Six Free Line Stickers in Japan,Thailand,HK,Spain

It is Tuesday today.Line launch six free Line stickers  in Japan,Thailand,HK and Spain.Do you want to get those cute Line stickers?It is so easy to download them.There are many tutorials about how to download stickers on Android,iPhone,iPad and Mac .Please refer to the tutorials on Android and iPhone:

Download Line stickers on Android: .

Download Line stickers on iPhone and Mac: .

free trial Flyvpn VPN server list:

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(2)free trial Thailand&Spain VPN account: vpnc .

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Six Line stickers detials:

Stickers name                                          Available            Till Valid Days                 Sticker ID

JP-Famous Teachers of Toshin High School    7/29/2013       180 days                 line://shop/detail/977
JP-Obsessed with Cars!                                7/29/2013        180 days                line://shop/detail/974

JP-Gogono Kochan                                       7/29/2013         180 days                line://shop/detail/950

TH-CP Easy Snack Gang                                7/31/2013        90 days                  line://shop/detail/978

HK-Vern the top-drawer                               8/01/2013         90 days                  line://shop/detail/979

ESP-San Bartolo                                          7/28/2013         90 days                  line://shop/detail/975

I have download those stickers today.Please refer to below screenshots.

Line stickers in HK Line stickers in Japan Line stickers in Japan Line stickers in Japan Line stickers in ThailandLine stickers in Spain


Download free Line stickers with Flyvpn. Purchase Flyvpn membership thorough this invitation link to get 20% off: .Good Luck~


Anyone want to reproduce this article.Please note the address: .

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2 thoughts on “Six Free Line Stickers in Japan,Thailand,HK,Spain

  1. adrt July 9, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    I paid for a flyVPN account and after successfully connecting to a VPN, I tried connecting Line and it still detects my country and doesn’t allow me to download other stickers. I have already closed LINE before connecting the VPN

  2. freeflyvpn July 17, 2013 at 7:56 pm

    (1)If you are using iPhone.If you have connected your Line account with your mobile phone.Please bind your Line account with email and Facebook.Then uninstall it.Redownload Line.exe.Connect Flyvpn successfully.Then Log in it with email or Facebook.
    (2)If you are using Android.Firstly.You should bind it with email and Facebook.Then go to “Setting”-“APP”-“Line”-“Click clear data and force stop”.Secondly,Connected Flyvpn.Log in Line with email or Facebook.

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