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Configure US Trial VPN on iPad iOS 8

Apple fans can buy iPad mini 3 and iPad air 2 from Apple website. Whatever you are planning to buy iPad mini 3 or iPad air 2 or you have bought and you are waiting for the delivery. More and more company are focusing on mobile devices’ market. Maybe it is possible for mobile device to replace PC. There are millions of internet crimes around the world every year. We should pay more attention to protect privacy on mobile devices. On one hand, don’t use public WiFi before connecting VPN. Another hand, don’t download unverified apps. Please do remember the two points. Let me tell you why we should connect VPN before using public WiFi. There are many guys are using public WiFi. It is easy to check data in your photo. Once connected VPN, which will create secure tunnel to transfer data for you. Other guys can’t spy on the data. As I know that, many guys would like to setup US VPN on iPad for different reasons. Tons of users don’t plan to invest money before testing. So I will make a guidance to guide people to configure US trial VPN on iPad iOS 8.

Configure US Trial VPN on iOS 8

I am using iPad with iOS 8.0.2. Some users are complaining VPN is available to connect after iOS 8 upgraded. Fortunately, I can use FlyVPN on my iPad. Follow me step by step to configure US VPN trial on iOS 8.0.2.

iPad iOS 8

iPad iOS 8

1. Settings  – VPN – Add VPN Configuration…

Configure US Trial VPN on iOS 8 -1

Configure US Trial VPN on iOS 8 -1

2. Tap PPTP or L2TP table. We have to fulfill Description, Server, Account, Password and Secret (only for L2TP).

Description: FlyVPN or anything.

Server: or or Please note FlyVPN maybe remove or change some servers in trial accounts. Users can create an account and check trial US VPN servers IP address here.

Password: Get latest password on http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial.

Secret: vpnserver (9 lower case letters).

Encryption Level: Auto (only for PPTP)

If you want to delete the VPN connection, just click DELETE VPN button.

Configure US Trial VPN on iPad iOS 8 -2

Configure US Trial VPN on iPad iOS 8 -2

3. Tap Save button. then change VPN status to be ‘ON’.

Configure US Trial VPN on iPad iOS 8 -3

Configure US Trial VPN on iPad iOS 8 -3

You have gotten US IP address after connecting US trial VPN on iPad iOS 8. Then you can check IP address on some website to verify. It is so easy and use the trial VPN version. If you want to obtain other countries trial VPN. You can also get it with FlyVPN. Check Countries VPN servers provide by FlyVPN. Users can test most of countries VPN servers. If you think the VPN performance is good, upgrade to premium account to use it without limits.

Activate Crysis 3 Now

Are you playing Crysis 3 now?NA guys are enjoying this game.Do you want to play this game earlier than local time?Activate Crysis 3 now with free US VPN.Flyvpn is offering free trial vpn account and password everyday.EU and AU players have to wait more days to activate this game.If you cant wait to play this game.VPN can help guys to play games earlier.Please refer below information to unlock games earlier.

1) Download  FlyVPN  client.

2) Get free Trial account  http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial  .

3) Choose a USA IP,then activate your game.

Note:EA will not ban users who used vpn to unlock game earlier.Which will only ban those users who used vpn to buy cheap game from other countries.


Unblock Turntable.fm Outside US

Turntable.fm is a social media website that allows users to interactively share music.Users can creat “rooms” to listen music,Other users can join some special rooms.Users can play music together with friends.Turntable connects you,your friends and others in a real time music listening experience.It is available on a Facebook application and an iPhone app.But this service is only available in US.There is a article about how to unblock websites on iPhone when you are living outside of some countries.It is a very good tutorial to unblock Geographical restraints.

If users want to listen music through Turntable.fm on web.People who are living in United States can listen music freely on Turntable.But Turntable.fm is only avaiable in US.Which only allow users whose ip address is located in US.Unblock Turntable.fm outside US is easily with VPN or proxy.What users need is a US IP.Virtual Private Network(VPN) can help users get any countries ip.If you do not want to pay for this services.Users can try to use Flyvpn free trial services.There are three US servers in its free trial vpn account.

Free US VPN Account: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .If you want to get other countries IP.Please use Flyvpn free trial vpn services.

Unblock Turntable With Free US VPN

Unblock Turntable With Free US VPN

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