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Unblock Outside US is a social media website that allows users to interactively share music.Users can creat “rooms” to listen music,Other users can join some special rooms.Users can play music together with friends.Turntable connects you,your friends and others in a real time music listening experience.It is available on a Facebook application and an iPhone app.But this service is only available in US.There is a article about how to unblock websites on iPhone when you are living outside of some countries.It is a very good tutorial to unblock Geographical restraints.

If users want to listen music through on web.People who are living in United States can listen music freely on Turntable.But is only avaiable in US.Which only allow users whose ip address is located in US.Unblock outside US is easily with VPN or proxy.What users need is a US IP.Virtual Private Network(VPN) can help users get any countries ip.If you do not want to pay for this services.Users can try to use Flyvpn free trial services.There are three US servers in its free trial vpn account.

Free US VPN Account: .If you want to get other countries IP.Please use Flyvpn free trial vpn services.

Unblock Turntable With Free US VPN

Unblock Turntable With Free US VPN

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Global speed ranking latest data-Chinese Mainland Ranked 94

Akamai, the largest CDN (Content Delivery Network) service provider, released its quarterly report “The State of the Internet” early this month for the third quarter of 2012.The data shows that the global average internet speeds of the third quarter of last year declined than the second quarter.South Korea retains the fastest internet speeds country in the world.Japan and China,Hongkong ranked 2(10.5Mbps) and 3(9.0Mbps).While mainland China’s internet speeds is only 1.6Mbps,ranked 94.

According to the report,The global average internet speeds is 2.8Mbps in the third quarter of 2012,Dropped 7% than the second quarter.Akima make analysis of cyber attack in more than 13 countries and regions.It shows that China is the biggest computer attack source.And United States and Russia ranked 2 and 3.So it is very important to protect personal privacy anywhere.Personal VPN can help users protect personal information.Which can make you surfing anonymous and protect users from attacking hacker.It is a good way to shield bad news and ads.

If you are dwelling in China.It is bad for the slowly internet speeds.When you want to open overseas sites,It will be more slower.If you want to open foreign sites quickly,Users can use a vpn to get foreign server that users can log into sites quickly.Unblock websites quickly with free trial vpn.Enjoy videos and movies swimmingly in China.


Buy Discount Goods From Overseas With Free Trial VPN

Do you know what is black friday? Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States,often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.In recent years, most major retailers have opened extremely early and offered promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season,similar to Boxing Day sales in many Commonwealth Nations.Black Friday is not an official holiday,but many non-retail employees and schools have both Thanksgiving and the day after off,followed by a weekend,thereby increasing the number of potential shoppers.

More and more people are love to buy items from overseas.It is cheaper than local goods,And can decrease the risk of buying fake goods.But only local residents can enjoy goods promotion.Fortunately,You can use one free trial vpn with US IP.Before you purchace goods from overseas.You should have a bank which is a double currency credit card and bind with paypal account.Which is convenient to you to buy items from overseas.Firstly,You should register one account on transfer company websites to get overseas address.Then you can buy goods from foreign websites.I found that many brand goods had great discount on Black Friday.Do you want to buy brand items from abroad.The necessary tools for purchsaing overseas is Flyvpn.It is a brand vpn service.It is providing
US ip vpn trial.You can use this vpn product to get US IP to buy cheaper brand goods with high quality.There are some shorcomings about purchasing products from abroad.It will take about 20 days on delivery.

Free US ip 20 minutes is enough to buy goods online.Flyvpn is offering three times for free trial every time.20 minutes per day.There are more than 13 countries ip you can choose.If you wanna know more about vpn services.Please focus on my blog.

Buy Discount Gucci From Overseas with Free Trial VPN

Buy Discount Gucci From Overseas with Free Trial VPN

lv bags1

Buy Discount LV From Overseas with Free Trial VPN



Free Trial VPN For Game Online 2013

Do you love to play online games?Some peole love to play games on Facebook or other platform which is providing some free online games.A large part of boys love to play MMO,ACT,FPS,RPG,And adventure games.Most of girls love to play some leisure games.Which kind of games are you liking to play?

When you are playing multiplayer games with your friends or colleagues.They will fix time to play games after go off work.When your team will win in this battle.Suddenly,your mouse cant be moved and your computer cant work.It is so crazy for every gamer.You can download best vpn for game online.Which can speed for one game application so that gamers can play games swimmingly without lag and higher ping.There are different countries servers you can choose to connect.If you love to play HK game server.You can choose one HK ip to play your game.The speed will be faster than your local internet.

If you don’t know whether Flyvpn can speed for your game.You can use its free trial vpn for game online.You can free trial everyday in 2013.You can use it to activate key and play online games better.

far cry 3

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Free Fast VPN

Sometimes you will find the internet speed is so slowly.Even you can’t open sites.Maybe it all depends on your local internet speed.If you have 10MB bandwideth.I think you can scan most of sites smoothly.But sometimes you will find that when you are open foreign websites.You cant open them successfully or you have to spend much time to wait.You can use one free trial vpn account to unlock some foreign websites or you can connect your computer to a VPN server which is located at foreign countries that you can open foreign sites swimmingly.

