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Setup Free Trial VPN On iPhone 6 or iOS 8

iPhone 6, many guys are trying to buy the shiny device. If you just bought iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus and enjoying the improved features, bigger screen and smarter iOS 8. Online privacy is becoming more and more important for internet users. We have to pay more attention to protect data in mobile device. VPN is a good weapon to protect your phone from hacking. Public Wi-Fi is a hiden bomb. Maybe someone is spying your online bank account. Setup VPN on iPhone 6 or iOS 8 to protect your online privacy.

Setup VPN On iPhone 6 To Protect Privacy

Setup VPN On iPhone 6 To Protect Privacy

There are many VPN apps in appstore. I don’t know which one is good or bad. So If you don’t want to download third party apps, you can setup VPN manually without install anything. I think many engineers would like to configure something manually. If you are searching free or trial VPN for iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus, follow steps below to setup free trial VPN on iPhone 6 or iOS 8 manually:

Step 1: We should know the VPN server address, account and password. If you want to setup L2TP VPN on iPhone 6, you have to know the secret. I am one of fans of FlyVPN. So I will show you how to use FlyVPN trial service on iPhone 6.

Server IP address: Check trial VPN server address here.

Account: vpnu/vpnc

Password: Obtain latest password at http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial.

Secret: vpnserver (9 lower case letters)

* Each user can only use trial session for 3 times per day, 20 minutes per time. If you want to use it more times, switch to 2G/3G/4G or unplug router.

Step 2: Go to Settings – General – VPN – Configure VPN… – PPTP/L2TP. Users have known the required info from Step 1. Regarding description are, users can input something randomly. Click here to read picture and text tutorial about how to setup VPN on iPhone 6,

* Some guys can’t use VPN after upgrading iOS 8 and asking user authentication. The fix way is remove VPN profile on Settings->General->Profiles. Reboot your device, then setup VPN profile on iPhone 6 again.

5/27/2014 Newest Free Line Stickers In Japan, Peru, Argentina, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand

I sorted several free Line stickers you can download with VPN today. Connected Japan, Peru, Argentina, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand VPN on devices now and download Cony’s Motherly Life, Round1 & Yoshimoto Comedians Vol.2, Adidas Huddle Up! Stickers, GREEN DA・KA・RA, Chunghwa Telecom Baby Special, Love Taiwan Special, When Tiger Met Flash Bunny, LINE camera Love&Beauty, LINE Characters: Shopping Special II, Marranadas II, Captain AA & Nong Air, Rakuten TARAD.com : Happy Panda, and Ruenglao 12th Anniversary free Line stickers.

How To Download Free Line Stickers With VPN On Multiple Devices

5/27/2014 Newest Free Line Stickers In Japan, Peru, Argentina, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand

I will just list free Line stickers with conditions. Because some free stickers without conditions is only available to download for Line accounts have bound with local phone number.

1. Japanese free Line stickers

Download GREEN DA・KA・RA Line Sticker With Japan VPN


Download  Adidas Huddle Up! Stickers With Japan VPN

Adidas Huddle Up! Stickers

Download Round1 & Yoshimoto Comedians Vol.2 Line Sticker With Japan VPN

Round1 & Yoshimoto Comedians Vol.2

Download Cony’s Motherly Life Line Sticker With Japan VPN

Cony’s Motherly Life

2. Thailand free Line Stickers

Download Captain AA & Nong Air Line Sticker With Thailand VPN

Captain AA & Nong Air

Download Rakuten TARAD.com : Happy Panda Line Sticker With Thailand VPN

Rakuten TARAD.com : Happy Panda

Download Ruenglao 12th Anniversary Line Sticker With Thailand VPN

Ruenglao 12th Anniversary

3. Singapore Free Line Sticker

Download LINE Characters: Shopping Special II Line Sticker With Singapore VPN

LINE Characters: Shopping Special II

4. Peru&Argentina Free Line Sticker

Download Marranadas II Line Sticker With Peru or Argentina VPN

Marranadas II

5. Taiwan Free Line Sticker

  • LINE Camera LOVE&Beauty – line://shop/detail/1401 – 180 days – Install LINE Camera app&Hidden Line Sticker
Download Line Camera Love&Beauty Line Sticker With Taiwan VPN

