Setup Korea VPN on iPhone and Download University Life Special Stickers

University Life Special Line sticker(line://shop/detail/1485) is available to download in Korea sticker shop. If you are not living in Korea and want to get these 16 sheets stickers. The best way is to setup Korea VPN on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android smartphone or other devices. Because Line system can recognize where you are according to mobile phone number, so we must get Korea IP through VPN. Download University Life Special Stickers now with Korea VPN.

1: If you are the first time to use VPN and want to download free Line stickers from other countries. please read the article firstly: .

2: Setup Korea VPN on iPhone.

If do not have paid VPN services, you can consider to use free trial Korea VPN. The trial VPN account and password have been listed on

– Go to “Settings” – “General” – “VPN” – “Add VPN Configuration…”.

– Choose L2TP VPN protocol.

– Description: Input whatever you like.

– Server:

-Account: vpnu

-Password: get latest VPN password here. It has been listed on the right side of the trial page.

-Secret: vpnserver. (9 lower case letters).

-Then click “Save”.

Setup Korea VPN On iPhone

Setup Korea VPN On iPhone

3: Log in Line with email and download University Life Special stickers now.

Download University Life Special Stickers With Korea VPN

Download University Life Special Stickers With Korea VPN

Because users can only use trial VPN accounts for 3 times per day. 20 minutes each time. So If you want to bypass the limitation, maybe you can buy paid VPN service with unlimited access.

I am using iPhone with iOS 7 operating system. So I downloaded University Life Special on my iPhone. Do you wanna get those lovely stickers? Join us now.


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