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How To Connect To South Korea VPN On Android

South Korea VPN is a tool which can change your real IP address into Korean IP address in seconds. So it is the fastest way to make a trick to get Korean IP address. Meanwhile, it provides a security tunnel for all datas in your devices. Users can search public hotspot almost everywhere. Once connect to the Wi-Fi, you keep your mobile devices in danger. I mean many people who are using the same Wi-Fi can access your phone and check profiles, photos, videos or other data in your mobile devices. So we should pay more attention to protect our privacy in mobile devices. Connect to VPN on devices can avoid from hacker effectively. Many people are looking for South Korea VPN and told me that it is difficulty to find VPN provider with many Korean VPN servers. So let me show you how can I connect to South Korean VPN on android.

I see there are many free VPN service provider. I would like to ask you how can those free VPN providers to get profit. One is inserting advisement into software, another is getting your personal info in your phone. If you know this and don’t care your privacy, just continue to use free VPN service. If you are very careful your privacy, keep away from free VPN service. Buy a cheap VPN service is good choice. If you don’t wanna invest money into VPN service, find a paid VPN provider provided trial VPN service. If you haven’t found it, follow me to connect to Korea VPN trial on your device.

Get South Korea VPN On Android

As I know that FlyVPN is providing more than 10 Korea VPN servers. Many VPN providers just offer several Korean servers. If you want to get Korea dedicated IP, you can consider to buy Korea dedicated IP VPN plan. Because I bought FlyVPN shared IP plan, there are about 15 Korean VPN servers in my account. Please reference photo below.

16 South Korea VPN Servers In FlyVPN Premium Account

16 South Korea VPN Servers In FlyVPN Premium Account


We have known the VPN provider with Korea servers, then we should know how to configure South Korea VPN on android. FlyVPN doesn’t have apps for android, so we have to setup it on android manually.

  • Go ‘Settings’ – Click ‘More’ – Click ‘VPN’ – Click ‘+’ or ‘Add VPN Profile’.
  • Name: Korea VPN
  • Type: PPTP
  • Server address:
  • PPP encryption (MPPE): Tick
  • Username: vpnu.
  • Password: Visit to get latest password.
Connected Korea VPN on Android

Connected Korea VPN on Android

* If you have bought FlyVPN premium account, please login with yourself account info. If you just want to test its Korea VPN server feature, please login with trial VPN account info above.

If you can’t connect to Korea PPTP VPN connection, please try to change VPN protocol to be L2TP/IPSec. Read tutorial to learn how to configure L2TP VPN on android. What we need to note is typing Korean VPN server IP address not other countries’ IP address. Once connected, you can check whether you have gotten Korean IP address on android devices.

How To Setup Japan VPN on iOS

There are internet censorship around the world. Many websites in Japan is inaccessible for guys who are living outside of Japan. So if you wanna access those websites, you have to get Japanese IP address to bypass the IP limitation. Many players love to play Japanese games, but most of Japanese games don’t allow other countries’ IP to access. So many gamers will select to use tool to change IP address into Japan. The tool is VPN/Proxy. What we need to prepare is Japan VPN to visit websites in Japan. Many newbie do not know how to setup Japan VPN on iOS. So I will guide people to configure Japan VPN on iOS.

How To Get Japan VPN

You can search terms ‘Japan VPN’ in browser. Then you will get millions of results. You can pick one. If you have bought one VPN service, I think your VPN provider will tell you how to configure Japan VPN on iOS. There are two ways you can select. One is find free VPN services with Japan VPN server. Another is buy paid VPN service with Japan VPN server. If you don’t want to invest money into VPN service before confirming whether it will work for you or not. You can pick one paid VPN service with trial accounts. It means that you can test Japan VPN server without its trial accounts for free. If you haven’t found the one which can afford you. Test with FlyVPN trial version. It is free. XD

Setup Japan VPN on iOS

There are many VPN providers. It is impossible for me to introduce specific tutorial for different providers. So I will introduce the one I think it is very good and easy to use. If you are looking for Japan VPN trial on iOS. Read paragraphs below.

Option 1 

A: Open browser, access or

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 1

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 1

B: Register an account.

