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Watch WE VS IG-G-League LOL Grand Finals


League Of Legends“as the hottest games in the world,It is a global gamers hotspot.The G League stage appear the LOL project first time,Two domestic giants WE and iG competed in grand finals.This competion looks like an NBA All-Star Game for audiences, And contestant’s ID are synonymous with the idol.

WE and iG’s strength, already among the world-class LOL Station Team of the column. eventually WE defated iG.The five innings wonderful Wars also let all mesmerizing the audience excited.If it is a pity that you have not watch the G-League live.Watch WE VS IG-G-League LOL Grand Finals Videos now by Flyvpn http://www.flyvpn.com .

WE VS IG 1 http://gleague.gamefy.cn/view_29734_1.html

WE VS IG 2 http://gleague.gamefy.cn/view_29734_2.html

WE VS IG 3 http://gleague.gamefy.cn/view_29734_3.html

WE VS IG 4 http://gleague.gamefy.cn/view_29734_4.html

WE VS IG 5 http://gleague.gamefy.cn/view_29734_5.html

As we all know that there is internet censorship in China.So people who are living in outside of China cant watch many videos which only allow local residents watch those videos. So if you want to watch G-League outside China.The best way is to use vpn to chang ip to China.

Flyvpn is not poviding Mainland China VPN for free trial. So users have to purchase one vpn account to get Mainland ip. Please purchase all shared vpn package including China Mainland IP .

Note:Please connect Mainland ip firstly,Then watch WE VS IG videos.


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