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How To Update MOTO 360 Outside Of United States

The Moto 360 is an Android Wear-based smartwatch announced by Motorola Mobility in 2014. It was announced on March 18, 2014 and was released on September 5, 2014 in the United States along with Moto Hint and new models of Moto X , Moto G. Many young people are like this fashion item. But people who are not in USA will meet the update problem. Many guys can’t update software without US IP. BTW Moto 360’s latest update brings better battery life and mood lighting. Many fans outside of United States have to solve the update problem.

Moto 360

Moto 360

Alternative 1

  • I read many posts about how to update MOTO 360. Got the details below:
  • Turn off Bluetooth.
  • In Bluetooth settings (on the phone) unpair Moto360.
  • Reset 360. While it resets, turn Bluetooth back on.
  • After reset, when 360 shows “install xxxxxxxx” on its screen, open Wear on the phone and (in its menu) choose the first item – to pair 360 again.

After all done, go to 360 “About” and press update.

Please repeat again and again. Many guys tried 6 even more times to update.

Alternative 2

Connect to USA VPN on mobile device to get US IP address. It is the best way to get USA IP address in seconds. If you don’t know how to configure VPN on mobile devices (android or iOS). Check VPN tutorial here. If you don’t often use VPN, you can use free trial VPN account without any conditions. Obtain trial VPN account and password on There is no need to create account, input credit card, E-mail, Name…etc. What you need to know is the trial US IP address in ‘vpnu’ account is and Follow the step of VPN tutorial step by step. I think you will find the way.

If both ways aren’t work, I have no idea.

Let me show you the latest update for Moto 360. source from Official Motorola Blog.

  • Smart Battery Saving – When your battery hits 15%, your Moto 360 will turn off ambient mode, so you don’t have to remember to.
  • Timely Time Checks – Moto 360 will synchronize the time with your phone more often to make sure it is up to the minute.
  • User Interface Tweaks – We observed with consumers that there are many times where you want to use your Moto 360 as truly a classic watch—a beautiful way to see the time. A new gesture now lets you see the full watch face without permanently dismissing a notification. Just touch the top of a notification and swipe down. You’ll see the notification again when you have another high priority notification.
  • Mood Lighting – Moto 360 will adjust to the lighting of the room while charging, so that it isn’t too bright or too dark.
  • Readying the wires for Bluetooth – There are a couple of under-the-hood enhancements that will pave the way for connecting Bluetooth headsets to the watch.
  • Bug Squashing – As usual, bugs are squashed to enhance the overall user experience.

Fix MOTO 360 update problem now. Are you meeting the same doubt as many guys who are living outside of United States like unavailable to update? Read methods in this article to fix that.

Configure US Trial VPN on iPad iOS 8

Apple fans can buy iPad mini 3 and iPad air 2 from Apple website. Whatever you are planning to buy iPad mini 3 or iPad air 2 or you have bought and you are waiting for the delivery. More and more company are focusing on mobile devices’ market. Maybe it is possible for mobile device to replace PC. There are millions of internet crimes around the world every year. We should pay more attention to protect privacy on mobile devices. On one hand, don’t use public WiFi before connecting VPN. Another hand, don’t download unverified apps. Please do remember the two points. Let me tell you why we should connect VPN before using public WiFi. There are many guys are using public WiFi. It is easy to check data in your photo. Once connected VPN, which will create secure tunnel to transfer data for you. Other guys can’t spy on the data. As I know that, many guys would like to setup US VPN on iPad for different reasons. Tons of users don’t plan to invest money before testing. So I will make a guidance to guide people to configure US trial VPN on iPad iOS 8.

Configure US Trial VPN on iOS 8

I am using iPad with iOS 8.0.2. Some users are complaining VPN is available to connect after iOS 8 upgraded. Fortunately, I can use FlyVPN on my iPad. Follow me step by step to configure US VPN trial on iOS 8.0.2.

iPad iOS 8

iPad iOS 8

1. Settings  – VPN – Add VPN Configuration…

Configure US Trial VPN on iOS 8 -1

Configure US Trial VPN on iOS 8 -1

2. Tap PPTP or L2TP table. We have to fulfill Description, Server, Account, Password and Secret (only for L2TP).

Description: FlyVPN or anything.

