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How To Access Korean Google Play Store

Many guys are asking me how to access Korean Google play store. I want to download some apps from Korean Google Play store like SuperStar SM and Melon. For those apps are only available to download from Korean Google Play store. As I know, it is more difficulty to access Korean play store than other countries’. For other countries play store, we can just clear data of Google account, then connected on VPN service, that’s all. But for Korea Google Play store, we should create Korean Gmail first. How can we get Korean Gmail. I will show you later. I tried many times, finally, I access Korean Google Play store with Korean VPN now. Because Google Play strore recognize IP address to decide what country google Play store to access. It means that if you can get Korean IP address on your devices, you can access Korean Google play store. Follow me step by step to access Korean Google Play store.

1. Visit http://www.gmail.com to create a Korean Gmail. Select Korean as the country as below.

Select Korea as your Gmail Location


2. Create one Korean Gmail successfully. Please do remember the account info. If you want to download app from Google play store, some apps won’t work if w/o updated.

3. Ahead to Settings – Accounts – Google. Tap your Gmail, then hit Remove account. If there are something you want to sync, please hit Sync now before hit remove account.

How-To-Access-Korean-Google-Play-Store -2

4. Go to settings – Accounts – Add account – Google. Add the Korean Gmail account info you created.

How-To-Access-Korean-Google-Play-Store -3

5. Connected on Korea VPN on android. If you haven’t Korea VPN service now, you can try to use FlyVPN trial account. But 20 minutes per time, 3 times per day.

Korean VPN trial Server address:;

VPN account: vpnu

Password: Get latest password form http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial

FlyVPN doesn’t have android app now, so you can only setup VPN for android manually. Regarding how to setup Fly VPN on android, please read tutorial as follows:

Connected on Korea VPN On Android


6. Tap Settings – Apps – Google Play Store.  Click “Clear data”.

How-To-Access-Korean-Google-Play-Store -4


7. Access Google Play store now. It will ask you to accept Google play store service. Tap Accept. Then you can enter Google Play store into Korea.


If you still can’t switch into Korean Google Play store. Try to tap Clear data again of Google Play store or double check whether you have followed those steps above.

Whatever you want to access Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore… Google Play store. Just connect to right VPN service to access the country you want to access.

How To Connect To South Korea VPN On Android

South Korea VPN is a tool which can change your real IP address into Korean IP address in seconds. So it is the fastest way to make a trick to get Korean IP address. Meanwhile, it provides a security tunnel for all datas in your devices. Users can search public hotspot almost everywhere. Once connect to the Wi-Fi, you keep your mobile devices in danger. I mean many people who are using the same Wi-Fi can access your phone and check profiles, photos, videos or other data in your mobile devices. So we should pay more attention to protect our privacy in mobile devices. Connect to VPN on devices can avoid from hacker effectively. Many people are looking for South Korea VPN and told me that it is difficulty to find VPN provider with many Korean VPN servers. So let me show you how can I connect to South Korean VPN on android.

I see there are many free VPN service provider. I would like to ask you how can those free VPN providers to get profit. One is inserting advisement into software, another is getting your personal info in your phone. If you know this and don’t care your privacy, just continue to use free VPN service. If you are very careful your privacy, keep away from free VPN service. Buy a cheap VPN service is good choice. If you don’t wanna invest money into VPN service, find a paid VPN provider provided trial VPN service. If you haven’t found it, follow me to connect to Korea VPN trial on your device.

Get South Korea VPN On Android

As I know that FlyVPN is providing more than 10 Korea VPN servers. Many VPN providers just offer several Korean servers. If you want to get Korea dedicated IP, you can consider to buy Korea dedicated IP VPN plan. Because I bought FlyVPN shared IP plan, there are about 15 Korean VPN servers in my account. Please reference photo below.

16 South Korea VPN Servers In FlyVPN Premium Account

16 South Korea VPN Servers In FlyVPN Premium Account


We have known the VPN provider with Korea servers, then we should know how to configure South Korea VPN on android. FlyVPN doesn’t have apps for android, so we have to setup it on android manually.

  • Go ‘Settings’ – Click ‘More’ – Click ‘VPN’ – Click ‘+’ or ‘Add VPN Profile’.
  • Name: Korea VPN
  • Type: PPTP
  • Server address:
  • PPP encryption (MPPE): Tick
  • Username: vpnu.
  • Password: Visit http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial to get latest password.
Connected Korea VPN on Android

Connected Korea VPN on Android

* If you have bought FlyVPN premium account, please login with yourself account info. If you just want to test its Korea VPN server feature, please login with trial VPN account info above.

If you can’t connect to Korea PPTP VPN connection, please try to change VPN protocol to be L2TP/IPSec. Read tutorial to learn how to configure L2TP VPN on android. What we need to note is typing Korean VPN server IP address not other countries’ IP address. Once connected, you can check whether you have gotten Korean IP address on android devices.

Download Super Power Line Stickers

Download Super Power Line Stickers

Super Power free Line stickers is available to download in Korean sticker shop. Do you want to get Super Power stickers? Super powerful heroes and heroines on LINE! Friend Naver Webtoon to get them. Available till 21/01/2014. There are only 2 days left to download. Please don’t miss the opportunity.
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Download Super Power sticker with Korea VPN if you are living outside of Korea. Get Korean IP address to unblock IP filtration.

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