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Watch Sky Go From Abroad

Sky Go is an online television service from Sky which launched in January 2006. The service allows users to watch live and on demand video content from their Mac, Windows PC, mobile phone or Xbox 360 via a broadband or Wi-Fi internet connection. The service is available at no extra cost to existing Sky TV customers, with accessible content depending on the subscriber’s Sky package. If you would like to watch live or on demand videos about Sports, subscribe to Sky go sports package. Because users of Sky go can watch many sports highlights, latest news, movies and TV programmes on multiple devices once subscribe to Sky package. But as I know that only two countries Germany and Austria have the rights to receive Sky programs. Click here to check the policies of pay TV providers. When you are living outside of Sky go, how can we watch Sky Go from abroad? Maybe we can try to use some IT tools to bypass the restrictions. Stay tuned…


Use Sky GO Via VPN From Abroad

Make an effort to use Sky Go from abroad. The solution is VPN. I have noted that only users who are living in  German and Austria can watch programs from Sky. Others can’t watch for licence rights. If you try to log in Sky Go from abroad, you will get an error message and the screen remains black. So the only way is to use Germany VPN or Austria VPN. VPN can make your IP address change in seconds into German or Austria IP address.

Watch Sky Go on PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android phone...

Watch Sky Go on PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android phone…

German VPN for Sky Go

Firstly, you have to select one VPN provider with Germany or Austria VPN server. Then you have to consider that whether it can provide enough bandwidth for you. Uses can watch Sky go video contents on PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac… devices. So you have to consider whether the VPN can compatible with some main OS. I would like to suggest you to use FlyVPN for unlimited traffic and bandwidth. Also you can use your premium account on mobile devices. But not at the same time. Germany VPN trial for free is available in FlyVPN trial account. Login FlyVPN client, click Europe tab, then click Connect. Once connected, you can watch Sky go from abroad now. If you want to watch Sky go every day, buy FlyVPN shared IP plan to break trial version limits.

Buy German VPN To Watch Sky Go From Abroad


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