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Download Free Line Stickers With Flyvpn On iPhone and iPad

The target of this article is to guide people to get free line stickers on iOS(iPhone,iPad,iPod,iTouch) from other countries.Most of Line users who have got free Lines stickers with vpn have used Flyvpn. Now there are two stickers in Japan.It is Docomodake Family Stickers and Jang Geun Suk(Lotte Duty Free Store Ver).If you love to get those cute stickers on iPhone and iPad.Download Line stickers on iPhone is more easier than Android devices.If you want to download Line stickers on Android.Please refer to the article about how to download Line stickers on Android.Anyone want to get stickers on iPhone,iPad.Please follow below instructions.

Free Line Sticker VPN-Flyvpn

Download Line Sticker On iPhone,iPadWith Flyvpn

Tutorial-Download Free Line Stickers On iPhone,iPad With Flyvpn .

(1)Please register Flyvpn account at .If you can’t log in it.Please access .

(2) Then Log in your account and choose “Free Trial VPN

(3)Then you can see many countries in Flyvpn server list.Choose the server you want to use.Also you can choose 2 or more servers by click “Batch Mode” ,Please check the vpn server you want to connect.

(4)Please click “Setup all selected”

(5)Click “install” and “install now”

(6)Then you change the vpn status to “on”.Now you are connected to Fl yvpn .

Please refer to the tutorial on how to setup Flyvpn on iPhone,iPad.

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Free Trial Thailand VPN For Line Sticker

Line is launching one new sticker in Thailand.This stickers have been sent in Taiwan.It is “LINE GAMES TH”.Join LINE GAMES TH Official Account and follow up with LINE GAMES Thailand’s latest news and events, and get this set of official stickers for free till 23/5/13 .If you have not get this stickers.You can refer below paragraphs.This article is to guide people to get free Line stickers with free trial Thailand VPN.

-line://shop/detail/680 LINE GAMES TH ;

Download Free Line Stickers From Thailand.You can also refer this article: .

Please refer the details to get Line stickers from Thailand.

(1)(1)Add VPN On Android, iPhone,Mac…etc . Please refer below tutorials: .

(2)Free Trial VPN Username: vpnc and vpnu .Get password from ..

(3)Force stop Line app.(“setting”-“app”-“Line”) .

(4) Click line://shop/detail/680 to download LINE GAMES TH Stickers .

Free Trial Thailand VPN Server: .

VPN Protocol: PPTP .

If you want to get other countries ip. Please refer other articles to get line stickers from other countries.Please avoid the peak time to connect Flyvpn.The peak time is from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Good Luck,Guys!!

Free Trial Thailand VPN For Line Sticker

Free Trial Thailand VPN

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Download New Stickers With Free Trial Japan VPN

There are two new stickers in Japan.It is “Docomodake Family Stickers(ドコモダケファミリースタンプ)” and “Jang Geun Suk(Lotte Duty Free Store Ver)(チャン?グンソク(ロッテ免税店モデ)”.This article is to guide guys who are living outside of Japan to get free line stickers from Japan. I often use Flyvpn to get stickers from other countries.Sometimes guys can’t connect the free trial vpn account smoothly.So i suggest guys to avoid the peak time to connect the trial vpn account.The peak time is from 10:00am to 6:00pm(UTC+8).Hope all the guys who have get new stickers can log out Flyvpn quickly that other guys can use it.

Free Trial Japan VPN Server: .

VPN Protocol: PPTP

Free Trial VPN Account And Password: .(Disconnected every 20 minutes,Wait 5 minutes then connect Flyvpn again,3 times for single IP)

Tutorial-How To Get Stickers From Japan With Free Trial Japan VPN.

(1)Add VPN Network On Android, iPhone,Mac . Please refer below tutorials.

How To Setup VPN On Android

How To Setup VPN On iPhone

How To Setup VPN On Mac

(2)Free Trial VPN Username: vpnc and vpnu .Get password from Flyvpn free trial page.

(3)Force stop Line app.(“setting”-“app”-“Line”)

(4) Click line://shop/detail/862 to download Docomodake Family Stickers ;

    Click line://shop/detail/842 to download Jang Geun Suk(Lotte Duty Free Store Ver);

Related Pages:

1: Get Four New Stickers From Thailand And Japan .

2: If you can’t connect Flyvpn successfully.Please access Flyvpn Facebook page to ask the reasons. .

Download Line Stickers From Japan

Free Trial Japan VPN

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Five New Stickers From India

Line is sending five new stickers from India. It is “Sally: Special Edition”,”Moon: Mad Angry Edition”,”Moon: Salaryman Special”,”Cony’s Happy Work Life” and “Brown & Cony’s Secret Date!”.But only guys whose IP address is India.So if you are living outside in India.You have to get vpn to change ip into India.I always use Flyvpn free trial vpn account to get Line stickers from Japan,Thailand,Vietnam,Indonesia,Korea,Spain and so on.But Flyvpn is not providing India vpn currently.According to the news from Flyvpn customer services,Flyvpn will add India server in two days.Anyone want to use free trial India vpn to get line sticker. Please focus on Flyvpn official website or Facebook page .

If you do not know how to get free line sticker On android or iPhone,iPad.Please refer the related article: .