Line Camera Love&Beauty

Download When Tiger Met Flash Bunny Line Sticker With Taiwan VPN

When Tiger Met Flash Bunny

Download Love Taiwan Special Line Sticker With Taiwan VPN

Love Taiwan Special

Download Chunghwa Telecom Baby Special Line Sticker With Taiwan VPN

Chunghwa Telecom Baby Special

It’s very easy to download those free Line stickers in several minutes with FlyVPN. Because its VPN server location is covering almost all Line market. What you need is Japan, Thailand, Peru, Singapore, Taiwan, and Argentina VPN to download Line stickers above. Buy FlyVPN premium account to download free Line sticker now. If you aren’t planning to invest money into VPN services, you can use trial VPN service for Line stickers. But you have to try it again and again when trial accounts are full.

Trial VPN Free For Line Stickers(10/29/2013)

9 new free Line stickers is available to download in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Japan. Download those free Line stickers with free trial VPN. Let us know more details about Line stickers launched on 29th, Oct, 2013.

1: Taiwan VPN For Line Stickers In Taiwan

a: Rakuten Lucky Panda- Special Edition(line://shop/detail/1289),

b: TBB Golden Baby(line://shop/detail/1291),

2: Thailand VPN For Line Stickers In Thailand

a: Paul McCartney(line://shop/detail/1287),

b: Sawasdee Thailand(line://shop/detail/1292),

c: TrueYouʹs Lifestyle of Happiness(line://shop/detail/1293),

3: Japan VPN For Line Stickers In Japan

a: A Golden Chicken Christmas(line://shop/detail/1283),

b: Pokopang: Happy Shopping(line://shop/detail/1284),

c: Paul McCartney(line://shop/detail/1286),

4: HK VPN For Line Stickers In HK

a: Ho-Yo Bear(line://shop/detail/1288),

5: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia VPN For Line stickers in SG, MY, ID

a: Mirai Suenaga(line://shop/detail/1290),

Because every user can only use free trial VPN account 3 times in 24 hours, trial accounts are often full for new free Line stickers. If you don’t want to try it again and again, access stickers shop quickly with FlyVPN premium account. Buy VPN now.

Trial VPN For Line Stickers In The World

Trial VPN For Line Stickers In The World

7 Days Trial VPN For Halloween

7 Days Trial VPN For Halloween

7 Days Trial VPN For Halloween

Do you want to get 7 days trial VPN activation code? If you are annoying that It’s so difficulty to access FlyVPN free trial VPN account for many guys are using free VPN services. There is a way to win  days trial VPN on http://www.facebook.com/FlyVPN. If you want to get trial VPN services, maybe you can consider to participate it. 

1: 7 days trial VPN activation code for shared IP plan.
2: Countries VPN Server: 30 countries. Including Mainland China, HK, TW,Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, USA, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, France, UK, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Peru, Portugal, and Egypt.

3: We will announce winners list on 4th, November. Winners can contact with online live chat customer services or send email to support@flyvpn.com to require 7 days trial VPN activation code.
4: Valid for: 30 days.

1: Like FlyVPN Facebook fan page.
2: Write a comment to share your ides about Halloween under Halloween Facebook contest picture.
3: Share the Halloween Facebook contest picture to yourselves timeline.
4: We will select top 100 entries from the comment list under the Halloween contest posting in Facebook as winners.
Entries with more thumbs up and replies will get good rank.
5: Valid until: 3rd, Nov, 2013. ”

The paragraphs above about Halloween event have been listed, I pasted it from FlyVPN Facebook FAN page.

Tips: How can make your reviews have a good rank to win free VPN.

1: Write more details about the event.

2: Win more thumbs up.

3: Many people replied your reviews.

Because FlyVPN will select top 100 entries from the comment list. If your reviews could get a high rank in the comment list, you will have bigger opportunity to win trial VPN services.

More details about FlyVPN at http://www.flyvpn.com .

Argentina VPN For Free Argentina Moon Special Line Stickers In Argentina

Argentina VPN For Free Argentina Moon Special Line Stickers In Argentina

Sticker: Argentina Moon Special.
ID: line://shop/detail/1265.
Free Trial Argentina IP:
Free Trial Argentina VPN Account: VPNU.
Free Trial VPN Password: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .
Best Argentina VPN for free Argentina Moon Special Line stickers In Argentina, Download it with seconds.

