4/17/2014 Newest Line Sticker In Taiwan, Indian, Indonesia

Happy Easter Line stickers is available to download in more countries’ sticker shop. Line added it in Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong shop today. I suggest you to download it form Indonesia sticker shop for it’s valid for 180 days,  it’s 90 or 30 days in other countries’ shop. If you are living outside Indonesia, configured Indonesia VPN on devices and download the sticker. Line fans can download Cricket Champs sticker from Indian sticker shop. Line Rangers sticker is a hidden sticker. Users can’t find it in free sticker list. Users must install Line Rangers first than send its ID to your friends, click the ID, then download.

Briefly Steps:

1. Bind with email and Facebook, Cancel Phone number of Line account, close Line app completely.

2. Connected VPN on devices.

3. Login with Email. Download free Line stickers now.

If you don’t know how to download free Line stickers with VPN, please read tutorials below:

Download free Line stickers with FlyVPN on iPhone.

Download free Line stickers with FlyVPN on Android.

Why I Cant Access Other Countries Line Stickers Shop With VPN.


1) Line Rangers

Taiwan – line://shop/detail/2134 – 90 days

a: Install Line Rangers from App store or Google play store.

b: Read tutorial for How To Find Hidden Free Line Sticker to find Line Ranger sticker.

Line Rangers Sticker

Line Rangers Sticker

2) Cricket Champs

India – line://shop/detail/2143 – 90 days

Cricket Champs Sticker

Cricket Champs Sticker

3) Happy Easter

Indonesia – line://shop/detail/2132 – 180 days

Italy – line://shop/detail/2130 – 30 days

Malaysia – line://shop/detail/2131 – 90 days

Hong Kong – line://shop/detail/2133 – 90 days

Korea – line://shop/detail/2145 – 30 days

Happy Easter Sticker

Happy Easter Sticker

You can download free Line stickers on multiple devices. Download with a paid VPN account faster than trial or free account. The speed is more stable. What you need is to get Taiwan, Indonesia, India VPN to download 3 free Line stickers above. If you meet any questions about download free Line stickers with VPN, leave message to me. I will reply quickly.

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