Five New Stickers From India

Line is sending five new stickers from India. It is “Sally: Special Edition”,”Moon: Mad Angry Edition”,”Moon: Salaryman Special”,”Cony’s Happy Work Life” and “Brown & Cony’s Secret Date!”.But only guys whose IP address is India.So if you are living outside in India.You have to get vpn to change ip into India.I always use Flyvpn free trial vpn account to get Line stickers from Japan,Thailand,Vietnam,Indonesia,Korea,Spain and so on.But Flyvpn is not providing India vpn currently.According to the news from Flyvpn customer services,Flyvpn will add India server in two days.Anyone want to use free trial India vpn to get line sticker. Please focus on Flyvpn official website or Facebook page .

If you do not know how to get free line sticker On android or iPhone,iPad.Please refer the related article: .

New LineSticker From India

Five Line Sticker From India

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One thought on “Five New Stickers From India

  1. Andrew Chang April 21, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    i got the India VPN, but I still cant get the free stickers, on the sticker page, there is a Install button that doesnt do anything, the download button is grayed out.

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