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 2

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 2

C: Click ‘VPN Server’ to check VPN server in trial accounts.

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 3

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 3

D: Click ‘Setup’ of the server you want to use. There are two trial accounts. One is vpnu, another is vpnc.

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 4

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 4

E: Click ‘Install Now’ to install descriptoion profile.

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 5

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 5

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 6

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 6

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 7

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 7

F: Go to Settings – General – VPN. You will see two VPN connections you just configured. One is PPTP, another is L2TP. Drag VPN status to be ON.

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 8

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 8

*Users have to re-install the profile if it had been 30 minutes since installing.

*If PPTP connection doesn’t work. Try to use L2TP.

Option 2

A: Go to Settings – General – Add VPN Configuration….

B: Select PPTP or L2TP.

Japan VPN server address:

Account: vpnc

Password: Get latest password from

L2TP IPSec shared key: vpnserver.

* Change VPN protocol between PPTP and L2TP if you can’t connect to it successfully.

This is a good way to get Japan VPN trial on iOS.

Setup Japan VPN PPTP-1

Setup Japan VPN PPTP -1

Setup Japan VPN PPTP-2

Setup Japan VPN PPTP -2

FlyVPN has 9 Japan VPN servers. So if you want to use Japan VPN without disconnect. I think it is a good choice. BTW it is providing perfect money back guarantee. Users can request refund within 30 days if unsatisfied with its service. Buy Japan VPN to unblock Japanese websites now.

How To Get Sweden IP Address

Sweden officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. It had been rated as the most suitable country to live in. So millions of people travel there to relax. The topic I will  talk about today is how to get Sweden IP address. Many people will ask reasons. Firstly, change IP to Sweden IP address that surf anonymously. Secondly, Swede who are living outside of Sweden and want to watch TV shows, movies… on SVTPLAY.SE or Because people who can’t watch videos on both website for geo-bolck. The easiest, simplest and fastest way to get Sweden IP address is through Sweden VPN server. Mask your real IP and get Swedish IP address in several minutes.


Obtain Sweden IP address With FlyVPN

It’s very easy to use FlyVPN client or setup it on mobile devices. Once paid completely, your account will be activated immediately. Access FlyVPN website, sign up and make a subscription. If you are using PC, please read sentences below to use FlyVPN software and get Swedish IP address.

a. Download FlyVPN client.

b. Input your premium account and password.

c. Login, click Europe tab, then select Sweden VPN server.

d. Tap Connect button. Once connected, you have get Sweden IP address. Look up IP address at

Sweden VPN Server

Sweden VPN Server

Once connected Sweden server, then you can visit and to watch online videos from abroad. VPN can make you looks like surfing net as local. Get Sweden IP address to now to unblock websites based Sweden and enjoy internet freedom around the world.


How To Get Russia IP Address

Russia, also officially known as the Russian Federation. Russia is the world’s ninth most populous nation with 143 million people as of 2012. So this a giant market for VPN service providers. Whatever you would like to use VPN to protect your online privacy or change IP&hide IP to access websites in the world. VPN does work for you. Let‘s get to the point. Sometimes you don’t want people to know where are you living. So you can connect to VPN and change IP easily with VPN. If you are living abroad and wanna watch TV shows in your native land, you will meet an error message similar as the content isn’t available in your region or the content is only available in special country. Russia IP address can unblock TV and movie services outside of Russia. Sometimes if you want to activate Russia steam CD keys, Russia VPN is an essential thing. More and more conditions need Russia IP address to fix.


Fast and Stable VPN Provider With Russian VPN Server

If you aren’t living in Russia and want to get Russian IP address, maybe you can travel to there by plane now. It’s joke if you tell someone that you go there just for Russian IP address. Maybe you don’t know VPN service and it’s the first time hear about it. In one word, VPN is like a magic box. You connected a VPN server, then it transmit all your requirements to those servers of websites. So websites’ server can’t detect your origin IP address for the VPN server had assigned a new IP address to you.

