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Watch Chinese Spring Festival Gala 2015 Outside Of China

The Lunar New Year is fast approaching and Chinese are gearing up to celebrate. Chinese Spring Festival Gala 2015 is one of its styles. It will be upcoming on February 18, 2015. which directed by Ha Wen. Regarding hosts, there are Zhu Jun, Dong Qing, Bi Fujian, Li Sisi, Zhu Xun and Nigermaidi Zechman. Billions of people will watch Spring Festival Gala 2015. For overseas Chinese, they can’t watch it before TV, they can only watch spring festival gala evening on CNTV or other video streaming websites on the internet, but those websites are only allow Chinese IP address to reach. The simplest way is connecting to China VPN server to get Chinese IP address for guys who are living outside of China.

Chinese Spring Festival Gala 2015

Chinese Spring Festival Gala 2015

source from: chinanews.com

Where We Can Watch Chinese Spring Festival Gala 2015

People can watch the living streaming of Chinese spring festival gala 2015 on  CCTV1, CCTV3, CCTV4 and CCTV7. If you want to are living outside of China, you can watch it on the internet on iQiYi and CNTV. As I know, it is unable to access iQiYi and CNTV from abroad for copyright. So we can only connect to China VPN Server to watch Chinese spring festival Gala 2015. CCTV’s New Year’s Gala goes global first time. People can watch it on YouTube and Twitter this year. It is a big step for CCTV. Let me show you where we can watch Chinese Spring Festival Gala 2015 on the internet.

CCTV 1 Live: http://tv.cntv.cn/live/cctv1

CCTV 3 Live: http://tv.cntv.cn/live/cctv3

CCTV 4 Live: http://tv.cntv.cn/live/cctv4

CCTV 5 Live: http://tv.cntv.cn/live/cctv7

iQiYi  Live: http://www.iqiyi.com/yule/2015cw.html (you can watch programs on mobile devices too.)

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/springfestivalgala

Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/CCTV_CHINA

There are so many ways you can watch Chinese Spring Festival Gala 2015 Outside Of China. Pick one most suitable for you.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Watch Spring Festival Gala Evening 2014 Outside of China Part 1

China New Year 2014 is around the corner. Most of people will go home and live together with families to celebrate New Year. Spring Festival is a grand traditional festival in China. CCTV holds Spring Festival Gala Evening every year. Thousands of families will sit together before TV and watch Spring Festival Gala Evening. It is so easy for people who are residing in China to watch Spring Festival Gala Evening but not for overseas Chinese. I will guide people to watch Spring Festival Gala Evening 2014 outside of China via CNTV with VPN. Because CNTV live isn’t available to watch for copyright outside of China. The only way is to use VPN to get Chinese IP and bypass the IP filtration.

Unblock CNTV Outside of China

Unblock CNTV Outside of China

1: Access http://tv.cntv.cn/live/, download flash player plugin for your browser.  Install and run it.

2: Connected to China VPN server and get Chinese IP. If you haven’t paid VPN membership, you can use FlyVPN free trial VPN account or other free VPN services. If you do not know how to use FlyVPN trial account, please follow instructions below.

a: Download FlyVPN client on PC: http://www.flyvpn.com/download.
b:Input trial account and password. Get required info from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .
c: How to use FlyVPN client here: http://www.flyvpn.com/FlyVPN-VPN-Client-3-Tutorial.html.

3: Then you can unblock CNTV on web.


Please click CCTV 1 or CCTV 5 as photo after connected China VPN. Then you can watch Spring Festival Gala Evening 2014 live. In general, it will start at 8pm (UTC+8) on Jan. 31st, 2014.


If you want to watch it with CBOX client, download version from http://cbox.cntv.cn/. CBOX compatiables with Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android. If you would like to watch CNTV via mobile or pad. You can also set up China VPN on iOS or Android to unblock CNTV outside of China. Many VPN tutorials for different devices have been listed on http://www.flyvpn.com/tutorial.


Then I will introduce other ways to Watch Spring Festival Gala Evening outside of China with VPN. Happy Chinese New Year!

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