YouTube breaks records with 1 billion monthly users

YouTube is a video-sharing websites.There are numerous people love to share videos on it.According to the Cnet latest news,YouTube breaks records with 1 billion monthly users.What does mean 1 billion monthly users?It means that one out of two worldwide internet users will go to YouTube.If YouTube was a country,It would be the third largest country after China and India.Maybe YouTube will bigger than Facebook.Anyone agree with me.YouTube is available in 42 countries.Congratulate YouTube will available in Denmark,Norway and Finland.I think that fewer and fewer countries do not allow internet users access YouTube in future.

Censorship of YouTube continues occur in the world for variety of reasons.I know that people who are living in China,Iran and Pakistan can’t access YouTube today.So anyone want to unblock YouTube have to change ip to other countries. The best tool is VPN.Virtual private network is the fast way to change ip.I find many people are searching vpn for YouTube.So i want to suggest best online vpn for YouTube.I know many guys love to watch videos on smartphone.YouTube can be applied to iPhone,iPad,Mac,iPod and Android smartphone.So users can enjoy streaming on different devices.But your countries is blocking YouTube.You have to setting vpn on iPhone,iPod,iPad,Mac or smartphone with vpn.Please refer articles to setup YouTube VPN on devices.

Are you eager to play YouTube.Share interesting videos with worldwide friends is so easy.


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