Unlock Gmail In China On PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Mac iOS 7/8 OS X Android

Gmail has been blocked for 4 months now by Chinese GFW. For business man, Email is the mainly tool to communicate with customers. So people who are just coming to China and can’t access Gmail, what will happen? It means that you will lose a bunch of money. Billions of people around the world are using Gmail service. Regarding the number of people who are living in China using Gmail service, I think at least several millions. Anyway, how to unlock Gmail in China on PC, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Let me show you how to reach that.

Unlock Gmail With VPN in China

Gmail Blocked In China

1. VPN

VPN is simplest and fastest way to unlock Gmail. You just need to install VPN on PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod and android devices. Generally, it is very easy to setup VPN in Windows, iOS, OS X and android. You can choose to use free VPN or paid VPN. But I don’t suggest you to use free VPN services for security. Buy one paid VPN service to unlock Gmail is a good idea. Many VPN service in China aren’t able to use. So please take care to pick up the service for you. There is one VPN service which named the best VPN service for China. You can use its trial account to test on PC when you are not in China. Because you can’t access its website when you are in China. Most of VPN website are blocked by GFW. So please get VPN in your device before arriving in China.

Unlock Gmail With Free Trial VPN Service

The best trial VPN service is FlyVPN. Because it is providing many countries servers in its trial accounts. Also every one can use its trial version for 3 times per day, 20 minutes per time. Ahead to test its service now to unlock Gmail


Mac OS X

Access m.flyvpn.com to register, then you can install trial VPN servers you want to use. Read install trial VPN on Mac OS X tutorial now. (Require OS X V10.6.8+)

iPhone, iPad, iPod iOS 6/7/8/

>>Access m.flyvpn.com to create an account, then install FlyVPN description profile, follow the tutorial about how to install VPN on iPhone, iPad, iPod.

>>Get FlyVPN App from App store, or install it from iTunes. Check FlyVPN iOS APP here.

Android 2.0+

If you think the performance is very good for you, you can consider to upgrade to premium account. Buy VPN to unlock Gmail now.

2. Modify Host

It is easy to modify hosts for pc user. Open hosts, input the IP address of google service. Firstly, you must know what is the IP address. For jailbreak iPhone, we can also use modify host to unlock Gmail from China. Follow steps by step to modify host for PC here. Google often change IP address, so sometimes this way won’t work.


We should find way to reach world and stay connected. Unlock Gmail with VPN service in China for your PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod and android device is the best way. For internet beginner, they don’t know how to modify host.


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