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Unlock Eurosport Player To Watch Live UEFA Champions League 2015

The UEFA Champions League is an annual continental club football competition organised by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). UEFA Live is available to watch on Eurosport website. Most of European football fans make a subscription of Eurosport to watch Live. The final of UEFA 2015 Juventus-Barcelona will start on June 6, 2015. Are you ready? Please take note Eurosport is not available outside of Europe. If you will make a trip to other countries outside of Europe, you have to use tool to bypass the limitation. The tool is VPN. Only it can help you change IP address in seconds. FlyVPN is one VPN provider with many countries’ VPN servers located in Europe. Look into its VPN servers location. Connect to VPN to get Europe IP address is the solution to bypass the error message as “Eurosport Player is not available in this country”.

Eurosport is not available in your country

Eurosport is not available in your country

Get Connected VPN To Unlock Eurosport

I think it is the best VPN I have ever used. It is offering free trial version and 30 days money back guarantee. Firstly, you can use its trial version to test.  If the performance is good, you can ahead to buy its premium account to enjoy watching UEFA live. Check VPN price here.

Trial VPN Setup For PC (Windows)

Username: vpnu

Password: Get latest password here

Download VPN Client from here: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial

Trial VPN Setup For iPhone, iPad (iOS)

Download FlyVPN iOS App from Apple APP store. Check App details here https://goo.gl/82Sjv9. After installed, then create an account to setup VPN servers. Follow the alert guidance step by step. Then go to Settings – VPN. You can see the VPN server connection you just configured.

Trial VPN Setup For Android Phone/Tablet (Android)

Go to settings – More – “+” or “Add VPN Profile”.  We have to get VPN server address, VPN username and VPN password before configuration. Check some required info and guidance to setup VPN for android device.

Username: vpnu

Password: Get latest password here

Check trial VPN server address in vpnu account

How To Setup PPTP VPN On Android

How To Setup L2TP VPN On Android



 We can unlock Eurosport with the solution above in Windows, iOS and android. Whatever you are using Mobile device or PC. It is a good way to enjoy UEFA Live 2015 on Eurosport around the world. If you don’t know how to setup VPN, refer to VPN tutorial to setup VPN on your device.

How To Unlock Instagram In China

Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. According to latest data launched on TheStreet site, Instagram is being the rank one social network for teenagers. More and more people are using the app in China. But it went dark in late September for sharing photos of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. OMG, China government blocked the exception. Instagram is very lucky to compare other western platforms. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Google…etc. I can’t refresh latest updates in China. Anyone have meet the same situation as me. What you need is VPN. Same method as you to unblock Facebook, Twitter and Google in China.BTW people who are living in China can’t download Instgram Apk file from android market. If you are looking for the Apk file, download it from here.  Let us unblock Instagram in China now.

China Blocked Instagram

China Blocked Instagram

China government does allow people to use VPN to visit FB, TW, G+ and other websites. So connect to VPN to unblock Instagram is legal. It means that Chinese firewall just block Chinese IP address those website. So change IP address is the best way to unblock Instagram. If you would like to get fast speed, connect to Hong Kong VPN to unblock Instagram in China. Whatever you are using iPhone or android smartphone. The way does 100% work. I am using Android smartphone, let me show you how to unblock Instagram App on android in China.

1. Go to Settings – More – VPN – PPTP or L2TP. Users have to know the VPN server address, VPN account, password or L2TP IPSec shared key for L2TP. Read how to setup VPN on android tutorial. If you are looking for good VPN in China, test with FlyVPN trial account.

HK IP address:

VPN Account: vpnu.

VPN Password: Click here to get latest trial VPN password.

Connected To HK VPN On Android

Connected To HK VPN On Android

2. Once connected to HK VPN, you can use Instagram in China.

Unblock Instagram In China With VPN

Unblock Instagram In China With VPN

We don’t know how long China government will make Instagram to use in China. Maybe one month, one year…. Many schools are also blocking Instagram. What we should get is VPN service to unblock the censorship.

Get FlyVPN to unblock Instagram in China. 30 day money guarantee

Cheapest VPN For Free Line Stickers On 17th Dec

FlyVPN Christmas&New Year Offer

FlyVPN Christmas&New Year Offer

How much is the cheapest VPN services in the world? The average price is about $8 per month in generally. If meet promotion, the price is about $5. If you think the cheapest VPN services is free, I have no words about it. I always believe that there is no free bread in the world. FlyVPN is providing special offer for Christmas and New Year. As low as $4 month. If VPN has been one of necessities in your life, I think FlyVPN is your choice. There are many new free Line stickers in the world. If you are keen on downloading cute stickers from different countries, buy FlyVPN premium account with unlimited access.

