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How To Get Line Stickers In Japan

There are about 280 million registered users with Line. Besides being very popular in Asia, especially in Taiwan. Get Line stickers is becoming daily greetings. Have you get Line stickers today? Many stickers are available to download in Thailand, Taiwan, Mexico, USA, Argentina, Spain, Vietnam, Italy…etc sticker shop. Line users who are living in Japan are wondering how to get Line sticker from other countries shop. So I will introduce way to get Line stickers in Japan today. Connected to FlyVPN is the fastest way to get Line stickers in Japan. I will give you 5 reasons why we choose FlyVPN VPN service provider to get Line stickers.

1: 30+ counries VPN, covering Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa.

2: 30+ VPN servers in trial account. FlyVPN is providing free trial VPN account everyday. Users can test Mainland China, HK, TW, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam ,Korea, Japan, USA, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, France, UK, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Egypt country VPN servers.

3: Live support for all customers.

4: 30 days money back guarantee.

5: Compatiable with Windows, iPhone, iOS, iPad, Mac and Android. VPN account do not bind with devices.

6: Unlimited traffic and bandwidth for $10 per month.

What you need is VPN. Users can connected to Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore or other countries VPN and download free Line stickers in sticker shop. If you want to get Line stickers in Japan with iPhone or android, maybe you can link to the tutorials for getting Line stickers on iPhone or android.

Get Line stickers on iPhone: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/how-to-download-free-line-stickers-on-iphone-mexico-vpn/ .

Get Line stickers on Android: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/chang-ip-get-stickers-on-android/ .

If you do not want to try it again and again for trial VPN accounts are full for many guys are using them to download Line stickers, you can consider to buy paid VPN.

Get Line Stickers In Japan

How To Get Line Stickers In Japan

Download FC Barcelona Free Line Stickers With FlyVPN

The players of FC Barcelona are in LINE! Use them during the chat and cheer up FCB!
Add FCB’s Official Account as a friend to get them♪ Available till 02/10/13. Line fans can download FC Barcelona free Line stickers with USA, Spain, Vietnam, India and Thailand VPN. If you are looking for VPN provider with those countries VPN servers. FlyVPN is the best VPN for Line stickers. Including  Mainland China, HK, TW, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, USA, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, France, UK, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Egypt countries servers.

Download FC Barcelona LINE Stickers With FlyVPN

FC Barcelona_es (line://shop/detail/1138)- Download with USA VPN or Spain VPN.

Download FC Barcelona_es Stickers With FlyVPN

FC Barcelona_cat (line://shop/detail/1139)- Download with Spain VPN.

Download FC Barcelona_cat Stickers With FlyVPN

FC Barcelona<Eng ver.> (line://shop/detail/1141)- Download with Vietnam, India, USA or Thailand VPN.

FC Barcelona<Eng ver.> (line://shop/detail/1142)- Download with Brazil VPN.

Download FC Barcelona <Eng ver.>Stickers With FlyVPN


If you don’t know how to download free Line stickers on iPhone, iPad or Android, please read paragraphs below.

1: Bind Line account with email and Facebook, delete phone number authentication. If you don’t know how to fix it, visit https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/why-i-cant-access-other-countries-line-stickers-shop-with-vpn/ .

2: Setup FlyVPN on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS or Android.

Please read tutorials on http://www.flyvpn.com/tutorial.

3: Log in Line with email. Then you can download free Line stickers from other countries’ sticker shop.

Free Despicable Me 2 Stickers In Japan

Free Despicable Me 2 Stickers is available  In Japan. The sticker ID number is line://shop/detail/1132. Exclusive stickers from Universal Studios’s top 3D attraction. These outrageously adorable minions will brighten your day! Line fans can download it till 9/30/2013 from sticker shop. So if you are residing outside of Japan, you can download it through Japan VPN.

Despicable Me 2 Stickers

I have downloaded these stickers on my iPhone, so I will show you how to download free Line stickers on iPhone.

1: Log in Line account. Go to “Settings”- “Accounts” to bind your account with email and Facebook. Then uninstall Line application to cancel phone number so that Line system can’t track where are you now by phone number.

how to download free line stickers on iPhone with FlyVPN-1

2: Stop “Line.exe” so that you can transfer to other countries sticker shop through VPN services.

how to download free line stickers on iPhone with FlyVPN-2

3: Go to “Setting”- “General”- “VPN”- “Add VPN Configuration…” . If you don’t know how to setup VPN on iPhone, please read tutorials for iPhone.

