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Unlock Gmail In China On PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Mac iOS 7/8 OS X Android

Gmail has been blocked for 4 months now by Chinese GFW. For business man, Email is the mainly tool to communicate with customers. So people who are just coming to China and can’t access Gmail, what will happen? It means that you will lose a bunch of money. Billions of people around the world are using Gmail service. Regarding the number of people who are living in China using Gmail service, I think at least several millions. Anyway, how to unlock Gmail in China on PC, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Let me show you how to reach that.

Unlock Gmail With VPN in China

Gmail Blocked In China

1. VPN

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Gmail Fully Blocked in China

Gmail has been fully blocked in China since December 26, 2014. It was available to receive Gmail in Gmail client. But now, people who are living in China can’t receive Email even though via client/app for China blocked imap and pop3 ports. Tons of people are complaining the action. China government first blocked Google in 2009 and 2012. Google’s warnings it would pull out of the country outright in the name of free speech. Almost all Google services are blocked in China now. There are many people who are living in China are contacting via Gmail. Some people asked me whether I can use Gmail in China and he is planning trip to China. I told him it is available to access Gmail if you use VPN service. If you don’t know it, you have to know something about it first. It is a necessary tool for people who are living in China. It is very important tool for people who are living in China for business, study and travel. I suggest you to install VPN service in PC, iPhone, iPad, or other devices before taking airplane to China for many websites of VPN service provider are blocked by great firewall in China. Let’s go to the point. Gmail services are not available to use in China. What we should to do is connecting VPN services to unblock Gmail.


Gmail has been fully blocked in China

Gmail.com is unable to reach in China for some time, as illustrated by this test by Greatfirewallofchina.org

Unblock Gamil in China VPN with trial VPN Version

If you are looking for a reliable VPN service provider to unblock Gmail, I do recommend you to use FlyVPN. I am living in China too. And I tested many VPN service providers. Many services are not stable. Some of VPN services are not able to use. I have been used FlyVPN for many years. Though I can’t access its website in China, fortunately, it is able to connect its support customer services via Email and Skype. You can also test its service on PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android devices for free. Let me show you how to test its service on multiple platforms.

Unblock Gmail in PC from China

Unblock Gmail in iOS and OS X from China

  • Access ”m.flyvpn.com“ or “m.flyvpn.net”, then create an account. Please don’t use its trial username and password to login. It is unable to login.
  • Tap “VPN Servers”, then you will see all trial VPN servers. You can only setup 1 server for 1 time. Only premium account can setup multiple servers for 1 time.
  • Check picture and text tutorials for iOS and OS X, please read VPN tutorials here.

Unblock Gmail in Android from China

  • Go to settings – More – VPN – Add VPN
  • Trial VPN Server IP address: Please create an account and visit http://www.flyvpn.com/User/VpnServers to check server IP address in trial version.
  • Obtain trial VPN account and password from its trial webpage .
  • Read setup VPN on android tutorial now.

Hope this can help you. We can’t do anything about the action of China government. We can only try our best to bypass the restrictions. Google can’t do anything about this. What can we do. If you would like to know more about China, I think you have to prepare a share tool which is VPN. A large numbers of companies who have business in China. I think more and more people are looking for best VPN service for Gmail in China. The answer is here.

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