Setup Free Trial VPN On iPhone iOS 7-PPTP

Step 1: “Setting” – “General” – “VPN” – “Add VPN Configuration…”.
Step 2: Tap “PPTP”.
Step 3: Input whatever you like into “Description”.
Step 4: Input VPN server address. Register an account then visit http://www.flyvpn.com/User/VpnServers to check countries VPN server address in “VPNU” and “VPNC” trial account.
Step 5: Input free trial VPN account and password. Get free trial VPN account and password from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial ,

Free OCN JOLLY and Kurokuma-kun Stickers In Japan

Preview OCN JOLLY and Kurokuma-kun free Line stickers in Japan.I have downloaded both stickers on my iPhone.Also you can download them on Mac OSX ,iPad,iPod,Android,BlackBerry,Windows and Nokia Asha.What you need to prepare is Japan VPN .

line://shop/detail/951 -OCN JOLLY


OCN JOLLY and Kurokuma-kun Stickers In Japan

Baby Kumon’s mascot,Kurokumakun,has arrived on Line with his family!Get these stickers for free by adding KUMON official account.and Internet services provider OCN brings you stickers featuring their well-loved canine mascot,JOLLY!Add NTT communications to get them.You can download the two stickers before till 7/15/2013.

(1)Connect PPTP Japan VPN on iPhone .

Free Trial VPN account: vpnu

Password: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .

Japan IP: .

free trial Japan VPN

Please keep patient for many guys are using the free trial proxy account.Try it again and again.If you do not get disconnected.You can consider to purchase membership.It is providing 30 days money back guarantee.Also it can protect your privacy,hide IP and Unblock websites.If you like to play games.I think it is a good way to reduce ping.

(2)Then close the Line under maskmenu as photo .

Download stickers with Malaysia VPN

(3)Please confirm you have connected VPN successfully.Then go to Line sticker shop download stickers.

Anyone want to reproduce this article.Please note the address: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/free-ocn-jolly-and-kurokuma-kun-stickers-in-japan/  .

Chang IP To Get Stickers On Android

Do you want to send cute stickers to your friends on Android?Maybe you are wondering how can i get free Line stickers from other countries on Android. The simplest way is to change ip with VPN. Line is promoting Lover Bowbow (Lover Edition) stickers in Taiwan.Guys can download free stickers from Taiwan.I will guide people to change ip to Taiwan to get free stickers on Android.

(1)Download Line program,Register one account,Bind with email and Facebook.

(2)Then go to “Settings”-“Apps”-“Line”-“Clear data”-“Force stop”.

Chang IP To Get Stickers On Android1

(3)Setup free trial Taiwan VPN on Android -PPTP.

Get free trial vpn account and password at http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .

3.1: Go to “Setting”-“VPN”-“Add VPN Network” .

Chang IP To Get Stickers On Android2

3.2:Enter your vpn name,Choose “PPTP” and input Taiwan VPN server address.

free trial Taiwan VPN server: .

change ip to get stickers on android2

3.2: Input free trial vpn account and password.

Chang IP To Get Stickers On Android3

3.3: A key will be appeared on the left corner of mobile.

Chang IP To Get Stickers On Android5

(4)After configure PPTP VPN on Android.Please active Line. And Log in with your Facebook account.

Please follow the above instructions.Then you can download free Line stickers from Taiwan.

Chang IP To Get Stickers On Android6


Anyone want to reproduce this article.Please note the address:  https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/change-ip-get-stickers-on-android/ .

Download Line Stickers With Japan VPN On iOS

Line is popular in the world.Almost Line will launch free stickers every Tuesday.Many girls and boys love to use cute stickers to express themselves and think that stickers can express more.So if you want to get the free Line stickers from other countries.What you need is to connect VPN on iPhone,iPad,iPod or Mac.Now you can download 8 stickers from Japan.It is “Buruburu-kun”,” ENEGORIKUN “,”Jang Geun Suk(Lotte Duty Free Store Ver)”,”Docomodake Family Stickers “,”DHC Cat: Yoshiko Tamagawa”,” Nippon Life: Sekapaka-kun”,”momo‐ten Rola – Lovely Everyday!” and “Sukki”.Do you want to get those free stickers from Japan?Let me guide you download Line stickers with Japan VPN On iOS.

(1)Download Line client and run it.Register a Line account.Please bind with Facebook account and mobile.