Fast, stable and cheap VPN provider with Russia VPN server is FlyVPN, supports PPTP, L2TP IPSec and OpenVPN protocol. Just access FlyVPN website, sign up and make a subscription for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Longer package get more discount. It is also providing Russia VPN free trial. Users can test the speed before investing money into VPN service. FlyVPN has a good money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with its service, request refund in  30 days. 100% full refund.  Get Russia IP address is so simple with Russia VPN server, right?


How To Get Mexico IP Address

Some people don’t know how to get other countries’ IP address when they aren’t living in those countries. It’s like a magic for people who aren’t good at internet. Let me tell you how to get other countries IP address in several minutes. For example, how to get Mexico IP address within 10 minutes. It’s not reality that travel to Mexico by plane for several minutes. But VPN can make you hold Mexico IP address in seconds. If you are looking for Mexican IP address, follow these steps and surf like Mexican within minutes now.Mexico

What you have to is find a VPN service with Mexico server. Then sign up an account and pay for it. Login with yourself premium account, connect to one of Mexico VPN server. Then your computer IP address shows you are locating in Mexico. If you haven’t find a good Mexico VPN service, FlyVPN highly recommended.

  • 2 Mexico VPN servers for each in Mexico City. 10 Mexico IPs address totally.
  • Support PPTP, L2TP IPSec and OpenVPN
  • Unlimited traffic and bandwidth
  • Price: $10/M
  • You can setup Mexico VPN on iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTouch, Mac, android smartphone or tablet
  • Payment methods: Paypal, Payza, OKPay, MyCard and Western Union
  • Guarantee: 30-Day money back guarantee.



Why Mexico IP Address?

The main feature of VPN is unblock website, surf anonymous, change IP and hide IP. I paid more attention on VPN for online games. So I’d love to talk something about VPN features for gaming. Firstly, some games blocked some countries IP address, players can use VPN to bypass that Geo block and play games anonymous. Secondly, buy cheap games from other countries store. For example, many players used Mexico VPN to buy Titanfall from Mexican Origin store in March. Thirdly, play games earlier. When some one game released in other countries earlier than your location. Gamers can connected VPN than play the game earlier.

How Can I Get Mexico VPN Free Trial?

Many people would like to test VPN service out firstly before investing money. So am I. Because Software is a special item. If we haven’t test its specific functions, it’s difficulty to make decision to invest money into it. Let’s get Mexico VPN free trial service to get Mexico IP address.

Free Trial Mexico VPN

Free Trial Mexico VPN


How To Get German IP Address

An Internet Protocol address (IP address)  is a numerical label assigned to each device that we can know where are you know according to your IP address. In a word, IP address is your identity in internet. How about German IP address? Literally, It shows that your computer’s Geo location is Germany. So network assign German IP address to your device. VPN is a miracle  in the world. The key is people don’t need to travel to Germany and get German IP address. VPN can make you get German IP address in seconds with German VPN serverGermany

The Reasons We Should Get German IP Address

  • Surf anonymous, change IP and hide IP to protect personal privacy.
  • Watch ARD, ZDF and Zatto outside of Germany. Because tons of content on those websites are only available to access when people are owning German IP address.
  • Reduce ping to play EU game servers when they are living other countries.

I can only list 3 reasons currently. If you know more reasons, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

How Can I Obtain German IP Address

VPN is the best solution to change IP quickly. So get German IP address with German VPN/Proxy is a smart choice. If you haven’t find a good German VPN service, I recommend you to use FlyVPN. I select it for we can try its German VPN server out with its German VPN trial service. It’s free absolutely without any privacy info on PC. Let us guide you to obtain German IP address with FlyVPN software/client now.

  • Download German VPN software on PC. Please download pro version for full features.
  • Install and run the VPN client.
  • Input FlyVPN username and password. Access FlyVPN offical website, make a subscription to FlyVPN with $10 per month, login with yourself VPN account and password. Otherwise, please get German VPN trial account and password from Germany VPN server has been listed in VPNU account, so please login with VPNU and its password on client.
  • Click Europe tab, then you can see Germany server under this tab.
  • Tap Connect button. You will be getting German IP address upon connected.
Connect to FlyVPN Germany VPN Server and Get German IP Address

Connect to FlyVPN Germany VPN Server and Get German IP Address






How To Get French IP Address

France is a romantic country. I haven’t gone there. I hope I will have opportunity to savor French culture. I think French TV series, movies, films are the ways to know more details about France. France 2 and 3, TF1 is the main online video provider. People can enjoy movies, films, entertainments, programs, sports, and news on those websites. But they are required French IP address to access. I know many websites in most of countries have the same IP restricted policy for copyrights. So how can we obtain French IP address to bypass that geo block now?

