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Global speed ranking latest data-Chinese Mainland Ranked 94

Akamai, the largest CDN (Content Delivery Network) service provider, released its quarterly report “The State of the Internet” early this month for the third quarter of 2012.The data shows that the global average internet speeds of the third quarter of last year declined than the second quarter.South Korea retains the fastest internet speeds country in the world.Japan and China,Hongkong ranked 2(10.5Mbps) and 3(9.0Mbps).While mainland China’s internet speeds is only 1.6Mbps,ranked 94.

According to the report,The global average internet speeds is 2.8Mbps in the third quarter of 2012,Dropped 7% than the second quarter.Akima make analysis of cyber attack in more than 13 countries and regions.It shows that China is the biggest computer attack source.And United States and Russia ranked 2 and 3.So it is very important to protect personal privacy anywhere.Personal VPN can help users protect personal information.Which can make you surfing anonymous and protect users from attacking hacker.It is a good way to shield bad news and ads.

If you are dwelling in China.It is bad for the slowly internet speeds.When you want to open overseas sites,It will be more slower.If you want to open foreign sites quickly,Users can use a vpn to get foreign server that users can log into sites quickly.Unblock websites quickly with free trial vpn.Enjoy videos and movies swimmingly in China.


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