Download Line Stickers(1181) With Italy VPN

It is a good news for Line fans. Line is developing Italy market. It often send free Line stickers in new market. Line has sent free Line stickers in 20 countries. There are Russia, Korea, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, Turkey, USA, Peru, Argentina and Italy. If you want to download free Line stickers from other countries. The best way is to use FlyVPN. Maybe you will ask why we should choose FlyVPN not other VPN providers. The reason is that FlyVPN is providing 29 countries servers, covering almost all countries for Line market.  If you can find a VPN services provider which is offering all countries above, please tell me.

I wrote many articles about how to download free Line stickers on devices. If you don’t know how to download, please read tutorials on my blog. I will guide people to download Moon: Italia Edizione Speciale(line://shop/detail/1181) on iOS 7 .

1: Setup Italy VPN on iOS 7 iPhone 

a: Go to “Settings”-“General”-“VPN”-“Add VPN configuration”…

b: Choose PPTP or L2TP tab.

c: PPTP: Input VPN connection name, account, server address, password.

or   L2TP:  Input VPN connection name, account, server address, password, secret.

Then you can connect to FlyVPN on iOS 7.

Free trial Italy VPN is available on FlyVPN official website. When there are many people are using trial accounts. It is possible you will meet authentication failed. Please try it again and again……

2: Then you can log in Line to download free Line stickers in Italy.

Moon: Italia Edizione Speciale is a No expiry date stickers. You can use it forever. It is  very good. Thanks Line and FlyVPN.

Download Moon: Italia Edizione Speciale With Italy VPN

If you can’t access Italy sticker shop, please click here.

Good luck. GUYS!

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