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3/25/2014 New Free Line Stickers



Free Line Stickers List on 3/25/2014

  • Gail & Nadech – line://shop/detail/1994 – Thailand VPN.
  • SEED Special Edition – line://shop/detail/1995 – Thailand VPN.
  • Hero Palungkid – line://shop/detail/2000 – Thailand VPN.
  • LINE Characters: HOT DEAL SPECIAL – line://shop/detail/1996 – Indonesia VPN.
  • Welcome to Barcelona- line://shop/detail/1997 – Indonesia VPN.
  • Fanta & GOLDEN BOMBER – line://shop/detail/1988 – Japan VPN.
  • Wancl & Girlfriend – line://shop/detail/1989– Japan VPN.
  • Pochi – line://shop/detail/1990 – Japan VPN.
  • COLOR99 (Vitality Articles) – line://shop/detail/1991 – Taiwan VPN.
  • Coca-Cola Polar Bears Part 2 – line://shop/detail/1992 – Taiwan VPN.
  • Diario de una volátil Vol. II  – line://shop/detail/1962  – Spain VPN.
  • Diario de una volátil Vol. II  – line://shop/detail/1963  – Italy VPN.


If you haven’t found good VPN services for Line stickers, please access FlyVPN official website It provides all countries server above. 

Five No Expiry Date Line Sticker In Indonesia

Five Line sticker(No expiry date) is available to download in Indonesia. But people can’t find those stickers in shop. Those are hidden stickers. If you don’t know how to find hidden Line stickers, please read the article – How To Find Hidden Free Line Sticker. Users have to connect to Indonesia VPN on devices, then download.

line://shop/detail/1808  Sally&Friends
line://shop/detail/1809  Jessica: Special Edition
line://shop/detail/1810  Leonard: Special Edition
line://shop/detail/1811  Sally: Special Edition
line://shop/detail/1812  Edward: Special Edition

Download Hidden Line Sticker With VPN

Download Hidden Line Sticker

If you don’t know how to download free Line stickers with VPN. Please  read instructions below to download free Line Stickers from other countries’ sticker shop with FlyVPN.

Download free Line stickers with FlyVPN on iPhone.

Download free Line stickers with FlyVPN on Android.

Why I Cant Access Other Countries Line Stickers Shop With VPN.

Connect to Indonesia VPN server on devices now and download those free and no expiry date stickers.  If you want to use free trial Indonesia VPN, get trial VPN account and password from Two trial accounts are having Indonesia server.

Jessica Special Edition

Leonard Special Edition

Edward Special Edition Sally Special EditionSally&Friends

Download HaeJin Park Special Line Sticker(Chinese and Korean Version)

Download HaeJin Park Special Line Sticker(Chinese and Korean Version)

ID: line://shop/detail/1984 (Korea)
line://shop/detail/1985 (China)
Download HaeJin Park Special Line Sticker for free with China or Korea VPN. If you know Chinese, connect to China VPN and download Chinese version sticker of HaeJin Park Special.

3/18/2014 New Free Line Stickers

3/18/2014 New Free Line Stickers

HP SmartFriend TH – line://shop/detail/1964 – Thailand VPN.
NONG VAYU – line://shop/detail/1949 – Thailand VPN.
Oishi Neko Emoticons – line://shop/detail/1950– Thailand VPN.
Giffarine Gifts for Life 2 – line://shop/detail/1948 – Thailand VPN.
Chatime TEA-riffic Set! – line://shop/detail/1237 – Malaysia VPN.
Panda Adventure in Malaysia by Rakuten – line://shop/detail/1954 – Malaysia VPN.
Lucy – line://shop/detail/1955 – USA VPN.
ZenFone & Jam Hsiao – line://shop/detail/1952 – Taiwan VPN.
UNIQLO & UPUP Haniboi – line://shop/detail/1951 – Taiwan VPN.
TOWNWORK Joboob – line://shop/detail/1940 – Japan VPN.
CALPIS Water – line://shop/detail/1941 – Japan VPN.
Rady Gal Stickers ♪ – line://shop/detail/1942 – Japan VPN.
If you haven’t found VPN provider with those countries VPN server, access to check its server location.

Six No Expiry Date Line Stickers

To celebrate White valentine’s day. Line launched 18 free Line stickers(No expiry date) in Korea sticker shop. I missed the event :(. Have you downloaded those no expiry date stickers? If you missed the event as me, there are 6  new free Line stickers and no expiry date. Hope you do not miss the opportunity.

No Expiry Date Line Stickers

line://shop/detail/1935  Line Characters: Love is a Rollercoaster
line://shop/detail/1933  Hoppin ‘Mad! Angry LINE Characters
line://shop/detail/1936  Sally: Special Edition
line://shop/detail/1934  Line: Characters In Love!
line://shop/detail/1937  Brown&Cony’s Secrete Date!
line://shop/detail/1932  Brown&Cony’s Lovey Dovey Date

These free Line stickers is available to download in China, USA, HK, Korea stickers’ shop. I have tested and downloaded these stickers with China VPN.

