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Download Lollo & Sofia Sticker On iOS 7

Line launched Lollo & Sofia free Line stickers today in Italy sticker shop. The ID is line://shop/detail/1400. Limited Italy IP to download Lollo & Sofia stickers. Connected to Italy VPN to get Italy IP and download stickers from Italy shop now on iOS 7.

1: If you haven’t cancel phone number, please visit https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/why-i-cant-access-other-countries-line-stickers-shop-with-vpn/ to cancel phone number.

2: Close Line program absolutely before connected Italy proxy.



3: Go to “Setting” – “VPN” – “Add VPN Configuration…” – “L2TP”.

Free trial VPN account: vpnc.

Free trial Italy IP:

Password: Get it from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial.



4: After connected, access sticker shop.

Lollo & Sofia

Lollo & Sofia

How to setup FlyVPN on iOS 7 tutorial: http://www.flyvpn.com/How-To-Setup-L2TP-VPN-On-iPhone-iPad.html. Download free Line stickers around the world with VPN.


Fast Asia VPN For Line Stickers

Line launched 10 free Line stickers in TW, TH, JP, IN and HK today. It is ʹMamuangʹs Happinessʹ by Major Cineplex LINE Characters: FLASH SALE SPECIAL, and Rakuten TARAD.com: Happy Panda stickers in Thailand, DHOOM:3 stickers in India, Iʹm Mark in HK, Bullhead classic LINE stickers and ALON in TW. Because Line is taking Geo restriction policy. Only allow residents who are living in the country to download those stickers. If you want to download stickers in Asia, you should choose a VPN service provider who are providing most of countries VPN server in Asia. Also you should connect to fast Asia VPN server, otherwise, it will take 1 hour to download 1 Line sticker.

Let us know latest free Line stickers on 10th, Dec, 2013:

1: Three Line stickers In Thailand sticker shop.



ʹMamuangʹs Happinessʹ by Major Cineplex

ʹMamuangʹs Happinessʹ by Major Cineplex

Rakuten TARAD.com: Happy Panda

Rakuten TARAD.com: Happy Panda

Download three Line stickers above from Thailand sticker shop with Thailand VPN, which is the best way to get Thailand IP.

2: Two Line Stickers In Taiwan sticker shop.

ALON In TW Sticker Shop


Bullhead classic LINE stickers In TW Sticker Shop

Bullhead classic LINE stickers.

Download two stickers above from Taiwan sticker shop with Taiwan VPN.

3: One Line Sticker In India.

DHOOM:3 In India Sticker shop


Get India IP on devices to download DHOOM: 3(line://shop/detail/1400) from India sticker shop.

4: One Line stickers in Hong Kong.

Iʹm Mark In HK Sticker Shop

Iʹm Mark

Download I’m Mark stickers from Hong Kong with VPN. Get IP based Hong Kong by HK VPN server.

5: Three stickers in Japan sticker shop.

The Man In Japan Sticker Shop

The Man

Tamahiyo In Japan Sticker Shop


UCiao In Japan Sticker Shop


Download UCiao, The Man and Tamahiyo stickers with Japan VPN.

If you can’t access other countries sticker shop after connected VPN, please read this article: https://freeflyvpn.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/why-i-cant-access-other-countries-line-stickers-shop-with-vpn/ .

FlyVPN server location is covering most of Asia countries. I think it is the best choice to download free Line stickers. Free trial VPN account is also including many Asia VPN servers. Many VPN tutorials about how to use FlyVPN have been listed on http://www.flyvpn.com/tutorial.

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