PPTP VPN on iPhonehttp://www.flyvpn.com/How-To-Setup-PPTP-VPN-On-iPhone-iPad.html.

L2TP VPN on iPhonehttp://www.flyvpn.com/How-To-Setup-L2TP-VPN-On-iPhone-iPad.html.

how to download free line stickers on iPhone with FlyVPN-3

4: You are connected FlyVPN now.

how to download free line stickers on iPhone with FlyVPN-4

5: Then log in Line with email and go to sticker shop. Click “FREE” tab, then you can see “Despicable Me 2” free Line stickers are available in Japan sticker shop. FlyVPN is the best tool to download free Line stickers.

Download Despicable Me 2 Stickers With Japan VPN

How To Download Free Line Stickers On iPhone With Mexico VPN

Karla Souza and Nosotros los Nobles free Line stickers are available in Mexico. If you have read other articles on my blogger, you will find VPN is the best option to unblock Geo restriction to download Line stickers from other countries. I like to use FlyVPN, It almost includes most of Line event countries servers. Such as Mexico, USA, Peru, Argentina, Canada and so on.

Let me guide people who are Line fans about how to download free Line stickers on iPhone with Mexico VPN.

1: Line lovers must cancel phone number before download Line stickers, otherwise, you can’t get into other countries sticker shop.

a: Bind Line account with your Facebook and Email.

b: Uninstall Line app to cancel phone number Verification。

c: Login Line with email .


2: Close Line before connect VPN.


3: Connect Mexico VPN on iPhone successfully.

FlyVPN is providing trial account, so you can get trial account from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial. Mexico IP address have been listed at http://www.flyvpn.com/User/VpnServers. Maybe sometimes many guys are using Mexico proxy. please try it later.


4: Login your Line account with email. Access sticker shop to download free Line stickers in Mexico on iPhone.


Anyone readed this tutorial and can’t get Line sticker from other countries. Please leave message and i will reply you ASAP.

Please note the source https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com if you want to reproduce it.

Free 7 Days FlyVPN Activation Code

Free 7 Days FlyVPN Activation Code

Free 7 Days FlyVPN Activation Code


To celebrate new online FlyVPN website.FlyVPN is holding an activity to send free 7 days FlyVPN activation code to give feedback to new and regular customers on Facebook.
Your active participation is highly welcome.

1: Vist http://www.flyvpn.com/PromoActivity/fb  to complete below 3 steps.

Note: Please accept FlyVPN app authorize,Otherwise,You can’t go to step 2 .

Step 1: Like FlyVPN Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/Flyvpn .
Step 2: Comment under the event picture and share it to yourselves timeline.
Step 3: Get free 7 days FlyVPN activation code.


Q: When can i get FlyVPN activation code?

A: FlyVPN will send activiation code in 24 hours.

Q: Where can i see my activation code?

A: If FlyVPN has sent activation code to you,You can see your activation code on http://www.flyvpn.com/PromoActivity/fb this page.

Q: Why i can’t go to step 2?

A: Please authorize to FlyVPN app two times.Firstly,Authorize FlyVPN app to access your public profile.Secondly,Authorize FlyVPN app to post on your behalf.

PS: If you just authorized one time.Maybe you can’t complete step 2.

Q: Will i disconnected every 20 minutes as the trial accounts on FlyVPN web?

A: Free 7 days activation code is the same as “Shared IP VPN” premium account.So customers who get activation code can  enjoy all the rights as premium account.Including 28 countries VPN server.Such as Mainland China,HK,TW,Singapore,Philippines,Malaysia,India,Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam ,Korea, Japan, USA,Mexico,Canada,Brazil,Argentina,Spain,Germany,France,UK,Turkey,Australia,New Zealand,Russia,Ukraine and Egypt.

Q: Where can i use FlyVPN activation code?

A: Please read tutorial on FlyVPN website: http://www.flyvpn.com/How-To-Use-FlyVPN-Activation-Code.html .

Q: Does FlyVPN activation code will be expired?

A:Yeah,Quite a while now.All the FlyVPN activation codes will be expired in 2038.Will you use it until 2038.

Anyone have any question about this event.Please leave a message.I will try my best to help you.