Download Six No Expiry Date Line Stickers With FlyVPN

1. Bind your Line account with Email and Facebook. Otherwise, please cancel phone number in your Line account. If you don’t how to cancel it, please read tutorial here:

2. Connect to China VPN server on devices. You can also connect to USA, HK and Korea VPN server.

3. Login Line. You can’t see the free Line stickers in the sticker list. Because those six Line stickers is hidden stickers. Chat with one of your friends. Type the sticker ID and send it. Click the sticker ID in chat history. Then you will be redirected to the downloading sticker page. Please refer to the photo if you don’t how to operate.

Download Some Hidden Free Line Stickers

How To Find Some Hidden New Free Line Stickers

People can find new free Line stickers through tap Line icon on desktop –  More – Sticker Shop – Free or New. Some people can’t see some hidden sticker through the way above after connect to VPN. Will you like to download those stickers from sticker shop? If yes, please follow me to find some hidden New free Line stickers.

free Line Sticker Shop

1. Please confirm you have bind your account to email and Facebook account, and canceled Phone number.

2. If you know stickers’ ID, please connect to country VPN server correctly.

3. Connect to homologous VPN server on your device. login with email. Then tap Line icon – Friends  – open a chat window with one your friend – type sticker ID –  Send – Then click the ID – You will be redirect to the stickers page and users can download stickers now.

Download Some Hidden Free Line Stickers

Download Some Hidden Free Line Stickers

If you haven’t found good VPN for Line stickers, please try to use FlyVPN. Access its official website to know more about it.

Free Line Stickers 3/12/2014

Free Line Stickers 3/12/2014

Free Line Stickers 3/12/2014

Free Line Stickers List on 3/12/2014

  • Tico e Ju – line://shop/detail/1887 – Brazil VPN.
  • Trino – line://shop/detail/1888 – Italy VPN.
  • Adventure Time – line://shop/detail/17629 – US VPN.
  • Rakuten.Singapore: Shopping Panda – line://shop/detail/1884 – Singapore VPN.
  • Summer the Surfer Girl & Friends – line://shop/detail/1883 – Indonesia VPN.
  • LINE characters : Love U – line://shop/detail/1889 – Korean VPN.
  • Moscow hipsters – line://shop/detail/1795 – Russian VPN.
  • Brown & Cony in ʹMy Love from The Starsʹ – line://shop/detail/1885 – Brazil VPN.
  • Cosuke – line://shop/detail/1798 – Japan VPN.
  • Usagitan: Spring Forward – line://shop/detail/1819 – Japan VPN.
  • Fukutan: Official Owl of meganeSUPER – line://shop/detail/1880 -Japan VPN.
  • Diario de una Volátil – line://shop/detail/1886 – Mexico VPN.
  • Yuan Zai& Blackie -Bears Fun in Taipei – line://shop/detail/1879 – Taiwan VPN.
  • FlashBunny: Back in Time – line://shop/detail/1882 -Taiwan VPN.
  • Fish123’s Boss Cat – line://shop/detail/1909 – Taiwan VPN.

VPN Tips:

  1. VPN Service Provider: FlyVPN.
  2. VPN tutorial:
  3. Trial VPN Account and password:
  4. VPN Server location:

When trial accounts are full, please try it again and again or upgrade to premium account.

How To Download Free Line Stickers On devices:

  • Bind Line account with Email and Facebook.
  • Connect to VPN.
  • Access Line with Email.

If you can’t access other countries’ sticker shop, please read the article to fix it here:

Watch House of Cards Season 1 and 2 Online Free

Unblock SoHu With China VPN-1

SoHu Online Steaming unavailable outside of China

House of Cards is an American political drama television series, developed and produced by Beau Willimon. The entire first season, 13 episodes, premiered on February 1, 2013, on the streaming service Netflix. A second season of 13 episodes premiered on February 14, 2014. People can watch Season 1 and 2 online for free on if you have China VPN. As I know that many online streamings at aren’t available outside of China for copyright. Only people who are living in mainland China can watch those online videos. So follow me to watch House of Cards season 1 and 2 online with China VPN Server.

Watch House Of Cards With China VPN

Watch House Of Cards With China VPN

There are many American, Britain, Japan, China, Korea… drama on Sohu. Once connect to China VPN server. Then server will assign one IP, Chinese IP address to your computer. Users can bypass IP limitation now with VPN. VPN can change&hide IP for users easily. Let us guide you to watch House of Cards with China VPN now.

1. House of Cards Season 1 and 2 link:

2. Connect to China VPN on PC. If you don’t have paid China VPN. Please access to get free trial China VPN. Read tutorials here about how to use free trial China VPN on PC here.