(2)Setting free trial Japan VPN On iOS.Flyvpn is providing free trial vpn account.But sometimes users can’t connect Flyvpn successfully for so many people are using the trial account.If you have many friends are using Line and want to attain free stickers from other countries with VPN.Maybe you can buy one account and share it with your friends.I think it is a good way to connect Flyvpn swimmingly.

Tutorial for how to setup free Japan VPN On iOS.

2.1: Type into “m.flyvpn.com” into browser.If you can’t access it.Please visit “m.flyvpn.net”.Then register one Flyvpn account.

setup free trial japan vpn on ios1

2.2:Please input the username.password.email..etc. Click “Register” .

setup free trial japan vpn on ios2

2.3:After register Flyvpn account successfully.Please click “Free Trial” .

setup free trial japan vpn on ios3

2.4:Please choose “Free Trial VPN”.If you wana connect to Thailand and Spain.Please choose “Thailand&Spain” .

setup free trial japan vpn on ios4

2.5:Choose the Japan VPN you want to setup.If you want to setup more than 1 VPN server.Please click “Batch Mode” .

setup free trial japan vpn on ios5

2.6:Click “Install Now” .After install Flyvpn profile successfully.Please go to “System Preference”-“Network”-“Connect” .

setup free trial japan vpn on ios6 setup-free-trial-vpn-ios7

(3)Connect Japan VPN successfully.Then log in Line with your Facebook account. You will find there are many Line stickers.

download free line stickers from Japan

Anyone want to reproduce this article.Please note the address:    https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/download-line-stickers-japan-vpn-ios/ .

Download Free Line Stickers With Flyvpn On iPhone and iPad

The target of this article is to guide people to get free line stickers on iOS(iPhone,iPad,iPod,iTouch) from other countries.Most of Line users who have got free Lines stickers with vpn have used Flyvpn. Now there are two stickers in Japan.It is Docomodake Family Stickers and Jang Geun Suk(Lotte Duty Free Store Ver).If you love to get those cute stickers on iPhone and iPad.Download Line stickers on iPhone is more easier than Android devices.If you want to download Line stickers on Android.Please refer to the article about how to download Line stickers on Android.Anyone want to get stickers on iPhone,iPad.Please follow below instructions.

Free Line Sticker VPN-Flyvpn

Download Line Sticker On iPhone,iPadWith Flyvpn

Tutorial-Download Free Line Stickers On iPhone,iPad With Flyvpn .

(1)Please register Flyvpn account at m.flyvpn.com .If you can’t log in it.Please access m.flyvpn.net .

(2) Then Log in your account and choose “Free Trial VPN

(3)Then you can see many countries in Flyvpn server list.Choose the server you want to use.Also you can choose 2 or more servers by click “Batch Mode” ,Please check the vpn server you want to connect.

(4)Please click “Setup all selected”

(5)Click “install” and “install now”

(6)Then you change the vpn status to “on”.Now you are connected to Fl yvpn .

Please refer to the tutorial on how to setup Flyvpn on iPhone,iPad.

Anyone want to reproduce this article.Please note the address: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com .

Free Trial Thailand VPN For Line Sticker

Line is launching one new sticker in Thailand.This stickers have been sent in Taiwan.It is “LINE GAMES TH”.Join LINE GAMES TH Official Account and follow up with LINE GAMES Thailand’s latest news and events, and get this set of official stickers for free till 23/5/13 .If you have not get this stickers.You can refer below paragraphs.This article is to guide people to get free Line stickers with free trial Thailand VPN.

-line://shop/detail/680 LINE GAMES TH ;

Download Free Line Stickers From Thailand.You can also refer this article: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/get-four-new-stickers-from-thailand-and-japan/ .

Please refer the details to get Line stickers from Thailand.

(1)(1)Add VPN On Android, iPhone,Mac…etc . Please refer below tutorials: http://www.flyvpn.com/help .

(2)Free Trial VPN Username: vpnc and vpnu .Get password from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial ..

(3)Force stop Line app.(“setting”-“app”-“Line”) .

(4) Click line://shop/detail/680 to download LINE GAMES TH Stickers .

Free Trial Thailand VPN Server: .

VPN Protocol: PPTP .

If you want to get other countries ip. Please refer other articles to get line stickers from other countries.Please avoid the peak time to connect Flyvpn.The peak time is from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Good Luck,Guys!!

Free Trial Thailand VPN For Line Sticker

Free Trial Thailand VPN

Anyone want to reproduce this article.Please note the address: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/free-trial-thailand-vpn-for-line-sticker/ .

