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How To Get Brazil IP Address

When we are chatting with friends about Brazil. We have to talk about Football in Brazil or even in the world. The hottest topic is 2014 FIFA world cup Brazil. Millions of football fans will go there to watch match. Otherwise, large number of people will watch match with TV, PC, or mobile devices. As I know that Rede Globo, Rede Bandeirantes, SporTV, ESPN Brasil and FOX Sports have the rights to live world cup 2014. But they are required a Brazilian IP address to access. If you are living outside of Brazil, the only way is to get Brazil IP address to bypass Geo blocked. 

How Can I Get Brazilian IP Address

The fastest and simplest way to use VPN or proxy to change IP address. I don’t recommend you to use proxy. It’s very slow to watch online living videos, otherwise, it’s not safe for your privacy data or profile. Connected Brazil VPN server on device, then you will get an Brazilian IP address for your computer. There are many VPN providers have Brazil VPN server. I will pick one with unlimited traffic and bandwidth with low price. The best is FlyVPN. Because it’s providing free trial Brazil VPN and 30 days money back guarantee. Users can test it before purchase without credit card, email or other personal info on PC. I love FlyVPN! Follow me to get Brazil IP address with FlyVPN trial VPN now.


Briefly instruction: Download FlyVPN client – Input trial VPN account and password – click Brazil VPN server – Connected.

Tips: Online time for free trial VPN accounts is limited to 20 minutes. When the time limit is reached, please wait for 5 minutes to reconnect.

Login FlyVPN trial VPN account-  VPNC to get Brazil IP address

Login FlyVPN trial VPN account- VPNC to get Brazil IP address

Connected FlyVPN Brazil VPN Server

Connected FlyVPN Brazil VPN Server

Get Brazil IP Address With FlyVPN

Get Brazil IP Address With FlyVPN










Get Brazil IP address with Brazil VPN server is so simple as photos above. Just take several minutes and you will get Brazil IP address on devices. You can also setup Brazil VPN on iPhone, iPad, Mac, iTouch, iPod, android phone or tablet…etc. If you meet any questions about get it, please leave a message. I will reply you ASAP.

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