Free 7 Days FlyVPN Activation Code

Free 7 Days FlyVPN Activation Code

Free 7 Days FlyVPN Activation Code


To celebrate new online FlyVPN website.FlyVPN is holding an activity to send free 7 days FlyVPN activation code to give feedback to new and regular customers on Facebook.
Your active participation is highly welcome.

1: Vist  to complete below 3 steps.

Note: Please accept FlyVPN app authorize,Otherwise,You can’t go to step 2 .

Step 1: Like FlyVPN Facebook fan page .
Step 2: Comment under the event picture and share it to yourselves timeline.
Step 3: Get free 7 days FlyVPN activation code.


Q: When can i get FlyVPN activation code?

A: FlyVPN will send activiation code in 24 hours.

Q: Where can i see my activation code?

A: If FlyVPN has sent activation code to you,You can see your activation code on this page.

Q: Why i can’t go to step 2?

A: Please authorize to FlyVPN app two times.Firstly,Authorize FlyVPN app to access your public profile.Secondly,Authorize FlyVPN app to post on your behalf.

PS: If you just authorized one time.Maybe you can’t complete step 2.

Q: Will i disconnected every 20 minutes as the trial accounts on FlyVPN web?

A: Free 7 days activation code is the same as “Shared IP VPN” premium account.So customers who get activation code can  enjoy all the rights as premium account.Including 28 countries VPN server.Such as Mainland China,HK,TW,Singapore,Philippines,Malaysia,India,Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam ,Korea, Japan, USA,Mexico,Canada,Brazil,Argentina,Spain,Germany,France,UK,Turkey,Australia,New Zealand,Russia,Ukraine and Egypt.

Q: Where can i use FlyVPN activation code?

A: Please read tutorial on FlyVPN website: .

Q: Does FlyVPN activation code will be expired?

A:Yeah,Quite a while now.All the FlyVPN activation codes will be expired in 2038.Will you use it until 2038.

Anyone have any question about this event.Please leave a message.I will try my best to help you.


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