Free fast VPN can help you unlock sites which have been locked in your countries.Hlep you enjoy stream smoothly,Connect your friends easily, And enjoy video happily. If you are a gamer.I think which can help you play online games better.Flyvpn is suppling fast vpn for online gaming that can help you play different countries game servers.Which have more than 80 servers,13 countreis servers,And 220 IPS.Most of gamers are think that Flyvpn is providing fastest vpn for korea game.Its korea vpn is very well.

Would you like to download fast and better vpn for yourselves?Before you invest your money into vpn services.You can use an vpn free trial help you test whether it is very good for your local internet.

free fast vpn

free fast vpn

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How To Get US IP

As we all know,there are many sites which are working well to the people from US.Geographical limitation is existing in many countries.For example, Only US IP is available to opeN Hulu,Ravitaz…etc sites;Only UK IP can access BBC iplayer, 4oD, Skysports, ITV player and other sites.Only mainland China ip can open iqiyi,tudou,youku websites so that users can enjoy videos and movies easily.It shows that internet cenship is around the world.

How to get US IP

The best way to get s us ip is to use a free us vpn.Once connected one US server,You can get a US IP.Flyvpn is supplinng three US servers for free trial.So if you just want to use US IP for emergence use.You can use its free trial vpn account.You can use free trial account one hour per day.So you can get free trial vpn everyday.US IP can help you unlock websites,play game with US servers,bypass web url flitering and other functions.

If you want to get US IP for Mac.It is very easy to operate.Please refer this tutorial about how to setup vpn on Mac.More and more other tutorials about setup vpn on other devices are listing on Flyvpn official websites.If you wanna get other countries IP.VPN can help you solve this question.



How to bypass blocked sites

Are you using network?Can you open Facebook,Twitter,Gmail,Skype,Google Drive, Dropbox,YouTube…etc sites easily?Maybe you can scan those websites at home.But sometimes you will find you couldn’t open some websites at workplaces and school.Because your company and school is taking web URL filtering policy.They said that it is good for your study and job.There are some ways to teach you how to bypass blocked sites easily.

1)Try to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.For example, instead of ,Maybe company haven’t filter https websites.

2)Try to enter IP address for a domain name.Which is: instead of in a browser’s address bar.If you do not know what is the ip address of the sites you wanna connect.I think you can get it on the internet.

3)Try to use free internet proxy or free rial vpn services with your computer.

Note:Provide a free trial vpn client download: .If you have money.You can purchase one account.Maybe you can use its free trial account as me.I used its product to unlock some social websites which have been locked in my countries.If you love to shopping online buy some luxury goods.Sometimes it can help you. Gamers can use it for emergence using to unlock some games earlier.If you do not know anyone know what are you doing on internet.You can use it to change ip. So that anyone do not know your real ip address.It is a good way to protect your privacy.It is so easy to bypass blocked sites with Flyvpn.


Top 3 best VPN services in China

There are some countries which are taking strict internet censorship.
China is one of those countries. Have you heard Great Firewall in China. In other words,If you want to access some famous social network in the world in Mainland China.You can’t open those websites with local internet.Only VPN or Proxy can help you break GFW.You can find some free vpn services.But most of them can’t work well in China.Please check below information about top 3 best VPN services in China.
1. Flyvpn
Flyvpn is the best VPN in China. You can free trial its services before you invest your money into it. You can enjoy free trial services everyday. Most of vpn services don’t support free trial account. But Flyvpn does. It also support Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iTouch and phone with VPN. Easy to download and install, Access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other websites easily and play online games with gamers around the world quickly.
2. 12VPN 
12VPN is providing two packages. One is for US, the other is for world. Since 12vpn was blocked in March, 2011, they changed their services.However; I think its product is very good. You can open those locked websites quickly.It can applied on most of devices.Such as iPad,iPhone,PC and Android phone.But without free trial account for customers to test.
3.  Astrill VPN
It is another good choice in China. It has more servers and ip than 12VPN.Support most of devices in the world. Its price is low than most of other vpn services. Doesn’t support free trial account on its official websites. Online customer services is available.

Vpn Server Taiwan

If you’re reside in Taiwan and want to open websites that you always need to sccess at home or workplaces.You can scan those websites easily.But if you are dewelling in China.I think it isnot easily to open any websites easily.Chinese internet users are sustaining web censorship.You couldn’t open Facebook,Twitter,YouTube in China.So Web users are looking for ways to bypass this censorship.

You can use a free vpn server to unlock them.As we all know,there are many countries can open those websites quickly,Only some countries is taking internet censorship.So if you want to enjoy those social networking.You can use a free internet proxy to connect the world.

Why there are many people are searching VPN Server Taiwan in google.I find many articles anout this reason.I just know that many chinese players love to play taiwan servers.China have closed WLK port but taiwan haven’t.So if there are so many poeple are playing taiwan server.It is a burden for server.So there is a restriction for Mainland gamers.Only taiwa IP can activate game.If anyone want to play it.They can use a free taiwan vpn to bypass IP checking.

Would you want to get the best and cheapest taiwan vpn?So please refer the below information.
Best VPN for Taiwan

1.Flyvpn $10/month
2.hidemyass $11.52/month
3.Pure vpn $12.95/month

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