4/08/2014 Newest Free Line Sticker In Mexico, Thailand, Italy, Australia

Download free Line stickers with VPN on devices. Line fans can download many free Line stickers today with VPN. Such as 2NE1 World Tour Special, Upin & Ipin Fun Time, Hip Hop Friends, Gaturro,  Lucy, BuzzGangster Buzza, Buzzy & Toto, TriNet Phone Hot Verrr, Tianmu Bear and so on.


I sorted out free Line stickers in different countries people can downloaded with VPN. If you want to download all free Line stickers in the world. People have to use VPN to bypass filtration. Please take notes users must cancel phone number, bind with Email and Facebook of Line account.

There are many tips for downloading free Line stickers on different devices. Please read tips below:

VPN Provider: FlyVPN.

How To Use FlyVPN Tutorial.

Free Trial VPN For Line Sticker.

Download free Line stickers with FlyVPN on iPhone.

Download free Line stickers with FlyVPN on Android.

Why I Cant Access Other Countries Line Stickers Shop With VPN.

If you want to download free Line stickers on PC, you can download BlueStacks  on PC to download free Line stickers.

Fantasista Stella and Aquarius 

Japan – line://shop/detail/2070 (180 days)

Download Fantasista Stella and Aquarius Line Sticker With JapanVPN

U.F.O. TV Commercial Characters

Japan – line://shop/detail/2071 (180 days)

Download U.F.O. TV Commercial Characters Line Sticker With Japan VPN



Japan – line://shop/detail/2072 (180 days)

Download Nanana Line Stickers With Japan VPN

Guardian Angel of The Green Palace

Taiwan – line://shop/detail/2076 (180 days)

Download Guardian Angel of The Green Palace Line Stickers With Taiwan VPN


Tianmu Bear

Taiwan – line://shop/detail/2077 (180 days)

Downloadd Tianmu Bear Line Sticker With Taiwan VPN

 BuzzGangster Buzza, Buzzy & Toto

Thailand – line://shop/detail/2084 (90 days)



Download BuzzGangster Buzza, Buzzy & Toto Line Sticker With Thailand VPN


TriNet Phone Hot Verrr

Thailand – line://shop/detail/2078 (90 days)

Download TriNet Phone Hot-Verrr-Line Sticker With Thailand VPN


Upin & Ipin Fun Time

Indonesia – line://shop/detail/2036 (180 days)

Download Upin & Ipin Fun Time Line Stickers With Indonesia VPN


Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Columbia –  line://shop/detail/2086 (No Expiry Date)

Download Gaturro Line Sticker With Mexico VPN

2NE1 World Tour Special


China – line://shop/detail/2080 (No Expiry Date)

Australia – line://shop/detail/2079 (No Expiry Date)

Download 2NE1 World Tour Special Line Sticker With China&Australia VPN


Italy – line://shop/detail/2073 (No Expiry Date)

Spain – line://shop/detail/2081 (No Expiry Date)

Italy – line://shop/detail/2082 (No Expiry Date)

Download Lucky Line Sticker With ITALY Spain UK vpn

Pedro el Cerdo


Mexico – line://shop/detail/… (No Expiry Date)

Download Pedro el Cerdo Line Sticker With mexico VPN


Hip Hop Friends

Russia – line://shop/detail/2083 (No Expiry Date)

Download Hip Hop Friends Line Stickers With Russia VPN

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