Download New Stickers With Free Trial Japan VPN

There are two new stickers in Japan.It is “Docomodake Family Stickers(ドコモダケファミリースタンプ)” and “Jang Geun Suk(Lotte Duty Free Store Ver)(チャン?グンソク(ロッテ免税店モデ)”.This article is to guide guys who are living outside of Japan to get free line stickers from Japan. I often use Flyvpn to get stickers from other countries.Sometimes guys can’t connect the free trial vpn account smoothly.So i suggest guys to avoid the peak time to connect the trial vpn account.The peak time is from 10:00am to 6:00pm(UTC+8).Hope all the guys who have get new stickers can log out Flyvpn quickly that other guys can use it.

Free Trial Japan VPN Server: .

VPN Protocol: PPTP

Free Trial VPN Account And Password: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .(Disconnected every 20 minutes,Wait 5 minutes then connect Flyvpn again,3 times for single IP)

Tutorial-How To Get Stickers From Japan With Free Trial Japan VPN.

(1)Add VPN Network On Android, iPhone,Mac . Please refer below tutorials.

How To Setup VPN On Android

How To Setup VPN On iPhone

How To Setup VPN On Mac

(2)Free Trial VPN Username: vpnc and vpnu .Get password from Flyvpn free trial page.

(3)Force stop Line app.(“setting”-“app”-“Line”)

(4) Click line://shop/detail/862 to download Docomodake Family Stickers ;

    Click line://shop/detail/842 to download Jang Geun Suk(Lotte Duty Free Store Ver);

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1: Get Four New Stickers From Thailand And Japan

https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/get-four-new-stickers-from-thailand-and-japan/ .

2: If you can’t connect Flyvpn successfully.Please access Flyvpn Facebook page to ask the reasons.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flyvpn/518312621518640?ref=hl .

Download Line Stickers From Japan

Free Trial Japan VPN

Anyone want to reproduce this article.Please note the address: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/download-stickers-free-trial-japan-vpn/  .

Free New Zealand VPN To Unblock Game Earlier

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean . The country geographically comprises two main landmasses that of the North and South Islands and numerous smaller islands.Netizens arevalways looking for ways to access websites that have been blocked in particular location,New Zealsnd is no exception.Internet censorship has started rasing in New Zealand.Hence,Hide IP to avoid being caught for accessing those sites.I want to introduce another feature with free New Zealand VPN today!

I think most guys who love to play games knew Dota 2,LOL,WOW,SC2,BL2 and RO2 games.Many games will be released with different time according to different time zone.So if you are living in New Zealand and Australia.You can unblock game earlier about 10hours than other countries guys if this game will be released at the same time in the world.So get a feee Zew Zealand VPN to unblock game earlier is so easy.Are you wondering how can you get free vpn?i saw a thread about getting a New Zealand ip to play Skyrim 12 hours earlier.Get free trial vpn account and password at http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .

Free New Zealand VPN To Unblock Game Earlier

Free New Zealand VPN

Anyone reproduce this article.Please note the address: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/free-new-zealand-vpn-to-unblock-game-earlier/ .

Free Indonesia VPN For Free Line Sticker

Congratulations,Flyvpn adds one Indonesia server for worldwide line users today. Line is sending free line stickers in Indonesia.Do you want to get free Line Sticker from Indonesia?So Please follow me:

Firstly,Setup VPN On devices.

Tutorial-How To Setup VPN On Android.

Tutorial-How To Setup VPN On iPhone,iPad,iPod .

Tutorial- How To Setup VPN On Mac .

*Free Indonesia VPN Account: vpnc. Get Password here: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .

Free Indonesia Server: .

Secondly,Download Line and register Line account.If you have owned line account.Please close line.exe and then Choose free Indonesia VPN to get free line sticker.


Free Indonesia VPN

Thirdly,Then you will find one free line sticker on sticker shop as photo.


VPN For Free Line Sticker

Fourthly,Download free sticker.


Flyvpn For Free Line Sticker

Anyone reblog this article.Please note the address: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/free-indonesia-vpn-for-free-line-sticker/ .

Free Spain Server For Line Sticker


Free Spain VPN

Line is sending free Line sticker in Spain.Two stickers is waiting for you.Users have used free Japan,Korea,Taiwan,Vietnam,Thailand VPN to change ip get free stickers.If you love to use Line stickers.So get new line sticker from Spain with free Spain vpn.Flyvpn heared this news about Line.So it added one Spain server yesterday.And users can use it in its free trial vpn account.

