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How To Get US IP

As we all know,there are many sites which are working well to the people from US.Geographical limitation is existing in many countries.For example, Only US IP is available to opeN Hulu,Ravitaz…etc sites;Only UK IP can access BBC iplayer, 4oD, Skysports, ITV player and other sites.Only mainland China ip can open iqiyi,tudou,youku websites so that users can enjoy videos and movies easily.It shows that internet cenship is around the world.

How to get US IP

The best way to get s us ip is to use a free us vpn.Once connected one US server,You can get a US IP.Flyvpn is supplinng three US servers for free trial.So if you just want to use US IP for emergence use.You can use its free trial vpn account.You can use free trial account one hour per day.So you can get free trial vpn everyday.US IP can help you unlock websites,play game with US servers,bypass web url flitering and other functions.

If you want to get US IP for Mac.It is very easy to operate.Please refer this tutorial about how to setup vpn on Mac.More and more other tutorials about setup vpn on other devices are listing on Flyvpn official websites.If you wanna get other countries IP.VPN can help you solve this question.



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