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Watch French Open 2014 Online For Free

The 2014 French Open is a tennis tournament being played on outdoor clay courts. It is the 113th edition of the French Open and the second Grand Slam event of the year. It is taking place at the Stade Roland Garros in full wing since 25 May. It will last 15 days. The finals will be taking on 8th, June. It’s the 4th day of French open 2014 today. The first round of Women’s singles and Men’s singles and the second round of Women’s doubles and Men’s doubles will be starting at 17pm UTC+8 on 28th May 2014. As we all know that most of websites won’t live or broadcast all tournaments. They will pick some important matches to live or broadcast. I searched “watch French Open 2014 live” in google. I found many ways but most of them request to make a subscription. Finally, I find two ways to watch French Open 2014 online for free. One is listen radio on BBC, another is watch French Open 2014 on CCTV 5.

Watch French Open 2014 On BBC and CCTV 5 With FlyVPN

Watch French Open 2014 On BBC and CCTV 5 With FlyVPN

Watch French Open 2014 Online On CCTV 5

* Sports tournaments are available to playback for 7 days on CCTV 5. So if you missed that today, you can watch later.

2014 French Open Schedule On CCTV 5

Date                                                 Time                                              Round

5/25/2014                                     23:20                      1st Round – Men’s and Women’s Singles

5/26/2014                                     22:15                      1st Round – Men’s and Women’s Singles

5/27/2014                                     22:15                      1st Round – Men’s and Women’s Singles

5/28/2014                                     22:15                      2nd Round – Men’s and Women’s Singles

5/30/2014                                     22:15                      3rd Round – Men’s and Women’s Singles

5/31/2014                                     20:30                      3rd Round – Men’s and Women’s Singles

6/02/2014                                     15:30                       4th Round 1- Men’s and Women’s Singles

6/02/2014                                    22:15                       4th Round 2 – Men’s and Women’s Singles

6/03/2014                                    19:47                       Quarterfinal 1 – Men’s and Women’s Singles

6/04/2014                                   15:30                        Quarterfinal 1 – Men’s and Women’s Singles

6/04/2014                                    19:47                        Quarterfinal 2 – Men’s and Women’s Singles

6/05/2014                                   15:30                         Quarterfinal 2 – Men’s and Women’s Singles

6/05/2014                                   21:00                        Semifinal – Women’s Singles

6/06/2014                                  15:30                          Semifinal – Women’s Singles

6/06/2014                                  18:35                          Semifinal – Men’s Singles

6/07/2014                                  14:35                         Semifinal – Men’s Singles

6/07/2014                                  21:00                          Finals – Women’s Singles

6/08/2014                                 20:50                            Finals – Men’s Singles

* The time above is Beijing time(UTC+8 time zone).

Check CCTV 5 programs schedule at http://tv.cntv.cn/epg?channel=cctv5.  If you can’t read Chinese, you can use Google translator to translate webpage. Check this article to watch CCTV 5 Sports living streaming online for free from abroad. Because CCTV 5 is only available in China that which only allow people who are living in China to access. The simplest way is to use China VPN to get Chinese IP address.

Listen French Open 2014 Online On BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC is a British public service broadcasting statutory corporation. Its main responsibility is to provide impartial public service broadcasting in the United Kingdom. BBC Radio is one of its branches. BBC Radio will live some important news and sports. Such as Premier League football, Champions League Football, Europe League Football,International Football. FA Cup football,Formula 1, Champions football, French Open, US Open and so on. 2014 French Open has been arranged to live on BBC Radio 5 Live. If you are interesting in listen that. Check French Open 2014 schedule on BBC Radio 5 Live. Because BBC is only available in UK. When you are residing outside of Britain, you will meet error message. So get UK VPN to unblock BBC and enjoy movies, TV shows, Live sports and so on. Click here to read tutorial.

In one world, Watch French Open 2014 online for free on CCTV 5 and BBC now with VPN to bypass geo blocked.

How To Watch BBC iPlayer Outside Of UK

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcasting statutory corporation. BBC is the one of the most popular TV channels in the world, providing Breaking news, sport, TV, radio and a whole lot more. But most of the programs is unavailable to play outside of UK. When you are living outside of United Kingdom and try to watch living streaming on BBC website. You will meet the error message something like this:

BBC iPlayer GEO Blocked Outside Of UK

BBC iPlayer GEO Blocked

How can we bypass the Geo block when you want to access BBC iPlayer from abroad? The simplest solution is to get a real UK IP address. Once get it, you can enjoy living streaming on BBC around the world. Then some people will ask how can I get UK IP address. Connected UK VPN server through VPN service. Then it will assign UK IP address to your computer. BBC system will make you pass the IP filtration and judge you are living in Britain that you have the qualification to watch those programs.

Watch BBC iPlayer With UK VPN Server

There are so many VPN providers in the world with UK VPN server. I ‘ll guide you to get UK IP address with FlyVPN trial VPN service. The same principle as other VPN provider.


1. Download FlyVPN client.

2. Input FlyVPN trial VPN account and password. UK VPN server has been added into VPNU trial account.

3. After login, click Europe tab. Then you will see UK VPN server.

4. Click one of UK VPN servers, then tap Connect. Once connected, you get UK IP address.

5. Then lookup IP address. You will find your IP has been changed into UK.

Watching BBC iPlayer Outside Of UK With FlyVPN UK VPN Server

Watching BBC iPlayer Outside Of UK With FlyVPN UK VPN Server

This way is not only suitable for BBC iPlayer, but also BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC, CBeebies, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3 and other BBC services. Whatever you meet the error message as the video is not available in your region or this content doesn’t seem to be working and please try again later. UK VPN is the best solution to fix it. Because World cup 2014 is upcoming. Many guys are thinking how can I watch it online for free. As I know, Tons of people watched winter Olympic 2014 on BBC when they are living outside UK. Even more people will watch FIFA World cup 2014 with UK VPN from BBC Sports when the service isn’t available to play in their regions.

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