How To Watch Free Movies Xunlei Kankan Outside China

Xunlei Kankan is a video streaming site, developed by Xunlei. Users can watch Chinese TV series, news, entertainment programs and other countries TV series or movies on it. As we all know, many countries have internet censorship for different reasons as China. Some videos on it can only be accessed for people who are living in China as Netflix, Hulu and BBC. The scene is very normal in the world. Many people will ask how to watch free movies through Xunlei Kankan when I am living outside of China. Because Xunlei which only allow Chinese IP to watch some videos, the only way is to get it. People can use VPN to change IP. It is the fastest way. Then I will guide how can you get China VPN to unblock Xunlei Kankan.

Xunlei Kankan Limited Mainland China IP

Xunlei Kankan Limited Mainland China IP

1: Find a VPN services provider, providing mainland China VPN server not Taiwan or Hong Kong VPN server.

2: Connected VPN and get IP based China.

I know one VPN provider – FlyVPN, offering Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Fujian, Anhui, Zhejiang, Hunan and Jiangsu servers. If you have’t find best VPN for China. You can try it.

I will guide you how to watch Xunlei kankan with FlyVPN.

1: Download Fly VPN client on, lite version is enough.

Download Fly VPN Client

Download Fly VPN Client

2: Install and run it. Then input VPN username and password. If you havn’t buy VPN, you can use its free trial VPN account and password have been listed on

Login FlyVPN Client

3: Connect to China VPN server to get Chinese IP.

China VPN Server

China VPN Server

4: After connected, please go to website to lookup IP address changed into China or not.

Chinese IP Address

Chinese IP Address

5: Access to watch free movies outside of China.

Watch Xunlei Kankan With China VPN

Watch Xunlei Kankan With China VPN

If you do not want other programs via VPN for unfamiliar IP, you can add browser into VPN list so that you can custom programs traffic via VPN others not. VPN for programs tutorial:

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