Watch Videos On LeTV From Outside of China On Android

LeTV is an interactive platform for entertainment databases, providing movies, animations, news and lifestyle information etc. It was the third video streaming site in China. It is free to watch videos on for most of online videos except those only for members for people who are living in mainland China. Even though Hong Kong and Taiwan IP address can’t access some videos. For Chinese who are living outside of China, what can we do for it. The solution is VPN service. More and more people would like to watch video on mobile devices. So am I. Today, I will guide you how to unlock LeTV on android from outside of China to enjoy streaming swimmingly.


Install Letv app in your android devices from Google Play store or scan Letv QR

LeTV QR Code

When you hit one video in android, you will see the error message like “因版权方要求,此视频仅支持在中国大陆播放”. It means that the video is inaccessible in your country only in mainland China.  So we must get Chinese IP address via connecting to China VPN serverBut now, we must know how to get best China VPN first, then connected China VPN on android.

inaccessiable LeTV From Outside China On Android

How To Pick Best China VPN

There are many China VPN service provider. But which one you should select. I think you can read criterion below first.

  • Paid VPN service is faster than free. Don’t use free VPN service for security for some apps access your privacy date on your device.
  • Providing free trial VPN version before investing money. Absolutely, you must test the speed first for network in China is weird.
  • Money back guarantee: 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days.  Which one is most suitable for you. I would like to pick those with 30 days money back guarantee.

I am using FlyVPN to watch videos on LeTV from outside of China on my android phone. I tested its trial version, the speed is good. So I bought one month to try out. All things are working fine. Ahead to check trial VPN account and password.

Setup China VPN On Android (including China VPN Free guidance)

Briefly steps to setup VPN on android:

  1. Go to Settings – More – VPN – +
  2. Name: Input whatever you want
  3. Type: PPTP or L2TP
  4. Server address: Must consult VPN service provider
  5. IPSec pre-shared key(If selected L2TP/IPSec PSK): Must consult VPN service provider
  6. Read VPN tutorial for android.

For Setup China VPN On Android

If you have bought paid VPN service, you can get those required info from VPN provider. If you want to try China VPN first on your android device, but there are some limitations on trial version like keep connecting 20 minutes per time, 3 times per day. follow instruction as below:

China VPN Trial Account: vpnc

China VPN Trial Password: Get latest password from

China VPN trial VPN server address:,,

If it will work for you, you can make a subscription to unlock LeTV on android from outside China.

Connect To China VPN On Android To Unlock LeTV


Actually, we can use tool to reach the place we wanna. Why not. VPN is not only is a VPN tool which can unlock LeTV outside China, but also protect your privacy over WiFi. I will always use China VPN on android to watch online videos on LeTV app.

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