Download GREEN DA・KA・RA Stickes With Flyvpn

Download GREEN DA・KA・RA Stickes With Flyvpn

Summer’s here, along with special stickers from GREEN DA・KA・RA! Add the Suntory Official Account to get them. Available till 19/8/13.Download free Line stickers from other countries with Flyvpn.It is easy to connect with premium account.

Download Free Line Stickers With Flyvpn On iPhone and iPad

The target of this article is to guide people to get free line stickers on iOS(iPhone,iPad,iPod,iTouch) from other countries.Most of Line users who have got free Lines stickers with vpn have used Flyvpn. Now there are two stickers in Japan.It is Docomodake Family Stickers and Jang Geun Suk(Lotte Duty Free Store Ver).If you love to get those cute stickers on iPhone and iPad.Download Line stickers on iPhone is more easier than Android devices.If you want to download Line stickers on Android.Please refer to the article about how to download Line stickers on Android.Anyone want to get stickers on iPhone,iPad.Please follow below instructions.

Free Line Sticker VPN-Flyvpn

Download Line Sticker On iPhone,iPadWith Flyvpn

Tutorial-Download Free Line Stickers On iPhone,iPad With Flyvpn .

(1)Please register Flyvpn account at m.flyvpn.com .If you can’t log in it.Please access m.flyvpn.net .

(2) Then Log in your account and choose “Free Trial VPN

(3)Then you can see many countries in Flyvpn server list.Choose the server you want to use.Also you can choose 2 or more servers by click “Batch Mode” ,Please check the vpn server you want to connect.

(4)Please click “Setup all selected”

(5)Click “install” and “install now”

(6)Then you change the vpn status to “on”.Now you are connected to Fl yvpn .

Please refer to the tutorial on how to setup Flyvpn on iPhone,iPad.

Anyone want to reproduce this article.Please note the address: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com .

How To Watch PPStream Outside Of Mainland China

PPS is the abbreviation of PPStream.It is the world’s first set in a P2P live video-on-demand Internet TV software to watch films,television shows, live sports, games, animation, news, financial information…etc online.PPS network television is free completely, without registration, and can be used after download; play smoothly, P2P transmission, more people watch online streaming and more fluent.It has been to the necessary software for internet users.Users can enjoy a large number of streaming for free.But it is only avaiable to people who are living in Mainland China.So if you are living outside of Mainland China.How to watch PPStream outside of Mainland China.

Please follow me to unblock PPStream outside Mainland China.

Many foreigners who lived or studyed in Mainland.And sometimes they will go hometown for different reasons.And when they want to watch streaming through PPS.They will find that PPS is not available in their countries or the speed is very slowly.The only way is to use vpn services.Recommend one vpn services can work well for PPStream.It is Flyvpn http://www.flyvpn.com . If you do not want to use this vpn services.I want to guide users to choose one vpn services which can work fine for PPStream.On one hand,This vpn services must include Mainland China server;On the other hand,The vpn services must locate in China.Choose vpn services including this two points.I think you can enjoy PPStream freely.

(1) PPStream is available in Android,Mac,iOS and Windows.So if you want to download PPS on those platform.Please refer this link http://www.pps.tv .

(2)Then users should setup vpn on devices.refer below tutorials to setup vpn on different devices:

Setup VPN on Android: http://freeusavpn.blogspot.com/2013/01/how-to-setup-free-us-vpn-for-android.html .

Setup VPN on Mac: http://www.flyvpn.com/FlyVPN-Mac-OS-PPTP-VPN-Setup-Tutorial.html#.UUf4LqLEd5d .

Setup VPN on iOS: http://freeusavpn.blogspot.com/2013/02/tutorialhow-to-setup-pptp-vpn-on-iphone.html .

As i know,Flyvpn is not providing Mainland China IP for trial.So if users want to use setup Mainland China ip on iPhone or other devices have to buy pro-account.

(3) Please connect vpn successfully and then run PPS.All the things are well done.

Unblock PPS With Mainland China IP

Unblock PPS With Mainland China IP

Anyone want to reblog this article.Please note the address: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/how-to-watch-ppstream-outside-of-mainland-china .



Best Game VPN For Crysis 3

Are you playing Crysis 3?Do you know how to master the multiplayer in Crysis 3?There are a large number of players are playing this game.As i know,Many players are annoying the lag in this game.On one hand,the speed is releated to hardware,On the other hand,it is releated to software.I think that most of professional game players have the best device for playing games.So software is the key to play games.

