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How to bypass blocked sites

Are you using network?Can you open Facebook,Twitter,Gmail,Skype,Google Drive, Dropbox,YouTube…etc sites easily?Maybe you can scan those websites at home.But sometimes you will find you couldn’t open some websites at workplaces and school.Because your company and school is taking web URL filtering policy.They said that it is good for your study and job.There are some ways to teach you how to bypass blocked sites easily.

1)Try to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.For example, https://www.facebook.com instead of http://www.facebook.com ,Maybe company haven’t filter https websites.

2)Try to enter IP address for a domain name.Which is: instead of google.com in a browser’s address bar.If you do not know what is the ip address of the sites you wanna connect.I think you can get it on the internet.

3)Try to use free internet proxy or free rial vpn services with your computer.

Note:Provide a free trial vpn client download: http://www.flyvpn.com/download .If you have money.You can purchase one account.Maybe you can use its free trial account as me.I used its product to unlock some social websites which have been locked in my countries.If you love to shopping online buy some luxury goods.Sometimes it can help you. Gamers can use it for emergence using to unlock some games earlier.If you do not know anyone know what are you doing on internet.You can use it to change ip. So that anyone do not know your real ip address.It is a good way to protect your privacy.It is so easy to bypass blocked sites with Flyvpn.


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