinese music websites and guide people to download Chinese music MP3 outside of China for free with mainland China VPN .

1: Top 4 Chinese online music websites





People can listen Chinese music at above sites. But sometimes there are some restrictions for other countries IP, which only allow Chinese IP to access music for copyright. VPN or proxy is a good way to change IP quickly. Also it can hide real IP that other people can’t track you. All your identity info have been encrypted.

2: Let me introduce more details about top 4 Chinese online music websites.

a: People can download music from music.baidu.com . There is no need to download baidu music client. But you can only download general quality music. If you want to download HD quality music, you have to register an account or download client.

Download Chinese Music From Baidu

b: music.qq.com&www.kuwo.cn&www.kugou.com

Users can listen musci freely on those sites, can’t download music from web. The only way is to download music client.

Download Chinese Music From kugou Download Chinese Music From Kuwo Download Chinese Music From qq music

3: Those online Chinese music websites are providing client for iPhone, Android…, so if you want to listen music on mobile devices. Setup China VPN server on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X or Android smartphone to unblock Geo restriction.

Internet  censorship is around people’s life. Hope internet restrictions will disappear in the future that people can enjoy internet freedom anywhere.

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