How To Find Some Hidden New Free Line Stickers

People can find new free Line stickers through tap Line icon on desktop –  More – Sticker Shop – Free or New. Some people can’t see some hidden sticker through the way above after connect to VPN. Will you like to download those stickers from sticker shop? If yes, please follow me to find some hidden New free Line stickers.

free Line Sticker Shop

1. Please confirm you have bind your account to email and Facebook account, and canceled Phone number.

2. If you know stickers’ ID, please connect to country VPN server correctly.

3. Connect to homologous VPN server on your device. login with email. Then tap Line icon – Friends  – open a chat window with one your friend – type sticker ID –  Send – Then click the ID – You will be redirect to the stickers page and users can download stickers now.

Download Some Hidden Free Line Stickers

Download Some Hidden Free Line Stickers

If you haven’t found good VPN for Line stickers, please try to use FlyVPN. Access its official website to know more about it.


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