Simplest Way To Obtain French IP Address

VPN is the best and fastest way to obtain French IP address in seconds. If you don’t believe in me, let me show you the entire process to get French IP address with FlyVPN trial VPN account.

1. Download FlyVPN client on PC.

2. Login with trial VPN account and password.

Login With VPNU Account To Get France VPN Server

Login With VPNU Account To Get France VPN Server

3. Connect to one France VPN server. Obtain it once connected.

France VPN Server In VPNU

France VPN Server In VPNU

Upon connected, VPN server will give your computer a IP address owned by the server. It means that connect to USA VPN server and get US IP address, connect to Germany VPN server and get German IP address…

Free Trial French IP Address

When you are wondering about which one VPN provider I should select. I recommend you to test with free trial French IP address and check the speed. I often use FlyVPN trial VPN service to test ping or for emergence usage. Trial French VPN server has been added into VPNU account, so users can type VPNU in Username and its password in Password. Get latest password from You can see trail account info on the right side of the webpage as photo.

Free Trial VPN Account and Password

Free Trial VPN Account and Password

If the experience is very good with its trial version, buy FlyVPN paid membership without any risk. 30-day money back guarantee, Unlimited traffic and bandwidth, trial for free. It’s only $10 per month to access all servers of FlyVPN, including 35 countries server around the world now. Certainly, France VPN servers have been included.



How To Get Australia IP Address

Australia IP address, many people will ask why we need it? For two reasons, one is to protect your privacy during surfing with mobile devices or computers, then surfing anonymous.  another is to get Australia IP address and unblock some websites which only empower IP address based Australia to access. Maybe you can think out many other reasons that I don’t know. Please don’t hesitate to tell me. SBS and Jump-in is well known for people who love to watch TV shows, movies, sports, programs and so on. But people who are living outside Australia and want to watch SBS and Jump-in from abroad is not allowed for copyright. Only Australia IP address can bypass the IP filtration.

How Can I Get Australia IP Address

When you are living in Australia, you can get Australian IP address easily. But for people live abroad, VPN/Proxy is the simplest way to change IP into any countries. For Australia IP address, connected Australia VPN server on devices, then it will give you a real Australia IP address. It’s so simple, right.

1. Download VPN client.

2. Install and run it on devices.

3. Input VPN account and password.

4. Select Australia VPN server, then click Connect.

I guess tons of people would like to test Australia VPN server before purchase. Most of VPN provider don’t offer test for free. Suggest FlyVPN for you to use its trial VPN accounts, including Australia server. The pro account is $10 per month with unlimited traffic and bandwidth, unlimited access and unlimited time. Follow me to get Australia IP address with free trial VPN service on PC now.

a. Download FlyVPN client (PRO VERSION) from its official website. Install and run it.

b. Input trial VPN account and password.

Username: VPNU.

Password: get latest VPN password from for password is dynamic.

Free Trial VPN Account and Password

Free Trial VPN Account and Password

c. Login, click Oceania tab, tap Australia server, and click Connect as photo.

Free Trial Australia VPN

Free Trial Australia VPN

d. After connected, lookup IP address. Then you will find, you have got Australia IP address on your computer.

Australia IP Address

Australia IP Address

Subscribe to FlyVPN, get Australia IP address all day.

How To Get Brazil IP Address

When we are chatting with friends about Brazil. We have to talk about Football in Brazil or even in the world. The hottest topic is 2014 FIFA world cup Brazil. Millions of football fans will go there to watch match. Otherwise, large number of people will watch match with TV, PC, or mobile devices. As I know that Rede Globo, Rede Bandeirantes, SporTV, ESPN Brasil and FOX Sports have the rights to live world cup 2014. But they are required a Brazilian IP address to access. If you are living outside of Brazil, the only way is to get Brazil IP address to bypass Geo blocked. 

