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Download FC Barcelona Free Line Stickers With FlyVPN

The players of FC Barcelona are in LINE! Use them during the chat and cheer up FCB!
Add FCB’s Official Account as a friend to get them♪ Available till 02/10/13. Line fans can download FC Barcelona free Line stickers with USA, Spain, Vietnam, India and Thailand VPN. If you are looking for VPN provider with those countries VPN servers. FlyVPN is the best VPN for Line stickers. Including  Mainland China, HK, TW, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, USA, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, France, UK, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Egypt countries servers.

Download FC Barcelona LINE Stickers With FlyVPN

FC Barcelona_es (line://shop/detail/1138)- Download with USA VPN or Spain VPN.

Download FC Barcelona_es Stickers With FlyVPN

FC Barcelona_cat (line://shop/detail/1139)- Download with Spain VPN.

Download FC Barcelona_cat Stickers With FlyVPN

FC Barcelona<Eng ver.> (line://shop/detail/1141)- Download with Vietnam, India, USA or Thailand VPN.

FC Barcelona<Eng ver.> (line://shop/detail/1142)- Download with Brazil VPN.

Download FC Barcelona <Eng ver.>Stickers With FlyVPN


If you don’t know how to download free Line stickers on iPhone, iPad or Android, please read paragraphs below.

1: Bind Line account with email and Facebook, delete phone number authentication. If you don’t know how to fix it, visit https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/why-i-cant-access-other-countries-line-stickers-shop-with-vpn/ .

2: Setup FlyVPN on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS or Android.

Please read tutorials on http://www.flyvpn.com/tutorial.

3: Log in Line with email. Then you can download free Line stickers from other countries’ sticker shop.

Download Indian Dhamaal! Line Stickers With India VPN On iPhone

Indian Dhamaal! ( line://shop/detail/1134 ) sticker is available to download in India sticker shop. Line fans can use the sticker forever. It is no expiry date sticker. People can download it with India VPN to bypass IP filter system. There are so many cute stickers. Let us preview Indian Dhamaal! stickers.

Download Indian Dhamaal! With India VPN


I have downloaded the stickers on iPhone, so I will guide people who want to download stickers from India on iPhone, please read instructions below to download Line stickers with India VPN on iPhone.

1: Log in Line account. Go to “Settings”- “Accounts” to bind your account with email and Facebook. Then uninstall Line application to cancel phone number so that Line system can’t track where are you now by phone number.

how to download free line stickers on iPhone with FlyVPN-1

2: Stop “Line.exe” so that you can access other countries sticker shop through VPN.

how to download free line stickers on iPhone with FlyVPN-2

3: Go to “Setting”- “General”- “VPN”- “Add VPN Configuration…” . If you don’t know how to setup VPN on iPhone, please read tutorials for iPhone on http://www.flyvpn.com/tutorial.

Free trial India VPN is available everyday on FlyVPN official website, so if you don’t want to pay for VPN service, please visit http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial to obtain free trial VPN account and password.

how to download free line stickers on iPhone with FlyVPN-3

4: You have connected India VPN on iPhone now.

how to download free line stickers on iPhone with FlyVPN-4

5: Then log in Line with email and access sticker shop. Click “FREE” tab, then you can see “Indian Dhamaal!” free Line stickers are available in Indian sticker shop. FlyVPN is the best tool to download free Line stickers. If you can’t access Indian stickers shop after connected VPN on iPhone, please click here to solve the problem.

Download Indian Dhamaal Stickers With India VPN

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