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How To Get German IP Address

An Internet Protocol address (IP address)  is a numerical label assigned to each device that we can know where are you know according to your IP address. In a word, IP address is your identity in internet. How about German IP address? Literally, It shows that your computer’s Geo location is Germany. So network assign German IP address to your device. VPN is a miracle  in the world. The key is people don’t need to travel to Germany and get German IP address. VPN can make you get German IP address in seconds with German VPN serverGermany

The Reasons We Should Get German IP Address

  • Surf anonymous, change IP and hide IP to protect personal privacy.
  • Watch ARD, ZDF and Zatto outside of Germany. Because tons of content on those websites are only available to access when people are owning German IP address.
  • Reduce ping to play EU game servers when they are living other countries.

I can only list 3 reasons currently. If you know more reasons, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

How Can I Obtain German IP Address

VPN is the best solution to change IP quickly. So get German IP address with German VPN/Proxy is a smart choice. If you haven’t find a good German VPN service, I recommend you to use FlyVPN. I select it for we can try its German VPN server out with its German VPN trial service. It’s free absolutely without any privacy info on PC. Let us guide you to obtain German IP address with FlyVPN software/client now.

  • Download German VPN software on PC. Please download pro version for full features.
  • Install and run the VPN client.
  • Input FlyVPN username and password. Access FlyVPN offical website, make a subscription to FlyVPN with $10 per month, login with yourself VPN account and password. Otherwise, please get German VPN trial account and password from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial. Germany VPN server has been listed in VPNU account, so please login with VPNU and its password on client.
  • Click Europe tab, then you can see Germany server under this tab.
  • Tap Connect button. You will be getting German IP address upon connected.
Connect to FlyVPN Germany VPN Server and Get German IP Address

Connect to FlyVPN Germany VPN Server and Get German IP Address






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