How To Unlock Instagram In China

Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. According to latest data launched on TheStreet site, Instagram is being the rank one social network for teenagers. More and more people are using the app in China. But it went dark in late September for sharing photos of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. OMG, China government blocked the exception. Instagram is very lucky to compare other western platforms. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Google…etc. I can’t refresh latest updates in China. Anyone have meet the same situation as me. What you need is VPN. Same method as you to unblock Facebook, Twitter and Google in China.BTW people who are living in China can’t download Instgram Apk file from android market. If you are looking for the Apk file, download it from here.  Let us unblock Instagram in China now.

China Blocked Instagram

China Blocked Instagram

China government does allow people to use VPN to visit FB, TW, G+ and other websites. So connect to VPN to unblock Instagram is legal. It means that Chinese firewall just block Chinese IP address those website. So change IP address is the best way to unblock Instagram. If you would like to get fast speed, connect to Hong Kong VPN to unblock Instagram in China. Whatever you are using iPhone or android smartphone. The way does 100% work. I am using Android smartphone, let me show you how to unblock Instagram App on android in China.

1. Go to Settings – More – VPN – PPTP or L2TP. Users have to know the VPN server address, VPN account, password or L2TP IPSec shared key for L2TP. Read how to setup VPN on android tutorial. If you are looking for good VPN in China, test with FlyVPN trial account.

HK IP address:

VPN Account: vpnu.

VPN Password: Click here to get latest trial VPN password.

Connected To HK VPN On Android

Connected To HK VPN On Android

2. Once connected to HK VPN, you can use Instagram in China.

Unblock Instagram In China With VPN

Unblock Instagram In China With VPN

We don’t know how long China government will make Instagram to use in China. Maybe one month, one year…. Many schools are also blocking Instagram. What we should get is VPN service to unblock the censorship.

Get FlyVPN to unblock Instagram in China. 30 day money guarantee


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