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Watch CCTV 5 Live Streaming Online For Free

CCTV-5, also known as the Sports and Ethnic language Channel, is the main sports broadcaster in China. Users can watch many sports Live streaming on it. Such as NBA, CBA, ICBA, Olympics, AFC Asian Champions League, UEFA Champions League and so on. If you are interested in watching Live steaming online on CCTV 5. You can check list below about coverage of the following sports leagues, teams, and events:

  •  All England Open Badminton Championships
  •  Asian Games
  • BWF World Championships
  • Badminton Asia Confederation
  • China Open
  • China Masters
  • Chinese Badminton Association
  • China Basketball Association
  • Chinese Basketball Association
  • Chinese Football Association
  • China National Football Team
  • European football leagues (Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, La Liga)
  • FIFA World Cup
  • French Open Tennis
  • US Open Tennis
  • International Table Tennis Federation
  • NBA
  • Sudirman Cup
  • Summer Olympic Games
  • Summer Paralympic Games
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA European Football Championship
  • Uber & Thomas Cup
  • United States Boxing Council Title Championship
  • Winter Olympic Games
  • Winter Paralympic Games
  • World Professional Boxing Federation Title Championship
  • World Snooker tournaments

Know more CCTV 5 Sports  broadcast at Wikipedia.

There are so many sports Live streaming on CCTV 5. Users who are living in China can watch sports Live streaming online or subscribe to local cable provider. If you are living outside of China and want to watch Live streaming online or playback, access http://sports.cntv.cn/ then you can see many tabs about different sports events. Once you click the live video, which don’t allow you to watch as photo. Which only allow Chinese IP to access. So users have to connect China VPN server to bypass IP filtration.

Watch CCTV 5 Live Streaming Online

Watch CCTV 5 Live Streaming Online

Many people do not know where to watch free live streaming of CCTV 5. It’s official website is http://sports.cntv.cn/ and live link is http://sports.cntv.cn/live/cctv5/. If you are interested in watching AFC Asian Champions League. You can visit http://sports.cntv.cn/special/afccl/ to watch playback and live streaming. If you are Chinese and want to watch sports live steaming outside of China, you can access http://live.sports.cntv.cn/ to check the live schedule.

If the speed is so slowly and can’t access, please try to use China VPN. FlyVPN is providing trial China VPN server, get trial VPN account and password from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial. Trial users can only it 20 minutes per time, 3 times per day. If you want to break up the limits, buy VPN here. Just $10 per month. FlyVPN supports Paypal, Payza, OKPay, MyCard and Western Union payment methods. Watch CCTV 5 Live streaming online for free with FlyVPN is so simple.

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