How To Get French IP Address

France is a romantic country. I haven’t gone there. I hope I will have opportunity to savor French culture. I think French TV series, movies, films are the ways to know more details about France. France 2 and 3, TF1 is the main online video provider. People can enjoy movies, films, entertainments, programs, sports, and news on those websites. But they are required French IP address to access. I know many websites in most of countries have the same IP restricted policy for copyrights. So how can we obtain French IP address to bypass that geo block now?

Simplest Way To Obtain French IP Address

VPN is the best and fastest way to obtain French IP address in seconds. If you don’t believe in me, let me show you the entire process to get French IP address with FlyVPN trial VPN account.

1. Download FlyVPN client on PC.

2. Login with trial VPN account and password.

Login With VPNU Account To Get France VPN Server

Login With VPNU Account To Get France VPN Server

3. Connect to one France VPN server. Obtain it once connected.

France VPN Server In VPNU

France VPN Server In VPNU

Upon connected, VPN server will give your computer a IP address owned by the server. It means that connect to USA VPN server and get US IP address, connect to Germany VPN server and get German IP address…

Free Trial French IP Address

When you are wondering about which one VPN provider I should select. I recommend you to test with free trial French IP address and check the speed. I often use FlyVPN trial VPN service to test ping or for emergence usage. Trial French VPN server has been added into VPNU account, so users can type VPNU in Username and its password in Password. Get latest password from You can see trail account info on the right side of the webpage as photo.

Free Trial VPN Account and Password

Free Trial VPN Account and Password

If the experience is very good with its trial version, buy FlyVPN paid membership without any risk. 30-day money back guarantee, Unlimited traffic and bandwidth, trial for free. It’s only $10 per month to access all servers of FlyVPN, including 35 countries server around the world now. Certainly, France VPN servers have been included.




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2 thoughts on “How To Get French IP Address

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