Free Spain Server For Line Sticker: .

Free Trial Spain Vpn Account and Password: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .

Get Free Line Sticker On Android and iPhone.Please connect vpn successfully.Then register Line Sticker.

Tutorial for Setting VPN On Android: http://www.flyvpn.com/How-to-setup-VPN-on-Android.html#.UNkwAJN27_d .

Tutorial for Setting VPN On iPhone: http://www.flyvpn.com/FlyVPN-VPN-Setup-Tutorial-for-PPTP-and-L2TP-on-iPhone-iPad-and-iTouch.html#.UNkvVpN27_c .


Free Line Sticker


Free VPN For Line Sticker

Anyone want to reblog this article.Please note the address: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/free-spain-server-for-free-line-sticker/ .

Free Fast Mainland China VPN Server

GFW is famous in the world.Internet censorship in the People’s Republic of China is conducted under a wide variety of laws and administrative regulations. In accordance with these laws, more than sixty Internet regulations have been made by the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), which have been implemented by provincial branches of state-owned ISPs, companies, and organizations.

If you have travelled,worked,studyed in Mainland China.You will find there are many resrictions on internet.People can’t access Facebook,Twitter,YouTube and other similar famous social sites in the world.So almost every foreigner have to use vpn or proxy to unblock Facebook and other sites have been blocked.I know many people are looking ways to break GFW.But sometimes you will find many people are finding ways to change ip to Mainland China so that they can get latest news from China or other destinations.Anyone wanna get Mainland China vpn,You can try to use Flyvpn.It is offering free trial vpn account,Including Mainland China server.It is the shanghai ip.Because Flyvpn is locating in China.So the internet speed is very quick.Flyvpn can help internet users get free fast Mainland China vpn server.Please visit http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .Many countries vpn server are listed in free trial vpn account.


Free Mainland China VPN Server

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Free Thailand VPN

Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a country located at the centre of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia,
is a country located at the centre of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia.Thailand is one of the world’s famous tuorist attractions,Tuorism have been the main source of income.Whan you are talking Thailand with your friends.I think that shemale is the main topic about Thailand.Also most of visitors who traveled to Thailand would go to watch shemale show. Have you watched shemale show?

All the visitors who are planning to visit Thailand.Please pay attention to here.If you want to watch favorites TV shows,Films or other programs on Hulu,Netflix.You will find that those websites can’t be opened in Thailand.So if you want to unlock Hulu,Netflix in Thailand,The best way is to use vpn. Free US VPN or UK VPN is the most common ways to unlock those websites.If you are a gamer and love to play SEA games servers and living outside of SEA countries.VPN can help gamers to play online games smoothlyDo you want to play Thailand game server.Flyvpn has add one Thailand server for worldwide gamer.Free Thailand VPN is listed in free trial vpn account. Are you using Line to connect with your friends.Line is sending free line sticker for people who can get Thailand ip. So if you are living outside of Thailand and want to get cute sticker.Flyvpn can help you get it.Maybe so many people are using this free trial vpn account,So please try it again and again or purchase a pro-account of 10 dollar.If you are using iPhone and do not know how to setup vpn on iPhone.Please refer this article: http://freeusavpn.blogspot.com/2013/02/tutorialhow-to-setup-pptp-vpn-on-iphone.html .Many tutorials are listed on this blog.Welcome.

Free Thailand VPN Server: ;

Get free VPN account and Password here: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial . If you are living in China.Users can log in http://www.flyvpn.net/freetrial .

Free Thailand VPN

Free Thailand VPN

Source from: http://freeusavpn.blogspot.com/2013/03/free-thailand-vpn.html .

[Tutorial]How To Use Flyvpn

Are you wondering how to use Flyvpn.Flyvpn is vpn software which is offering vpn service.Its goal is to make people surf online more easily and securely.There are a large number of customers who do not know how to use Flyvpn.So i want to guide users to use it.I don’t want to write other idle words.Let’s start.

How to Use Flyvpn

1.Flyvpn is a vpn not a proxy.So users must download the client and install it.Download Flyvpn client here: http://www.flyvpn.com/download .There are two version client.It is no need to install lite version and without Openvpn protocol in it.So highly recommend users to download full package.


