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How To Unblock Xiaomi Box from Abroad

Watch Chinese Films and TV Shows With Xiaomi Box

Watch Chinese Films and TV Shows With Xiaomi Box

The Xiaomi MiBox is a smart box for TV. Mi box offers films and TV shows on multiple platforms. It can also access content via its USB port, such as through an external hard disk. Because of content licensing restrictions, it is currently only available in mainland China. But there are many guys who would like to use Mi box to watch films and TV shows for free. I have said that the content is only available in mainland China. If you take it to overseas, you will meet the error message like the video is only available in mainland China. The way is to connect to mainland China VPN server. Many people introduced many ways for me about unblock Xiaomi box from abroad. But some of don’t work for me and some do. I would like to share those ways here.

Firstly, Mibox users have to install Tuzi desktop(兔子桌面) to make VPN settings feature available to use cause of Xiaomi blocked VPN feature in its box.

Download Tuzi desktop link: http://www.aituzi.com/helper. Please refer the photo to download the Rabbit launcher from its official website.

Download Rabbit Launcher Apk

Download Rabbit Launcher Apk

BTW rabbit video(兔子视频) app is very good app to watch contents in Youku, Tudou, Sohu, Letv, CNTV and other main online video providers in China. Someone are interested in using that, download it from app store.

Secondly, find ways to unblock Xiaomi box from abroad and watch video swimmingly.

  • Connect to China VPN/Proxy to get Chinese IP address.

– VPN provider:  FlyVPN(Recommend)

Read tutorial to configure VPN on android. If you want to use test China VPN before purchasing, visit http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial to get trial VPN account and password. Regarding the server address, please click here to check after login. P.S. please input trial VPN account and password provided by FlyVPN not yourself account.

You can also use some free VPN providers or proxy providers like VPNOneClick and Proxydroid. BTW please root Mibox before installing Proxydroid app.

  • Use frequently internet network.

– Use static IP to connect.

– Share 3G or 4G hotspot to Mibox if you have enough 3G or 4G data.

  • Change DNS. If the speed is very slow to watch videos, you can try to change DNS.

If you are wondering how to use Mibox from abroad, maybe the article can help you. I can watch videos on Mibox swimmingly now with China VPN.

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