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Download App From Japanese Google Play Store From Abroad

One guy asked us how can I access Japanese Google Play Store when I was living in USA. Because he want to download one game app from Japanese Google Play Store. Actually, it is very easy to access Japanese Google Play store. The points is to get connected on Japan VPN on your device. I have downloaded FFVII G-Bike app from JP Google Play store. It is working fine. Many people are wondering do I need a Japanese phone number. The answer is no. What you have to do is following the guidance step by step.


Brief instructions:

Step 1. Go to Settings – APPs – hit “Google Play store” – Tap “Clear Data” and “Force Stop”

Step 2. Connected Japan VPN on android

Step 3. Run Google Play Store app, you’ll be asked to accept the terms and agreements. Tap “Accept”.

Step 4. It will take some time to access store. Please keep patience. Then you can download App from Japanese Google Play store.

*If you can’t access Japanese Google Play Store after followed the instructions above, repeat Step 1.

Setup Japan VPN on Android To Access Japanese Google Play Store Outside Japan

The most important step is to get connected Japan VPN on your android device. The one I used was called FlyVPN. It is providing trial and paid version. I have bought its paid version for I would like to keep my online identity anonymously at anytime. You can try its trial version. There is no need to install any app. Just some steps to configure VPN on android.

A. Settings – More – VPN – “+” or “Add VPN Profile”.

B. Some required info to setup Japan VPN trial for android

– VPN Username: vpnu

– VPN Password: Click here to check latest password

– Japan VPN server address:,, or

– IPSec pre-shared key for L2TP IPSec PSK: vpnserver(9 lower case letters)

C. Refer the VPN tutorial for android of PPTP and L2TP protocol

How To Setup PPTP VPN On Android

How To Setup L2TP VPN On Android

Access Japanese Google Play Store With Japan VPN

Access Japanese Google Play Store With Japan VPN


It is so easy to access Japanese Google Play store from abroad. What we need is to find Japan VPN and setup it on android device. Follow the guidance step by step. If this doesn’t work for you, leave a comment. Maybe we can help you.

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