Download Flyvpn Client

2.If you want to use its free trial vpn account.Please refer this link http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .Users can get free trial account and password there.Note:password will be refershed every 20 minutes,So users must get latest password before log in flyvpn client.

Register flyvpn account: http://www.flyvpn.com/User/Register .Please test whether flyvpn can work well with your pc or not.If it works well,You can consider to purchase its service.Please take notes,It only accept Paypal payment currently.

free trail

Free Trial VPN Account-Flyvpn

3.There are more than 13 countries ip in its trial account.Please choose one ip you want to connect.Then click “connect”.


VPN Servers List


Anyone want to reblog this article.Please notes the address: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com .


Unblock Turntable.fm Outside US

Turntable.fm is a social media website that allows users to interactively share music.Users can creat “rooms” to listen music,Other users can join some special rooms.Users can play music together with friends.Turntable connects you,your friends and others in a real time music listening experience.It is available on a Facebook application and an iPhone app.But this service is only available in US.There is a article about how to unblock websites on iPhone when you are living outside of some countries.It is a very good tutorial to unblock Geographical restraints.

If users want to listen music through Turntable.fm on web.People who are living in United States can listen music freely on Turntable.But Turntable.fm is only avaiable in US.Which only allow users whose ip address is located in US.Unblock Turntable.fm outside US is easily with VPN or proxy.What users need is a US IP.Virtual Private Network(VPN) can help users get any countries ip.If you do not want to pay for this services.Users can try to use Flyvpn free trial services.There are three US servers in its free trial vpn account.

Free US VPN Account: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .If you want to get other countries IP.Please use Flyvpn free trial vpn services.

Unblock Turntable With Free US VPN

Unblock Turntable With Free US VPN

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Buy Discount Goods From Overseas With Free Trial VPN

Do you know what is black friday? Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States,often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.In recent years, most major retailers have opened extremely early and offered promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season,similar to Boxing Day sales in many Commonwealth Nations.Black Friday is not an official holiday,but many non-retail employees and schools have both Thanksgiving and the day after off,followed by a weekend,thereby increasing the number of potential shoppers.

More and more people are love to buy items from overseas.It is cheaper than local goods,And can decrease the risk of buying fake goods.But only local residents can enjoy goods promotion.Fortunately,You can use one free trial vpn with US IP.Before you purchace goods from overseas.You should have a bank which is a double currency credit card and bind with paypal account.Which is convenient to you to buy items from overseas.Firstly,You should register one account on transfer company websites to get overseas address.Then you can buy goods from foreign websites.I found that many brand goods had great discount on Black Friday.Do you want to buy brand items from abroad.The necessary tools for purchsaing overseas is Flyvpn.It is a brand vpn service.It is providing
US ip vpn trial.You can use this vpn product to get US IP to buy cheaper brand goods with high quality.There are some shorcomings about purchasing products from abroad.It will take about 20 days on delivery.

Free US ip 20 minutes is enough to buy goods online.Flyvpn is offering three times for free trial every time.20 minutes per day.There are more than 13 countries ip you can choose.If you wanna know more about vpn services.Please focus on my blog.

Buy Discount Gucci From Overseas with Free Trial VPN

Buy Discount Gucci From Overseas with Free Trial VPN

lv bags1

Buy Discount LV From Overseas with Free Trial VPN



Free Fast VPN

Sometimes you will find the internet speed is so slowly.Even you can’t open sites.Maybe it all depends on your local internet speed.If you have 10MB bandwideth.I think you can scan most of sites smoothly.But sometimes you will find that when you are open foreign websites.You cant open them successfully or you have to spend much time to wait.You can use one free trial vpn account to unlock some foreign websites or you can connect your computer to a VPN server which is located at foreign countries that you can open foreign sites swimmingly.

Free fast VPN can help you unlock sites which have been locked in your countries.Hlep you enjoy stream smoothly,Connect your friends easily, And enjoy video happily. If you are a gamer.I think which can help you play online games better.Flyvpn is suppling fast vpn for online gaming that can help you play different countries game servers.Which have more than 80 servers,13 countreis servers,And 220 IPS.Most of gamers are think that Flyvpn is providing fastest vpn for korea game.Its korea vpn is very well.

