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Unlock Gmail In China On PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Mac iOS 7/8 OS X Android

Gmail has been blocked for 4 months now by Chinese GFW. For business man, Email is the mainly tool to communicate with customers. So people who are just coming to China and can’t access Gmail, what will happen? It means that you will lose a bunch of money. Billions of people around the world are using Gmail service. Regarding the number of people who are living in China using Gmail service, I think at least several millions. Anyway, how to unlock Gmail in China on PC, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Let me show you how to reach that.

Unlock Gmail With VPN in China

Gmail Blocked In China

1. VPN

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Top 3 best VPN services in China

There are some countries which are taking strict internet censorship.
China is one of those countries. Have you heard Great Firewall in China. In other words,If you want to access some famous social network in the world in Mainland China.You can’t open those websites with local internet.Only VPN or Proxy can help you break GFW.You can find some free vpn services.But most of them can’t work well in China.Please check below information about top 3 best VPN services in China.
1. Flyvpn
Flyvpn is the best VPN in China. You can free trial its services before you invest your money into it. You can enjoy free trial services everyday. Most of vpn services don’t support free trial account. But Flyvpn does. It also support Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iTouch and phone with VPN. Easy to download and install, Access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other websites easily and play online games with gamers around the world quickly.
2. 12VPN 
12VPN is providing two packages. One is for US, the other is for world. Since 12vpn was blocked in March, 2011, they changed their services.However; I think its product is very good. You can open those locked websites quickly.It can applied on most of devices.Such as iPad,iPhone,PC and Android phone.But without free trial account for customers to test.
3.  Astrill VPN
It is another good choice in China. It has more servers and ip than 12VPN.Support most of devices in the world. Its price is low than most of other vpn services. Doesn’t support free trial account on its official websites. Online customer services is available.

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