Download MelOn App From KR Google Play Store

MelOn (Hangul: 멜론; RR: Mellon) is a South Korean online music store. Melon is the biggest and most influential music download site in Korea which takes up over 55 percent of the Korean music market share. If you want to make your superstars’ music or streaming rank well in Korean programs. MelOns take a important roles in Korean digital sales charts and music show rankings! MelOn is currently available on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. So fans can listen or watch video on mobile devices and PC. As I know, only those votes rated from Korean IP address will be count in charts. So if you want to support your superstar from outside of Korea, keep connected on Korean VPN. Because MelOn is only available to download from Korea Google Play Store. For international fans, how to download MelOn App from Google Play store is the point. Check tutorial to access Korea Google Play store. Then let me show you how download MelOn App from KR Google Play store.

1. Connected on Korea VPN for your android device. If you don’t have Korea VPN, try to use FlyVPN trial account. It is simple and easy to use. Check trial VPN details here

Connected On Korea VPN On Android Device

Connected On Korea VPN On Android Device

2. Run Google Play store, search “MelOn”, then you can see this app.

Korea Google Play Store

Korea Google Play Store

MelOn App in KR Google Play Store

MelOn App in KR Google Play Store

3. Tap install to install the App. The download speed will be a little speed. What we can do is wait.

Install MelOn App Successfully

Install MelOn App Successfully

Some tips for international fans to support Korean music Ranking/Charts:

Run the Melon App and login your ID. (Only verified Melon account can be count into charts. Some songs require to pay for full streaming.) If you want to buy verified Melon account, add zoi0607 in skype.

Daily: Only one cycle of a song can be run per ID, once a day.

Live: One cycle of a song per hour.

Music DL/MV: One cycle per ID.

Download 60% (Only paid membership can download music source) + Streaming 40% ( don’t set the song you want to rank top at the first place, suggest to put it in the middle of playlist)

Download chart updates every week. Suggest to delete those songs, then re-download again.

You can’t play the same song 3x in a row.

Must have volume on, don’t set small volume.

You must close the player properly.

Don’t leave comment without foreign IP, otherwise, the song will be decreased points.

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