New LineSticker From India

Five Line Sticker From India

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Tie VPN To One Application Only

Are you using vpn server?And have you found that you can use vpn to unblock websites Worthwhile you will found when you want to access the local websites and the speed is very slow.I have used many vpn services in China.Because Facebook,Twitter,YouTube and so on sites have been blocked in China.Almost every foreigners have to buy vpn to unblock those sites.But sometimes maybe you do not need all applications to connect vpn.For example.I want to access Facebook in China and I am shopping online.So i need to pay with my online bank.If i often change my ip to log in my online bank.Maybe bank will lock my account for changing ip frequently.If you have the same concern as me.You can tie vpn to one application.Many vpn services do not have this feature.But Flyvpn does.Follow me to allow application to use vpn connect only.

(1)Download Flyvpn Client . Install and Run it.

(2)Type into the username and password.If you want to use its free trial vpn account.You can refer its official website.

(3) Please choose “Traffic Type”-“Specific traffic via VPN”-“Connect” .

Tie VPN To One Application-1

Use VPN To One Application

(4)Then Click”Add” Button.You can add applications from”program files, start menu and my start menu”

Tie VPN To One Application-2

Tie VPN To One Application

(5)Please double click the application you added.Then this application will be active to use vpn.

Tie VPN To One Application-3

Tie VPN With One Application

Note: Please close the applications you want to tie with vpn before active application .If you want to tie more than one application with vpn.Flyvpn does.

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Free New Zealand VPN To Unblock Game Earlier

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean . The country geographically comprises two main landmasses that of the North and South Islands and numerous smaller islands.Netizens arevalways looking for ways to access websites that have been blocked in particular location,New Zealsnd is no exception.Internet censorship has started rasing in New Zealand.Hence,Hide IP to avoid being caught for accessing those sites.I want to introduce another feature with free New Zealand VPN today!

I think most guys who love to play games knew Dota 2,LOL,WOW,SC2,BL2 and RO2 games.Many games will be released with different time according to different time zone.So if you are living in New Zealand and Australia.You can unblock game earlier about 10hours than other countries guys if this game will be released at the same time in the world.So get a feee Zew Zealand VPN to unblock game earlier is so easy.Are you wondering how can you get free vpn?i saw a thread about getting a New Zealand ip to play Skyrim 12 hours earlier.Get free trial vpn account and password at .

Free New Zealand VPN To Unblock Game Earlier

Free New Zealand VPN

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Free HK VPN Server For Line Sticker

HK Line official account is online now.Line users can get a new sticker by adding friends and concerning HK Line latest news.Only users with HK IP can get it. This activity will expired on 4th May,2013.Line users have got it from Taiwan.If you have got it.Please grab this chance.Use stickers to express yourselves.Get new free Line sticker from HK with Flyvpn free HK VPN. Please follow me to get new stickers.

(1) Setup vpn on android,iPhone,iPod or other devices.

Setting HK vpn on Android: .

Setting HK vpn on iPhone,iPod: .

Setting HK vpn on Mac OS: .

Free HK VPN Server: .

(2) Connect HK VPN Successfully.Then you will find a new line sticker in sticker shop.

Get Free Line Sticker From HK

Free HK VPN For Line Sticker

(3)Then add friends and download stickers.

HK VPN For Download Free Line Sticker

Download Free Line Sticker With HK VPN

Change ip into HK with Flyvpn. Get free Line sticker from HK is so easy.Follow me to get more and more stickers.

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Change IP Into Spain To Get Free Line Sticker On Android and iPhone

Good news for people who love to play Line.To celebrate there are 10 million Line users in Spain.Users can get two stickers in Spain.It is “Cony Special Edition” and “Special diet of Moon“.This activity will end on 11th April.So please grab this opportunity.This activity is only available for users with Spain ip. So if you are residing outside of Spain.The simplest way is to chang ip into Spain to get free Line sticker.What you need is VPN or proxy.But i know that proxy can’t be applied on phone or other devices.Also Line users only can use iPhone,iPad,iPod and Android phone.So the first step you need to do is to setup vpn on devices.

Two new Line Stickers(5th April-11th April) in Spain


Free Line Sticker In Spain


Free Spain VPN Server For Line Sticker

Free Spain VPN Server: .

Please refer this article to get free Line sticker from Spain .

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Free Indonesia VPN For Free Line Sticker

Congratulations,Flyvpn adds one Indonesia server for worldwide line users today. Line is sending free line stickers in Indonesia.Do you want to get free Line Sticker from Indonesia?So Please follow me:

Firstly,Setup VPN On devices.

Tutorial-How To Setup VPN On Android.

Tutorial-How To Setup VPN On iPhone,iPad,iPod .

Tutorial- How To Setup VPN On Mac .

*Free Indonesia VPN Account: vpnc. Get Password here: .

Free Indonesia Server: .

Secondly,Download Line and register Line account.If you have owned line account.Please close line.exe and then Choose free Indonesia VPN to get free line sticker.


Free Indonesia VPN

Thirdly,Then you will find one free line sticker on sticker shop as photo.


VPN For Free Line Sticker

Fourthly,Download free sticker.


Flyvpn For Free Line Sticker

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