How Can I Get Brazilian IP Address

The fastest and simplest way to use VPN or proxy to change IP address. I don’t recommend you to use proxy. It’s very slow to watch online living videos, otherwise, it’s not safe for your privacy data or profile. Connected Brazil VPN server on device, then you will get an Brazilian IP address for your computer. There are many VPN providers have Brazil VPN server. I will pick one with unlimited traffic and bandwidth with low price. The best is FlyVPN. Because it’s providing free trial Brazil VPN and 30 days money back guarantee. Users can test it before purchase without credit card, email or other personal info on PC. I love FlyVPN! Follow me to get Brazil IP address with FlyVPN trial VPN now.


Briefly instruction: Download FlyVPN client – Input trial VPN account and password – click Brazil VPN server – Connected.

Tips: Online time for free trial VPN accounts is limited to 20 minutes. When the time limit is reached, please wait for 5 minutes to reconnect.

Login FlyVPN trial VPN account-  VPNC to get Brazil IP address

Login FlyVPN trial VPN account- VPNC to get Brazil IP address

Connected FlyVPN Brazil VPN Server

Connected FlyVPN Brazil VPN Server

Get Brazil IP Address With FlyVPN

Get Brazil IP Address With FlyVPN










Get Brazil IP address with Brazil VPN server is so simple as photos above. Just take several minutes and you will get Brazil IP address on devices. You can also setup Brazil VPN on iPhone, iPad, Mac, iTouch, iPod, android phone or tablet…etc. If you meet any questions about get it, please leave a message. I will reply you ASAP.

How To Get Britain(UK) IP Addrress

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom or Britain, is often abbreviated to “UK”. London is one of  the most popular tourist desalination in the world. Many people go there to relax mood with their friends or families. For TV series fans, their eyes are focusing on Britain TV series. But, when you are living abroad the UK, most of Britain TV series require UK IP address. For example, watch ITV online or ITV Player, watch BBC online or BBC Player and watch Sky Sports outside of Britain(UK). The best solution is to get UK IP address to bypass the geo blocked.

Get UK IP Address With UK VPN Server

According to the title and means that UK VPN server is locating in Britain. Once connected with UK VPN server, computer will get a Britain IP address. I tested with FlyVPN UK server, then lookup my computer’s IP address. It’s so amazing. I get a real UK IP address instantly after connect to UK server as photo. Change IP and hide IP is fast with VPN services. Are you ready change IP address in seconds now. Just go ahead.

Britain VPN Server

Britain VPN Server

How Can I Get Free Trial Britain IP Address

Not everyone can afford VPN service. When you are just want to use Britain IP address for several minutes, you can try to get free trial Britain IP address. As I know, most of VPN providers just offer several USA servers for trying out or without test. FlyVPN is providing free trial UK VPN in its VPNU account as photo. There is no need to provide credit card, email or other personal info if users test it on PC. If you are interested in testing it, access its official website now.

UK IP Address

UK IP Address

You can search UK VPN or IP address in Google. You will get millions of results. Which one you should pick. I think it’s a difficulty choice. I suggest you to test with FlyVPN free trial UK VPN for free. If you are satisfied it, then you can consider to invest money into it. 30 days money back guarantee make you buy with confidence. Refund is very easy. 3 business days refund completely. Make subscription and get UK IP address now on PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android phones or tablets.


How To Get Chinese IP Address

Talk about China, we have to discuss about Great Firewall of China, which make people who are living in China or abroad frustrated. People who are living China can’t access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…etc. For people who are residing outside of China, they can’t access many websites based in China. Tons of people have to use VPN to break GFW. I am going to talking something about why lots of people are looking for Chinese IP address. On one hand, business man want to know latest news about China. On the other hand, Chinese overseas want to watch Chinese TV series and programs, listen Chinese music, play Chinese games and contact with Chinese friends. For example, many Chinese who are living outside of China like to watch online living streaming on PPS, watch live sports on CCTV5. GFW is effecting their experiences. Get Chinese IP address is best solution to break GFW.