3. If you are connected to China VPN now and get Chinese IP address, you can watch House of Cards for free online now.

Many users would love to watch TV series, shows or other programs on mobile devices, you can also download Sohu app on your mobile. If haven’t found the link, please access to download Sohu app, which can compatible with devices with android, iOS, OS X operating system. Unblock online streamings on Sohu with China VPN on android, iOS and OS X.

[EVENT] Moon: Mad Angry Edition(Free No Expire)

[EVENT] Moon: Mad Angry Edition(Free No Expire)

Sticker: [EVENT] Moon: Mad Angry Edition.
ID: line://shop/detail/1781.
Available till: 3/07/2014.
There are 3 days left to download the free Line stickers. Please don’t miss the opportunity. Connect to HK VPN on android or iPhone devices. If you just want to use trial VPN services, visit to get trial VPN account and password. HK VPN servers have been included in VPNU account, so please login with VPNU trial account.

[EVENT] Moon: Mad Angry Edition(No Expiry Date)

[EVENT] Moon: Mad Angry Edition(No Expiry Date)

Sticker: [EVENT] Moon: Mad Angry Edition.
ID: line://shop/detail/1782.
Available till: 3/07/2014.
Line fans can download Moon: Mad Angry Edition free Line stickers with HK VPN. If you don’t know how to download stickers from other countries’ sticker shop. You can read tutorial here:

Free Line Stickers On 3/04/2014

Download Free Line Stickers With FlyVPN

Free Line Stickers 3/04/2014

I download so many free Line stickers today with FlyVPN. It’s about 15 sheets sticker. Those stickers are so cute. Make funny with Line stickers.  Let us know more about free Line stickers on 3/04/2014.

1. Free Line Stickers In US Stickers Shop.

Moon: Funny Faces Part2 (line://shop/detail/1732).

Un pilón más (line://shop/detail/1794).

Connect to USA VPN to access US stickers shop.


2. Free Line Stickers In TW Stickers Shop.

SEKKISEI × Smery (line://shop/detail/1769).

Shanghai Pukii (line://shop/detail/1750).

Food123 (Lion & Squirrel) (line://shop/detail/1751).

Connect to Taiwan VPN to access Taiwan stickers store.


3. Free Line Stickers In Malaysia Stickers Shop.

Upin & Ipin (line://shop/detail/1800).

Connect to Malaysia VPN to access Malaysia stickers shop.


4. Free Line Stickers In Indonesia Stickers Shop.

Moon: Funny Faces (line://shop/detail/1799).

Connect to Indonesia VPN to access Indonesia stickers shop.


5. Free Line Stickers In Japan Stickers Shop.

Mennie & Conn (line://shop/detail/1748).

Petit Kuma (line://shop/detail/1791).

Shinkenzemi Senior High School Course (line://shop/detail/1792).

Shop Smarter with LINE Sale Stickers (line://shop/detail/1793).

Connect to Japan VPN to access Japan stickers shop.


6. Free Line Stickers In Thailand Stickers Store.

SEKKISEI × Office Lady Fujiko (line://shop/detail/1768).

Kim Soo-Hyun: RED Series for Free! (line://shop/detail/1746).

Connect to Thailand VPN to access Thailand stickers shop.


7. Fre Line Stickers In HK Stickers Store.

Kim Soo-Hyun: RED Series for Free! (line://shop/detail/1744).

SEKKISEI × Angel Cat Sugar (line://shop/detail/1767).

Connect to HK VPN to access HK stickers shop.


Please  read intructions below to download free Line Stickers from other countries’ sticker shop with FlyVPN.

Download free Line stickers with FlyVPN on iPhone.

Download free Line stickers with FlyVPN on Android.

Why I Cant Access Other Countries Line Stickers Shop With VPN.

I know many users want to trial VPN services to download free Line stickers. If you are so idle, maybe you must have to spend several hours to download those stickers. FlyVPN has many VPN servers, covers most of countries of Line event. So FlyVPN is the best choice for trial or paid VPN users. As I know that trial users can only use FlyVPN for 3 times per day. Also users will be disconnected every 20 minutes. Once disconnected, users have to wait 5 minutes. If you want to download those free Line stickers in several minutes without disconnected and wait. Buy paid VPN is a wise choice. You can also share the premium account to your friends if you aren’t rich.

Moon Funny Face Part 2 Sticker In US Shop

Moon Funny Face Part 2 Sticker In US Shop

Sticker: Moon Funny Face Part 2.
ID: line://shop/detail/1732.
Expire Date: No Expiry Date.
Make fun with Moon Funny Face Part 2 free Line stickers. It maybe removed at anytime. Please download the stickers ASAP. Users can only see Moon Funny Face Part 2 Sticker In US Shop, so users must connect to USA VPN on Android or iPhone devices.
2: Setup USA VPN on Android:
Setup USA VPN on iPhone iPad:
Setup USA VPN on Mac OS X:

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