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Chang IP To Get Stickers On Android

Do you want to send cute stickers to your friends on Android?Maybe you are wondering how can i get free Line stickers from other countries on Android. The simplest way is to change ip with VPN. Line is promoting Lover Bowbow (Lover Edition) stickers in Taiwan.Guys can download free stickers from Taiwan.I will guide people to change ip to Taiwan to get free stickers on Android.

(1)Download Line program,Register one account,Bind with email and Facebook.

(2)Then go to “Settings”-“Apps”-“Line”-“Clear data”-“Force stop”.

Chang IP To Get Stickers On Android1

(3)Setup free trial Taiwan VPN on Android -PPTP.

Get free trial vpn account and password at http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .

3.1: Go to “Setting”-“VPN”-“Add VPN Network” .

Chang IP To Get Stickers On Android2

3.2:Enter your vpn name,Choose “PPTP” and input Taiwan VPN server address.

free trial Taiwan VPN server: .

change ip to get stickers on android2

3.2: Input free trial vpn account and password.

Chang IP To Get Stickers On Android3

3.3: A key will be appeared on the left corner of mobile.

Chang IP To Get Stickers On Android5

(4)After configure PPTP VPN on Android.Please active Line. And Log in with your Facebook account.

Please follow the above instructions.Then you can download free Line stickers from Taiwan.

Chang IP To Get Stickers On Android6


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Free New Zealand VPN To Unblock Game Earlier

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean . The country geographically comprises two main landmasses that of the North and South Islands and numerous smaller islands.Netizens arevalways looking for ways to access websites that have been blocked in particular location,New Zealsnd is no exception.Internet censorship has started rasing in New Zealand.Hence,Hide IP to avoid being caught for accessing those sites.I want to introduce another feature with free New Zealand VPN today!

I think most guys who love to play games knew Dota 2,LOL,WOW,SC2,BL2 and RO2 games.Many games will be released with different time according to different time zone.So if you are living in New Zealand and Australia.You can unblock game earlier about 10hours than other countries guys if this game will be released at the same time in the world.So get a feee Zew Zealand VPN to unblock game earlier is so easy.Are you wondering how can you get free vpn?i saw a thread about getting a New Zealand ip to play Skyrim 12 hours earlier.Get free trial vpn account and password at http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .

Free New Zealand VPN To Unblock Game Earlier

Free New Zealand VPN

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Free HK VPN Server For Line Sticker

HK Line official account is online now.Line users can get a new sticker by adding friends and concerning HK Line latest news.Only users with HK IP can get it. This activity will expired on 4th May,2013.Line users have got it from Taiwan.If you have got it.Please grab this chance.Use stickers to express yourselves.Get new free Line sticker from HK with Flyvpn free HK VPN. Please follow me to get new stickers.

(1) Setup vpn on android,iPhone,iPod or other devices.

Setting HK vpn on Android: http://www.flyvpn.com/How-to-setup-VPN-on-Android.html#.UWJyvaLEd5e .

Setting HK vpn on iPhone,iPod: http://www.flyvpn.com/FlyVPN-iPhone-iPad-iOS-L2TP-VPN-Setup-Tutorial.html#.UNkvjZN27_c .

Setting HK vpn on Mac OS: http://www.flyvpn.com/FlyVPN-VPN-Setup-Tutorial-for-PPTP-and-L2TP-on-Mac-OS.html#.UNkvIZN27_c .

Free HK VPN Server: .

(2) Connect HK VPN Successfully.Then you will find a new line sticker in sticker shop.

Get Free Line Sticker From HK

Free HK VPN For Line Sticker

(3)Then add friends and download stickers.

HK VPN For Download Free Line Sticker

Download Free Line Sticker With HK VPN

Change ip into HK with Flyvpn. Get free Line sticker from HK is so easy.Follow me to get more and more stickers.

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How To Buy Amazon Games Codes Outside US

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world.Amazon.com started as an online bookstore, but soon diversified, selling DVDs, CDs, MP3 downloads, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry.Have you bought games code from Amazon?The steam summer and winter sales is closer in 2013.As for the competition between Steam and Amazon,I think that Amazon will give some discount to users in US. So i want to make a post on how to buy Amazon games codes outside US.

I got this opinions from one a reliable source,And i haven’t found anyone have been banned or lose games for this. Certainly,Everything is possible.As i know that no one have any issues about this tip in last several months. Its really pretty simple. Register a new account with a US state and zip code,All the thing will be done.So how can you get US IP when you are dwelling outside US.Free USA proxy could help users get US IP. I saw some people were annoying why they cant buy amazon games codes outside US.So please get a USA IP before you are registering a new amazon account. I want to suggest one free vpn to internet users,A good tool to Change ip into other countries. It provides free trial vpn account everyday. It also supports download games from overseas,It is a good vpn to play online games. It is Flyvpn.If you are interesting in it.Please visit http://www.flyvpn.com .

Buy Amazon Games Codes Outside US With Flyvpn

Buy Amazon Games Codes Outside US With Flyvpn

Sources from http://freeusavpn.blogspot.com .It is a very good guide to buy amazon games outside US.Share it here.


Free VPN 2013

VPN is the abbreviation of virtual private network,Which can encrypt data and without tracking by other people.Also it is a good tool to change ip and hide ip. Internet security is very important to pc and phone,As we all know,More and more people would like to use phone to surfing.Share ideas,chat with friends shopping online,And watch video.Shopping with phone is popular in the world,Many investors are focusing on mobile payment.If you love to shopping with phone.Please install vpn for your personal data safe. Flyvpn can be applied on android,iPhone,iPad,iTouch and other devices. Please refer this blog http://freeusavpn.blogspot.com to setup vpn on different kinds of devices.

Are you looking for free vpn 2013.Maybe you think that it is impossible to get free things in the world.But i have to tell you free things are existing in the world,Such as sunny,smile,air,feeling and so on.Also Flyvpn is providing vpn free for internet users.It is offering free vpn account everyday. Users can use this trial account to change ip to US IP,UK IP or other countries ip. Do you want to get free fast vpn  to unlock the world?

Free VPN 2013

Free VPN 2013

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How to bypass blocked sites

Are you using network?Can you open Facebook,Twitter,Gmail,Skype,Google Drive, Dropbox,YouTube…etc sites easily?Maybe you can scan those websites at home.But sometimes you will find you couldn’t open some websites at workplaces and school.Because your company and school is taking web URL filtering policy.They said that it is good for your study and job.There are some ways to teach you how to bypass blocked sites easily.

1)Try to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.For example, https://www.facebook.com instead of http://www.facebook.com ,Maybe company haven’t filter https websites.

2)Try to enter IP address for a domain name.Which is: instead of google.com in a browser’s address bar.If you do not know what is the ip address of the sites you wanna connect.I think you can get it on the internet.

3)Try to use free internet proxy or free rial vpn services with your computer.

Note:Provide a free trial vpn client download: http://www.flyvpn.com/download .If you have money.You can purchase one account.Maybe you can use its free trial account as me.I used its product to unlock some social websites which have been locked in my countries.If you love to shopping online buy some luxury goods.Sometimes it can help you. Gamers can use it for emergence using to unlock some games earlier.If you do not know anyone know what are you doing on internet.You can use it to change ip. So that anyone do not know your real ip address.It is a good way to protect your privacy.It is so easy to bypass blocked sites with Flyvpn.


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