Get Chinese IP Address With China VPN Servers

China VPN server means it owns Chinese IP address. Once devices connected with it, which will assign Chinese IP address to those devices. FlyVPN has 20+ China servers provided by China Telecom or Unicom, supports PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocol. Otherwise, all those China VPN servers of FlyVPN are static IPs address. So I recommend that you can pick FlyVPN if you want to obtain Chinese IP address.

China VPN Servers

China VPN Servers

Get Chinese IP Address With China VPN

Get Chinese IP Address With China VPN

How To  Get Free Trial Chinese IP Address

If you can’t afford VPN service, maybe you can consider to use free trial VPN services. I know FlyVPN is providing free trial VPN account everyday. Users can login VPNU or VPNC trial VPN account. Then you can see China servers under China tab in FlyVPN client as photo. Free trial VPN account and password have been listed under free trial webpage.

Free Trial VPN Account and Password

Free Trial VPN Account and Password

Lots of VPN service providers in the market. If you don’t know which one you should pick. I highly recommend you to use FlyVPN. Because free trial VPN account is working everyday. If you are unsatisfied with its services, 30 days money back guarantee policy can protect you and get full refund.



India VPN

If you do not know what is VPN, you can get its definition here. So let us know more about India VPN. Which means its location is India and the VPN server has been located in India. Because the server is located in India that users can travel to India in 1 minute and get Indian IP address after connected to India VPN server.  Let us talk about why some users want to get India VPN. Firstly, VPN can hide real IP and protect privacy. Secondly, play some Indian online games, Thirdly, unblock some websites which are blocking foreign IP address. If you know other features of Indian VPN, please leave a comment. Thanks advanced.

According Google trends data, I found more and more people are searching India VPN in Google. If you haven’t find best India VPN provider, you can consider to use FlyVPN. The Indian server can support PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocol. It is very important that FlyVPN has added the server into trial account. Users can test it before purchase. Free trial India VPN is available in “vpnu” and “vpnc” trial account. So you can login with two accounts. If you wanna configure trial India VPN on mobile devices, FlyVPN is your choice. Setup trial Indian VPN on iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Mac OS X and Android phone tutorial:

India VPN is the fastest way to get Indian IP address. It is the best tool for Indian who are living outside of India and want to know latest news about India and keep contact with their Indian friends. If you can’t afford to buy India VPN services, you can use free trial Indian VPN everyday for 1 hour.

Free Trial India VPN

Free Trial India VPN

Singapore VPN

What is VPN? In a word, VPN is a VPN tunnel to security info and protect your data on internet.  How about Singapore VPN? It means that the VPN server locations is located at Singapore. Users connected to Singapore VPN server then they will get Singapore IP address on devices. So people don’t know where you are and your real IP address. Change IP and hide IP with VPN is so simple. Whatever you are looking for paid or free trial Singapore VPN, this article can meet your demand.

Buy Paid Singapore VPN online

Search “Singapore VPN” in Google, you will get thousands of VPN service providers. Which one you should pick. 2 tips for best Singapore VPN server. Firstly, Whether it is providing money back guarantee. Secondly, Trial VPN account is available or not. Please try out its speed before investing money into it. If you haven’t found Singapore VPN service, maybe you can buy paid Singapore VPN here.

Singapore VPN Free Trial

Anyone who want to trial Singapore VPN services, please access to get free trial VPN account. Singpore VPN free trial has been added into “VPNU” trial account. So please login with it. Follow steps below to get Singapore VPN on PC:

1: Download Singapore VPN client here: Please download pro version, including many futures. Install and run it.

2: Input account and password. Get free trial VPN account and password from Input “vpnu” into “Username”. Latest VPN password has been listed on its official website.

3: Log in and choose “Send all traffic”, tap “Asia ” tab, then you can see Singapore VPN server has been listed under Asia tab as photo.

Free Trial Singapore VPN

Free Trial Singapore VPN

Get Singapore VPN now after read this article. Whatever you want to configure Singapore VPN on Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP or other Windows operating system, iPhone, iPad, android smartphone or Pad.  People can go ahead to setup Singapore VPN on multiple devices.