Let us see new free Line Stickers I downloaded on 17th, Dec




ID: line://shop/detail/1436.

Region: US, Argentina and Mexico.

Users can connected to US, Argentina and Mexico VPN then access different countries sticker shop. Download HABLANDO SOLA stickers on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android smartphone is so easy with VPN.

India VPN For Happy New Year Stickers

Stickers: Happy New Year!.

ID: line://shop/detail/1434.

Region: India.

Download “Happy New Year!” free Line stickers from Indian sticker shop with India VPN server.

Thailand VPN For Line Stickers



Pot Jung & The Gang(line://shop/detail/1433).

Milky Way & Gamsai(line://shop/detail/1426).

Godji Family(line://shop/detail/1420).

GIFFARINE Gifts for Life(line://shop/detail/1419).

Region: Thailand.

There are 4 new free Line stickers in Thailand sticker shop. Only people who can get Thailand IP on devices can download those Line stickers.

Italy VPN For The Kidz Line Stickers


Sticker: The Kidz.


Region: Italy.

Download The Kidz stickers outside of Italy with VPN. What you need is Italy VPN. Connected to Italy VPN server and get Italy IP, then you can downloaded “The Kidz” stickers now.

Taiwan VPN For Line Stickers



Buy123: Festivals(line://shop/detail/1424).

Coca-Cala Polar Bears(line://shop/detail/1382).

Region: Taiwan.

Get Taiwan IP to download Buy123: Festivals and Coca-Cala Polar Bears stickers which are limited to download in Taiwan.

HK VPN For GH Cinemas: Special Edition Stickers


Sticker: GH Cinemas: Special Edition.


Region: Hong Kong.

Japan VPN For Line Stickers



SUMMERS MAJI Sticker(line://shop/detail/1421).


Region: Japan.

Spain VPN For Line Stickers



Special Christmas Edition(line://shop/detail/1403).

Moderna de Pueblo: Christmas Edition(line://shop/detail/1402).

Region: Spain.

Download Special Christmas Edition and Moderna de Pueblo stickers with Spain VPN.

Special offer for Xmas and New Year details: http://www.flyvpn.com/FlyVPN-Xmas-new-year-offer-2013.html.

VPN for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and XBox tutorial: http://www.flyvpn.com/tutorial.

Download Free Line Stickers With US JP TW HK IN VPN 11/05/2013

Download Free Line Stickers With TW JP HK US IN VPN


So many free Line stickers I downloaded with US, JP, TW, HK and IN VPN on 5th, Nov, 2013. If you love to download Line stickers from other countries with VPN. Do not miss these cute stickers. I often use FlyVPN to download stickers. It is very fast. Because I bought 1 month paid membership, I can download stickers quickly with premium account. If you don’t wanna pay for VPN services, maybe you can consider to use free trial VPN account and password have been listed on http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial. Trial VPN accounts are including many countries VPN server. If you want to know how many countries trial VPN server provided by FlyVPN, you can link to VPN server locations web. Please read more info below about new free Line stickers in US, JP, TW, HK, IN today.

1: US VPN For Line stickers in USA.

Sticker: Hello Kitty, Hello USA!(line://shop/detail/1300);

Hello Kitty, Hello USA!


2: Korea VPN for Line stickers in Korea

Sticker: LOTTE shopping Special(line://shop/detail/1303);

LOTTE shopping Special

3: India VPN for Line stickers in India

Stickers: Katrina Kaif(line://shop/detail/1299);

Katrina Kaif


4: Japan VPN for Line stickers in Japan

Sticker: CHIISAME(line://shop/detail/1302);

melumo×Marvelous Melmo vol.2(line://shop/detail/1304);

TOYOTOWN vol.2(line://shop/detail/1305)



5: Taiwan VPN for Line stickers in Taiwan

Sticker: MOMO & Dairy Love(line://shop/detail/1294);

Taipei Fubon Doll Anniversary Edition(line://shop/detail/1296);



6: Hong Kong VPN for Line stickers in HK

Sticker: Koalaʹs March(line://shop/detail/1306);

Koalaʹs March


Anyone want to buy VPN services with trial VPN account to unblock internet restrictions or anonymous surfing. Buy VPN from best VPN services provider to download free Line stickers


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