Server: or or Please note FlyVPN maybe remove or change some servers in trial accounts. Users can create an account and check trial US VPN servers IP address here.

Password: Get latest password on

Secret: vpnserver (9 lower case letters).

Encryption Level: Auto (only for PPTP)

If you want to delete the VPN connection, just click DELETE VPN button.

Configure US Trial VPN on iPad iOS 8 -2

Configure US Trial VPN on iPad iOS 8 -2

3. Tap Save button. then change VPN status to be ‘ON’.

Configure US Trial VPN on iPad iOS 8 -3

Configure US Trial VPN on iPad iOS 8 -3

You have gotten US IP address after connecting US trial VPN on iPad iOS 8. Then you can check IP address on some website to verify. It is so easy and use the trial VPN version. If you want to obtain other countries trial VPN. You can also get it with FlyVPN. Check Countries VPN servers provide by FlyVPN. Users can test most of countries VPN servers. If you think the VPN performance is good, upgrade to premium account to use it without limits.

Setup Free Trial VPN On iPhone 6 or iOS 8

iPhone 6, many guys are trying to buy the shiny device. If you just bought iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus and enjoying the improved features, bigger screen and smarter iOS 8. Online privacy is becoming more and more important for internet users. We have to pay more attention to protect data in mobile device. VPN is a good weapon to protect your phone from hacking. Public Wi-Fi is a hiden bomb. Maybe someone is spying your online bank account. Setup VPN on iPhone 6 or iOS 8 to protect your online privacy.

Setup VPN On iPhone 6 To Protect Privacy

Setup VPN On iPhone 6 To Protect Privacy

There are many VPN apps in appstore. I don’t know which one is good or bad. So If you don’t want to download third party apps, you can setup VPN manually without install anything. I think many engineers would like to configure something manually. If you are searching free or trial VPN for iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus, follow steps below to setup free trial VPN on iPhone 6 or iOS 8 manually:

Step 1: We should know the VPN server address, account and password. If you want to setup L2TP VPN on iPhone 6, you have to know the secret. I am one of fans of FlyVPN. So I will show you how to use FlyVPN trial service on iPhone 6.

Server IP address: Check trial VPN server address here.

Account: vpnu/vpnc

Password: Obtain latest password at

Secret: vpnserver (9 lower case letters)

* Each user can only use trial session for 3 times per day, 20 minutes per time. If you want to use it more times, switch to 2G/3G/4G or unplug router.

Step 2: Go to Settings – General – VPN – Configure VPN… – PPTP/L2TP. Users have known the required info from Step 1. Regarding description are, users can input something randomly. Click here to read picture and text tutorial about how to setup VPN on iPhone 6,

* Some guys can’t use VPN after upgrading iOS 8 and asking user authentication. The fix way is remove VPN profile on Settings->General->Profiles. Reboot your device, then setup VPN profile on iPhone 6 again.

Free Trial Southeast Asia VPN For Games Online

There are 11 countries in Southeast Asia.It is Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei,Philippines and East Timor.The revenue of Southeast Asia game industry was more than 560 million dollars in 2012.The population of Southeast Asia is approximately 610 million. Internet users is about 200 million,About 100 million internet game users in this region.It means that a large number of game users in Southeast Asia.Also i think that there are a lot of professional gamers.If you want to comepete with those high level gamers or play SEA game servers outside of SEA.Maybe you can use free trial Southeast Asia VPN for games online.

Flyvpn is offering Singpore,Malaysia,Thailand,Vietnam and Indonesia VPN servers in its trial account(1 hour,20 minutes per time,3 times,Everyday).Gamers can connect those SEA VPN servers on PC,PS,XBOX or other devices to play other countries game servers and compete with gamers.You can experience new maps,weapons,competitors and environments.All the things are differnet.It is a challenge.