South Africa VPN Server

South Africa is a country located at the southern tip of Africa. It is renowned for its wines and is one of the world’s largest producers of gold. It has the strongest economy in Africa. Its tourism industry is prosperous. Millions of people go there every year. I want to talk something about South Africa VPN for South African who are studying, working or living outside of South Africa. In general some websites which only allow local ip to access. The phenomenon is almost existing in every country. If you want to unblock the restriction, get VPN is the best way.

As we all know that more and more internet crimes is happening every day for personal info on internet. Hackers can get users’ personal info from its IP address, account, password, bank card ID, footprint, profile info and so on. Almost all actions on internet will be hacked. So I suggest people to use VPN to hide info on internet that hackers can’t get your real info. If you are living in USA, you can change IP into South Africa after connected South Africa VPN server and security anonymous surfing. There are many other usages with VPN. Such as unblock websites, reduce ping to play online games, remote server in South Africa when you are working overseas and so on.

If you are looking for South African VPN and want to configure it on devices, you can read VPN tutorials here I can’t confirm whether FlyVPN will add South Africa VPN server into trial account. If you can’t test it before purchase, I think you can find South Africa VPN server in paid VPN account.

South Africa VPN Server

South Africa VPN Server

South Africa

South Africa

How To Get Free Trial USA VPN

Many people are looking to find USA VPN and get American IP to unlock websites around the world.In general,US VPN can open most of websites in the world. For example, people can use USA VPN to unblock Facebook in Iran and China, visit Hulu outside of U.S.A, hide IP and get IP based US to download free games in American iTunes or Google store. Because censorship is almost existing in every country. VPN is best tool to bypass internet censorship.If you are wondering that how to get free trial USA VPN, read parrghs below to get it on PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android smartphone.

Free Trial USA VPN On PC

– Download free trial USA VPN software here:

– Install and run VPN software.

– Input account and password to login.

– Get free trial VPN account and password from

– Then read how to use VPN client tutorial here:

Free Trial USA VPN On PC

Free Trial USA VPN On PC

Free Trial USA VPN On iPhone, iPad, iTouch

– Go to “Settings” – “General” – “VPN” – “Add VPN Configuration…”

– PPTP: “Description” – “Server” – “Account” – “Password”

or L2TP: “Description” – “Server” – “Account” – “Password” – “Secret”.

– Fulfill “Description”, “Server”, “Account”, “Password” and “Secret”.

VPN tutorial for iPhone, iPad, iTouch: and

Free Trial USA VPN On iPhone

Free Trial USA VPN On iPhone

Free Trial USA VPN On Mac OS X

– Go to “System Preferences” – “Network” – “+” – “VPN”.

– Please read VPN tutorials for Mac here:

Free Trial USA VPN On Mac OS X

Free Trial USA VPN On Mac OS X

Free Trial USA VPN On Android

– Go to “Settings” – “Wireless&Network” – “VPN”.

– Read VPN tutorials for android here: .

Free Trial USA VPN On Android

Free Trial USA VPN On Android

Setup free trial USA VPN on iPhone, Mac manually must get US IP.

Free trial VPN account: vpnu and vpnc.

Newest VPN password. click here.

There are two USA servers in vpnu trial account, the IP is and 3 USA VPN servers have been added into vpnc trial account, the IP is, and

Whatever you want to use free trial USA VPN on PC, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android or Mac. The article is very useful for you.

Free VPN 2013

VPN is the abbreviation of virtual private network,Which can encrypt data and without tracking by other people.Also it is a good tool to change ip and hide ip. Internet security is very important to pc and phone,As we all know,More and more people would like to use phone to surfing.Share ideas,chat with friends shopping online,And watch video.Shopping with phone is popular in the world,Many investors are focusing on mobile payment.If you love to shopping with phone.Please install vpn for your personal data safe. Flyvpn can be applied on android,iPhone,iPad,iTouch and other devices. Please refer this blog to setup vpn on different kinds of devices.