If you are living in Japan and want to play Crysis 3 online.According to the Crysis 3 official site news,
Japan will find Crysis 3 available on March 7th at 00:01 JST .So people who are dwelling in Japan want to play this game have to unlock this game earlier with free USA proxy. Also players who are living in Japan can only play other countries server for Crysis 3.The ping will be higher for the long distance between computer and servers.What gamers need is the best game vpn for Crysis 3. Which can help users reduce ping and play games without lag. I know one professioanl game vpn for online games. It is Flyvpn. Which is providing free trial vpn account and more than 13 countries ip in trial account.

Use best game vpn to play Crysis 3 and to be the superhuman in New York.Play crysis 3 with UK Server,US Server,Russia Server and Flyvpn server.


Play Crysis 3 With Best Game VPN


Best Game VPN For Crysis 3

Anyone want to reblog this article.Please notes the address: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com .

Activate Crysis 3 Now

Are you playing Crysis 3 now?NA guys are enjoying this game.Do you want to play this game earlier than local time?Activate Crysis 3 now with free US VPN.Flyvpn is offering free trial vpn account and password everyday.EU and AU players have to wait more days to activate this game.If you cant wait to play this game.VPN can help guys to play games earlier.Please refer below information to unlock games earlier.

1) Download  FlyVPN  client.

2) Get free Trial account  http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial  .

3) Choose a USA IP,then activate your game.

Note:EA will not ban users who used vpn to unlock game earlier.Which will only ban those users who used vpn to buy cheap game from other countries.


Buy Discount Goods From Overseas With Free Trial VPN

Do you know what is black friday? Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States,often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.In recent years, most major retailers have opened extremely early and offered promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season,similar to Boxing Day sales in many Commonwealth Nations.Black Friday is not an official holiday,but many non-retail employees and schools have both Thanksgiving and the day after off,followed by a weekend,thereby increasing the number of potential shoppers.

More and more people are love to buy items from overseas.It is cheaper than local goods,And can decrease the risk of buying fake goods.But only local residents can enjoy goods promotion.Fortunately,You can use one free trial vpn with US IP.Before you purchace goods from overseas.You should have a bank which is a double currency credit card and bind with paypal account.Which is convenient to you to buy items from overseas.Firstly,You should register one account on transfer company websites to get overseas address.Then you can buy goods from foreign websites.I found that many brand goods had great discount on Black Friday.Do you want to buy brand items from abroad.The necessary tools for purchsaing overseas is Flyvpn.It is a brand vpn service.It is providing
US ip vpn trial.You can use this vpn product to get US IP to buy cheaper brand goods with high quality.There are some shorcomings about purchasing products from abroad.It will take about 20 days on delivery.

Free US ip 20 minutes is enough to buy goods online.Flyvpn is offering three times for free trial every time.20 minutes per day.There are more than 13 countries ip you can choose.If you wanna know more about vpn services.Please focus on my blog.

Buy Discount Gucci From Overseas with Free Trial VPN

Buy Discount Gucci From Overseas with Free Trial VPN

lv bags1

Buy Discount LV From Overseas with Free Trial VPN



Top 3 best VPN services in China

There are some countries which are taking strict internet censorship.
China is one of those countries. Have you heard Great Firewall in China. In other words,If you want to access some famous social network in the world in Mainland China.You can’t open those websites with local internet.Only VPN or Proxy can help you break GFW.You can find some free vpn services.But most of them can’t work well in China.Please check below information about top 3 best VPN services in China.
1. Flyvpn
Flyvpn is the best VPN in China. You can free trial its services before you invest your money into it. You can enjoy free trial services everyday. Most of vpn services don’t support free trial account. But Flyvpn does. It also support Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iTouch and phone with VPN. Easy to download and install, Access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other websites easily and play online games with gamers around the world quickly.
2. 12VPN 
12VPN is providing two packages. One is for US, the other is for world. Since 12vpn was blocked in March, 2011, they changed their services.However; I think its product is very good. You can open those locked websites quickly.It can applied on most of devices.Such as iPad,iPhone,PC and Android phone.But without free trial account for customers to test.
3.  Astrill VPN
It is another good choice in China. It has more servers and ip than 12VPN.Support most of devices in the world. Its price is low than most of other vpn services. Doesn’t support free trial account on its official websites. Online customer services is available.

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