Many gamers are searching best VPN for online games.I think that Flyvpn is the best online game vpn i used.You can use its trial account to test the game ping.Also you can tie  games application to VPN services so that other programs won’t surf through VPN.If you are interesting in it.Please download game proxy client from .Customers can use it to download game torrent.I know that many vpn services do not support game torrenet download.But Flyvpn does.

free trial southeast vpn server for games online

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Tie VPN To One Application Only

Are you using vpn server?And have you found that you can use vpn to unblock websites Worthwhile you will found when you want to access the local websites and the speed is very slow.I have used many vpn services in China.Because Facebook,Twitter,YouTube and so on sites have been blocked in China.Almost every foreigners have to buy vpn to unblock those sites.But sometimes maybe you do not need all applications to connect vpn.For example.I want to access Facebook in China and I am shopping online.So i need to pay with my online bank.If i often change my ip to log in my online bank.Maybe bank will lock my account for changing ip frequently.If you have the same concern as me.You can tie vpn to one application.Many vpn services do not have this feature.But Flyvpn does.Follow me to allow application to use vpn connect only.

(1)Download Flyvpn Client . Install and Run it.

(2)Type into the username and password.If you want to use its free trial vpn account.You can refer its official website.

(3) Please choose “Traffic Type”-“Specific traffic via VPN”-“Connect” .

Tie VPN To One Application-1

Use VPN To One Application

(4)Then Click”Add” Button.You can add applications from”program files, start menu and my start menu”

Tie VPN To One Application-2

Tie VPN To One Application

(5)Please double click the application you added.Then this application will be active to use vpn.

Tie VPN To One Application-3

Tie VPN With One Application

Note: Please close the applications you want to tie with vpn before active application .If you want to tie more than one application with vpn.Flyvpn does.

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Best Game VPN For Crysis 3

Are you playing Crysis 3?Do you know how to master the multiplayer in Crysis 3?There are a large number of players are playing this game.As i know,Many players are annoying the lag in this game.On one hand,the speed is releated to hardware,On the other hand,it is releated to software.I think that most of professional game players have the best device for playing games.So software is the key to play games.

If you are living in Japan and want to play Crysis 3 online.According to the Crysis 3 official site news,
Japan will find Crysis 3 available on March 7th at 00:01 JST .So people who are dwelling in Japan want to play this game have to unlock this game earlier with free USA proxy. Also players who are living in Japan can only play other countries server for Crysis 3.The ping will be higher for the long distance between computer and servers.What gamers need is the best game vpn for Crysis 3. Which can help users reduce ping and play games without lag. I know one professioanl game vpn for online games. It is Flyvpn. Which is providing free trial vpn account and more than 13 countries ip in trial account.

Use best game vpn to play Crysis 3 and to be the superhuman in New York.Play crysis 3 with UK Server,US Server,Russia Server and Flyvpn server.


Play Crysis 3 With Best Game VPN


Best Game VPN For Crysis 3

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Top 3 best VPN services in China

There are some countries which are taking strict internet censorship.
China is one of those countries. Have you heard Great Firewall in China. In other words,If you want to access some famous social network in the world in Mainland China.You can’t open those websites with local internet.Only VPN or Proxy can help you break GFW.You can find some free vpn services.But most of them can’t work well in China.Please check below information about top 3 best VPN services in China.
1. Flyvpn
Flyvpn is the best VPN in China. You can free trial its services before you invest your money into it. You can enjoy free trial services everyday. Most of vpn services don’t support free trial account. But Flyvpn does. It also support Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iTouch and phone with VPN. Easy to download and install, Access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other websites easily and play online games with gamers around the world quickly.
2. 12VPN 
12VPN is providing two packages. One is for US, the other is for world. Since 12vpn was blocked in March, 2011, they changed their services.However; I think its product is very good. You can open those locked websites quickly.It can applied on most of devices.Such as iPad,iPhone,PC and Android phone.But without free trial account for customers to test.
3.  Astrill VPN
It is another good choice in China. It has more servers and ip than 12VPN.Support most of devices in the world. Its price is low than most of other vpn services. Doesn’t support free trial account on its official websites. Online customer services is available.

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