Are you looking for free vpn 2013.Maybe you think that it is impossible to get free things in the world.But i have to tell you free things are existing in the world,Such as sunny,smile,air,feeling and so on.Also Flyvpn is providing vpn free for internet users.It is offering free vpn account everyday. Users can use this trial account to change ip to US IP,UK IP or other countries ip. Do you want to get free fast vpn  to unlock the world?

Free VPN 2013

Free VPN 2013

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Buy Discount Goods From Overseas With Free Trial VPN

Do you know what is black friday? Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States,often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.In recent years, most major retailers have opened extremely early and offered promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season,similar to Boxing Day sales in many Commonwealth Nations.Black Friday is not an official holiday,but many non-retail employees and schools have both Thanksgiving and the day after off,followed by a weekend,thereby increasing the number of potential shoppers.

More and more people are love to buy items from overseas.It is cheaper than local goods,And can decrease the risk of buying fake goods.But only local residents can enjoy goods promotion.Fortunately,You can use one free trial vpn with US IP.Before you purchace goods from overseas.You should have a bank which is a double currency credit card and bind with paypal account.Which is convenient to you to buy items from overseas.Firstly,You should register one account on transfer company websites to get overseas address.Then you can buy goods from foreign websites.I found that many brand goods had great discount on Black Friday.Do you want to buy brand items from abroad.The necessary tools for purchsaing overseas is Flyvpn.It is a brand vpn service.It is providing
US ip vpn trial.You can use this vpn product to get US IP to buy cheaper brand goods with high quality.There are some shorcomings about purchasing products from abroad.It will take about 20 days on delivery.

Free US ip 20 minutes is enough to buy goods online.Flyvpn is offering three times for free trial every time.20 minutes per day.There are more than 13 countries ip you can choose.If you wanna know more about vpn services.Please focus on my blog.

Buy Discount Gucci From Overseas with Free Trial VPN

Buy Discount Gucci From Overseas with Free Trial VPN

lv bags1

Buy Discount LV From Overseas with Free Trial VPN



Free Fast VPN

Sometimes you will find the internet speed is so slowly.Even you can’t open sites.Maybe it all depends on your local internet speed.If you have 10MB bandwideth.I think you can scan most of sites smoothly.But sometimes you will find that when you are open foreign websites.You cant open them successfully or you have to spend much time to wait.You can use one free trial vpn account to unlock some foreign websites or you can connect your computer to a VPN server which is located at foreign countries that you can open foreign sites swimmingly.

Free fast VPN can help you unlock sites which have been locked in your countries.Hlep you enjoy stream smoothly,Connect your friends easily, And enjoy video happily. If you are a gamer.I think which can help you play online games better.Flyvpn is suppling fast vpn for online gaming that can help you play different countries game servers.Which have more than 80 servers,13 countreis servers,And 220 IPS.Most of gamers are think that Flyvpn is providing fastest vpn for korea game.Its korea vpn is very well.

Would you like to download fast and better vpn for yourselves?Before you invest your money into vpn services.You can use an vpn free trial help you test whether it is very good for your local internet.

free fast vpn

free fast vpn

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Vpn Server Taiwan

If you’re reside in Taiwan and want to open websites that you always need to sccess at home or workplaces.You can scan those websites easily.But if you are dewelling in China.I think it isnot easily to open any websites easily.Chinese internet users are sustaining web censorship.You couldn’t open Facebook,Twitter,YouTube in China.So Web users are looking for ways to bypass this censorship.

You can use a free vpn server to unlock them.As we all know,there are many countries can open those websites quickly,Only some countries is taking internet censorship.So if you want to enjoy those social networking.You can use a free internet proxy to connect the world.

Why there are many people are searching VPN Server Taiwan in google.I find many articles anout this reason.I just know that many chinese players love to play taiwan servers.China have closed WLK port but taiwan haven’t.So if there are so many poeple are playing taiwan server.It is a burden for server.So there is a restriction for Mainland gamers.Only taiwa IP can activate game.If anyone want to play it.They can use a free taiwan vpn to bypass IP checking.

Would you want to get the best and cheapest taiwan vpn?So please refer the below information.
Best VPN for Taiwan

1.Flyvpn $10/month
2.hidemyass $11.52/month
3.Pure vpn $12.95/month

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