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How To Setup Japan VPN on iOS

There are internet censorship around the world. Many websites in Japan is inaccessible for guys who are living outside of Japan. So if you wanna access those websites, you have to get Japanese IP address to bypass the IP limitation. Many players love to play Japanese games, but most of Japanese games don’t allow other countries’ IP to access. So many gamers will select to use tool to change IP address into Japan. The tool is VPN/Proxy. What we need to prepare is Japan VPN to visit websites in Japan. Many newbie do not know how to setup Japan VPN on iOS. So I will guide people to configure Japan VPN on iOS.

How To Get Japan VPN

You can search terms ‘Japan VPN’ in browser. Then you will get millions of results. You can pick one. If you have bought one VPN service, I think your VPN provider will tell you how to configure Japan VPN on iOS. There are two ways you can select. One is find free VPN services with Japan VPN server. Another is buy paid VPN service with Japan VPN server. If you don’t want to invest money into VPN service before confirming whether it will work for you or not. You can pick one paid VPN service with trial accounts. It means that you can test Japan VPN server without its trial accounts for free. If you haven’t found the one which can afford you. Test with FlyVPN trial version. It is free. XD

Setup Japan VPN on iOS

There are many VPN providers. It is impossible for me to introduce specific tutorial for different providers. So I will introduce the one I think it is very good and easy to use. If you are looking for Japan VPN trial on iOS. Read paragraphs below.

Option 1 

A: Open browser, access m.flyvpn.com or m.flyvpn.net.

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 1

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 1

B: Register an account.

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 2

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 2

C: Click ‘VPN Server’ to check VPN server in trial accounts.

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 3

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 3

D: Click ‘Setup’ of the server you want to use. There are two trial accounts. One is vpnu, another is vpnc.

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 4

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 4

E: Click ‘Install Now’ to install m.flyvpn.com descriptoion profile.

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 5

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 5

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 6

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 6

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 7

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 7

F: Go to Settings – General – VPN. You will see two VPN connections you just configured. One is PPTP, another is L2TP. Drag VPN status to be ON.

Setup Japan VPN on iOS - 8

Setup Japan VPN on iOS – 8

*Users have to re-install the profile if it had been 30 minutes since installing.

*If PPTP connection doesn’t work. Try to use L2TP.

Option 2

A: Go to Settings – General – Add VPN Configuration….

B: Select PPTP or L2TP.

Japan VPN server address:

Account: vpnc

Password: Get latest password from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial.

L2TP IPSec shared key: vpnserver.

* Change VPN protocol between PPTP and L2TP if you can’t connect to it successfully.

This is a good way to get Japan VPN trial on iOS.

Setup Japan VPN PPTP-1

Setup Japan VPN PPTP -1

Setup Japan VPN PPTP-2

Setup Japan VPN PPTP -2

FlyVPN has 9 Japan VPN servers. So if you want to use Japan VPN without disconnect. I think it is a good choice. BTW it is providing perfect money back guarantee. Users can request refund within 30 days if unsatisfied with its service. Buy Japan VPN to unblock Japanese websites now.

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