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Five New Stickers From India

Line is sending five new stickers from India. It is “Sally: Special Edition”,”Moon: Mad Angry Edition”,”Moon: Salaryman Special”,”Cony’s Happy Work Life” and “Brown & Cony’s Secret Date!”.But only guys whose IP address is India.So if you are living outside in India.You have to get vpn to change ip into India.I always use Flyvpn free trial vpn account to get Line stickers from Japan,Thailand,Vietnam,Indonesia,Korea,Spain and so on.But Flyvpn is not providing India vpn currently.According to the news from Flyvpn customer services,Flyvpn will add India server in two days.Anyone want to use free trial India vpn to get line sticker. Please focus on Flyvpn official website or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flyvpn/518312621518640?fref=ts .

If you do not know how to get free line sticker On android or iPhone,iPad.Please refer the related article: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/free-japan-vpn-for-line-sticker-on-android/ .

New LineSticker From India

Five Line Sticker From India

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Tie VPN To One Application Only

Are you using vpn server?And have you found that you can use vpn to unblock websites Worthwhile you will found when you want to access the local websites and the speed is very slow.I have used many vpn services in China.Because Facebook,Twitter,YouTube and so on sites have been blocked in China.Almost every foreigners have to buy vpn to unblock those sites.But sometimes maybe you do not need all applications to connect vpn.For example.I want to access Facebook in China and I am shopping online.So i need to pay with my online bank.If i often change my ip to log in my online bank.Maybe bank will lock my account for changing ip frequently.If you have the same concern as me.You can tie vpn to one application.Many vpn services do not have this feature.But Flyvpn does.Follow me to allow application to use vpn connect only.

(1)Download Flyvpn Client . Install and Run it.

(2)Type into the username and password.If you want to use its free trial vpn account.You can refer its official website.

(3) Please choose “Traffic Type”-“Specific traffic via VPN”-“Connect” .

Tie VPN To One Application-1

Use VPN To One Application

(4)Then Click”Add” Button.You can add applications from”program files, start menu and my start menu”

Tie VPN To One Application-2

Tie VPN To One Application

(5)Please double click the application you added.Then this application will be active to use vpn.

Tie VPN To One Application-3

Tie VPN With One Application

Note: Please close the applications you want to tie with vpn before active application .If you want to tie more than one application with vpn.Flyvpn does.

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