Would you like to download fast and better vpn for yourselves?Before you invest your money into vpn services.You can use an vpn free trial help you test whether it is very good for your local internet.

free fast vpn

free fast vpn

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How To Get US IP

As we all know,there are many sites which are working well to the people from US.Geographical limitation is existing in many countries.For example, Only US IP is available to opeN Hulu,Ravitaz…etc sites;Only UK IP can access BBC iplayer, 4oD, Skysports, ITV player and other sites.Only mainland China ip can open iqiyi,tudou,youku websites so that users can enjoy videos and movies easily.It shows that internet cenship is around the world.

How to get US IP

The best way to get s us ip is to use a free us vpn.Once connected one US server,You can get a US IP.Flyvpn is supplinng three US servers for free trial.So if you just want to use US IP for emergence use.You can use its free trial vpn account.You can use free trial account one hour per day.So you can get free trial vpn everyday.US IP can help you unlock websites,play game with US servers,bypass web url flitering and other functions.

If you want to get US IP for Mac.It is very easy to operate.Please refer this tutorial about how to setup vpn on Mac.More and more other tutorials about setup vpn on other devices are listing on Flyvpn official websites.If you wanna get other countries IP.VPN can help you solve this question.



How to bypass blocked sites

Are you using network?Can you open Facebook,Twitter,Gmail,Skype,Google Drive, Dropbox,YouTube…etc sites easily?Maybe you can scan those websites at home.But sometimes you will find you couldn’t open some websites at workplaces and school.Because your company and school is taking web URL filtering policy.They said that it is good for your study and job.There are some ways to teach you how to bypass blocked sites easily.

1)Try to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.For example, https://www.facebook.com instead of http://www.facebook.com ,Maybe company haven’t filter https websites.

2)Try to enter IP address for a domain name.Which is: instead of google.com in a browser’s address bar.If you do not know what is the ip address of the sites you wanna connect.I think you can get it on the internet.

3)Try to use free internet proxy or free rial vpn services with your computer.

Note:Provide a free trial vpn client download: http://www.flyvpn.com/download .If you have money.You can purchase one account.Maybe you can use its free trial account as me.I used its product to unlock some social websites which have been locked in my countries.If you love to shopping online buy some luxury goods.Sometimes it can help you. Gamers can use it for emergence using to unlock some games earlier.If you do not know anyone know what are you doing on internet.You can use it to change ip. So that anyone do not know your real ip address.It is a good way to protect your privacy.It is so easy to bypass blocked sites with Flyvpn.


Top 3 best VPN services in China

There are some countries which are taking strict internet censorship.
China is one of those countries. Have you heard Great Firewall in China. In other words,If you want to access some famous social network in the world in Mainland China.You can’t open those websites with local internet.Only VPN or Proxy can help you break GFW.You can find some free vpn services.But most of them can’t work well in China.Please check below information about top 3 best VPN services in China.
1. Flyvpn
Flyvpn is the best VPN in China. You can free trial its services before you invest your money into it. You can enjoy free trial services everyday. Most of vpn services don’t support free trial account. But Flyvpn does. It also support Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iTouch and phone with VPN. Easy to download and install, Access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other websites easily and play online games with gamers around the world quickly.
2. 12VPN 
12VPN is providing two packages. One is for US, the other is for world. Since 12vpn was blocked in March, 2011, they changed their services.However; I think its product is very good. You can open those locked websites quickly.It can applied on most of devices.Such as iPad,iPhone,PC and Android phone.But without free trial account for customers to test.
3.  Astrill VPN
It is another good choice in China. It has more servers and ip than 12VPN.Support most of devices in the world. Its price is low than most of other vpn services. Doesn’t support free trial account on its official websites. Online customer services is available.

Free Trial VPN-Unlock Facebook easily

Are you living in China for studying,travelling,business or working?As we all know China government is implementing internet control.So you cant access Facebook with local ip in China.Flyvpn is providing more than 13 countries ip and 200 ip you can choose to unlock Facebook in China.
FlyVPN has six years of experience in network architecture and software development. Since 2006 we are developing and operating the best VPN (Virtual Private Network) system to provide high-quality network services. Flyvpn is the best vpn companies in China.If you are in China.you can log in http://www.flyvpn.net .
Most customer would like to free trial vpn before purchaing.We provding free trial account everyday.Free trial account and paid account have the same number of countries line.USA VPN,UK VPN,Germany vpn,HK VPN,Korea VPN,Australia VPN…etc are listing in free account.


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