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Free Line Stickers On 7th December 2014

Eight free Line stickers are available to download on 7th, December, 2014. The sticker name is Mali, Fly, Fly, Fly With Me, Bangkok Airways, NOBLESS, Rakuten Lucky Panda: Good Fortune, Security Brothers, New Year Special for Taiwan, Mannings Meow and Chintiger stickers. If you want to download all newly free Line stickers on 07 – Jan – 2014. You have to use VPN to change IP into other countries. Latest stickers are existing in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea sticker store.

Let us know more about 8 free Line stickers on 7th, December, 2014.

1: Japan VPN for Line stickers in Japanese sticker store.

Download Chintiger Line Stickers With Japan VPN

Chintiger Line Stickers


ID: line://shop/detail/1478.

Limited: Japan.

2: Taiwan VPN for Line stickers in Taiwanese sticker store.

New Line Stickers In Taiwan 07/1/2014

New Line Stickers In Taiwan 1/07/2014


New Year Special for Taiwan( line://shop/detail/1480 ).

Security Brothers( line://shop/detail/1481 ).

Rakuten Lucky Panda: Good Fortune( line://shop/detail/1483 ).

Limited: Taiwan.

3: Korea VPN for Line stickers iN Korean sticker store.

Download NOBLESS Line Stickers With Korea VPN

NOBLESS Line Stickers

Sticker: NOBLESS.

ID: line://shop/detail/1519.

Limited: Korea.

4: Malaysia VPN for Line stickers in Malaysian sticker store.

Download Mali Line stickers with Malaysia VPN

Mali Line Sticker

Sticker: Mali.

ID: line://shop/detail/1521.

Limited: Malaysia.

5: Thailand VPN for Line stickers in Thai sticker store.

Download Fly, Fly, Fly With Me, Bangkok Airways Sticker With Thailand VPN

Fly, Fly, Fly With Me, Bangkok Airways Sticker

Sticker: Fly, Fly, Fly With Me, Bangkok Airways.

ID: line://shop/detail/1520.

Limited: Thailand.

5: Hong Kong VPN for Line stickers in HK sticker store.

Download Mannings Meow Stickers With HK VPN

Mannings Meow Stickers

Sticker: Mannings Meow.

ID: line://shop/detail/1479.

Limited: Hong Kong.


Setup VPN on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android to download free Line sticker around the world. if you have had a VPN account including TW, HK, JP, TH, MY and KR VPN servers. Download stickers is very easy for you. If not,  maybe you can use FlyVPN. You can read VPN tutorials for FlyVPN about how to use FlyVPN on different devices here: http://www.flyvpn.com/tutorial.

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